Does onion juice help against cough ingredients effect recipe so healthy

Does onion juice help against cough? Ingredients, effect, recipe

Onion juice for cough is a classic home remedy. But does it actually help?

Onion juice for cough: Does it help??

In onions plug essential oil, sulfur-containing compounds and flavonoids, i.e. flower pigments. In combination, these three ingredients kill germs and have a mild anti-inflammatory effect, soothing the bronchial tubes and relieving the irritation of coughs.

The Bee honey also somewhat alleviates the scratching in the throat. This is at least the conclusion of a study by Israeli scientists. They gave coughing children a teaspoon of eucalyptus honey or honey from labiates (these include lemon balm, thyme or sage) before bedtime. In fact, they suffered less coughing at night than the young children used for comparison who were given a silane date extract as a honey-like placebo.

But beware: Children younger than one year should not be given honey because of the very rare risk of botulism. Botulism is a food poisoning caused by spores of the botulinum bacterium. The spores can be found in honey and lead to poisoning in sensitive people and infants, usually with permanent paralysis.

The answer for Hella Martin: Provided that there are no intolerances or allergies and it is not a child under one year, it is certainly not wrong to take onion juice against sore throat and cough. On the contrary! It can help. Peeling an onion. Cut into small pieces. Put the pieces in a glass or cup. Pour two tablespoons of liquid honey or honey substitute over it. Alternatively, boil the diced onion over low heat with the sweetener. – Let the whole pull several hours, best over night. The sweetness pulls the juice out of the onions. – Pour off the resulting liquid through a sieve. – Ready is the homemade onion juice, which can be taken like cough syrup by the spoonful several times a day to take. Are you also a health expert of the everyday life. May tell us their tip? Feel free to write to us!


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