Dog apps training health food and more chip

Pets are a blessing for every family – this blessing should also last for a long time. With the right apps you will learn everything about care, training and food of your dogs, cats& Co. We show you which applications there are and what they can do.For links on this page, the dealer pays if necessary. a commission, z.B. for with or green underlining marked. More info.

Walking on exciting routes, finding dog-friendly hotels, restaurants or meadows and a dog that listens to commands and maybe even knows tricks: That's probably what every dog owner wishes for.

With our selection of exciting dog apps, you can get one step closer to this dream. And even if your dog should be sick or you need a dog sitter, you will find the right smartphone application for it below.

Where are dogs allowed? App shows you

In addition, the app also shows various service providers and services for your dog, such as pet photographers, veterinarians and clinics or groomers and dog schools.

To the app download: Dogs Places

Dog's Places – Android App 2.8

Dog's Places – Android App 2.8

Where are the most dog-friendly places in your area? The Android App "Dog "s Places" gives practical tips.

Dog "s Places iPhone / iPad app 2.8

Dog's Places iPhone / iPad app 2.8

Perfect for all new dog owners: With the iOS app "Dog's Places" makes finding dog friendly places in your area a breeze.

Training app for the dog: Hundeo helps with education

dog apps training health food and more chip

Image: Luca B.L. Naterop/Google Play Store

Minor injuries can always happen, for example when romping around or going for a walk. How to take care of your dog properly in this case, shows you the app first aid dog.

As the name suggests, you'll get practical first aid tips here, such as how to properly apply a paw bandage or what to look out for in the event of an eye injury. And if the injury is a bit worse, you can look for a vet directly in the app or make an emergency call.

Go to the app downloads: First Aid Dog

First aid dog – Android App 4.0.2

First Aid Dog – Android App 4.0.2

Whether small or large lesions, with “First Aid Dog” you always know how to best care for your four-legged friend.

First Aid Dog iPhone / iPad App 4.0.2

First aid dog iPhone- / iPad-App 4.0.2

From small scrapes to bad wounds, the iOS app “First Aid Dog” always tells you how to best take care of your injured dog.

For the health of your dog: All-round app Felmo

dog apps training health food and more chip

When it comes to your dog's health, taking care of injuries isn't the only part of the job. In the app Felmo you can therefore record the general health of your dog.

In addition to weight diary and various other information about your dog, you also keep an eye on preventive measures, such as against worms, fleas and ticks. Especially convenient for dogs who are uncomfortable in the unfamiliar environment of a veterinarian's office: Felmo gives you the option to organize vet house calls as well as get advice from a vet over the phone.

Install app for free

felmo – Android App 3.9.1

felmo – Android App 3.9.1

Android app “felmo” lets you keep an eye on your pet's health at all times and call a vet for a house call.

felmo iPhone app 3.9.1

felmo iPhone App 3.9.1

With the iOS app felmo you always have the health of your pet in view.

Dog sitter wanted? Pawshake helps with the mediation

dog apps training health food and more chip

Image: Pawshake Inc./Google Play Store

If you ever don't have time to take care of your dog yourself, you can turn to the app Pawshake. Even if this should remain the exception, the app is practical if you are on vacation or on a business trip and cannot take your four-legged friend with you. Find well rated dog sitters in your area through Pawshake. Can schedule a free introductory meeting. Trust the sitter with your dog, then book the care in the app afterwards. Nice: While the dog sitter has your four-legged friend with him, you get regular photo updates from him and are in contact via text chat.

Go to the app downloads: Pawshake

Pawshake – Android App 919

Pawshake – Android App 919

Free Android app Pawshake helps you find a pet sitter when you don't have time to watch your pet or go for a walk.

Pawshake iPhone / iPad app 3.9.0

Pawshake iPhone / iPad app 3.9.0

The app Pawshake finds pet owners suitable care for their pet – whether it's for a walk or as day or vacation care.

CHIP Rating: Good

Practical helpers for your four-legged friend

The selection of dog apps presented here is designed to make both the dog's and the owner's lives easier. Instead of spending hours looking for dog-friendly places, you now have more time to actually explore these places together with your dog. And the apps also offer real added value for you and your dog in other areas such as health, care or training!


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