Dog best friend why dogs do us so much good bayern 1 radio br. De


Dog best friend why dogs do us so much good bayern 1 radio br. de Dog best friend why dogs do us so much good bayern 1 radio br. de dog best friend why dogs do us so much good bayern 1 radio br. de


My dog makes me happy – what masters and mistresses have always known has even been scientifically proven. Why dogs are so good for our body and soul, read here.

Status: 27.01.2022 1:39 pm

dog best friend why dogs do us so well bayern 1 radio br. de

Dogs keep our hearts healthy

That our four-legged friends are an important matter of the heart is something that every dog owner would agree with. But dogs are also good for us from a medical point of view: they protect our coronary vessels, as an article from Harvard Medical School describes (Having a dog can help your heart – literally) According to this article, the blood of dog owners contains fewer dietary fats, such as cholesterol and triglycerides, than the blood of dogless humans. Regardless of the dog's diet, smoking habits or body mass index. Researchers can't explain exactly where this positive effect comes from, but it's still a plus for our four-legged friends.

Dogs strengthen our self-esteem

Dog best friend why dogs do us so good bayern 1 radio br. de

Unconditional love – how dogs strengthen our self-esteem

Why dogs have a positive effect on our self-esteem, explains the psychologist Dr. Change with the so-called "Cinderella effect": dogs do not evaluate their owners according to classic attributes such as appearance, money, social status, etc. They love their masters and mistresses, regardless of whether they live homeless on the street, or with or without disabilities. "This unconditional love is simply good for our souls – especially when we miss it in interpersonal contact", emphasizes the psychologist Dr. Change.

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Dogs make us stress-resistant

When we stroke an animal, it does our soul good: The feel-good and bonding hormone oxytocin is released in our body and at the same time the stress hormone cortisol is reduced. This calms down and takes away the feeling of being stressed out. And this effect, which is also used medically with other animals, for example in therapeutic riding or psychotherapy, even has a lasting effect for dog owners:

According to a study by Harvard Medical School, the cardiovascular system of dog owners is generally less affected by exceptional situations – blood prere and heart rate accelerate less under stress and calm down again more quickly afterwards than in the case of non-dog owners. So our four-legged friends are sustainable. Healthy tranquilizers.

Dogs protect us from loneliness

dog best friend why dogs do us so good bayern 1 radio br. de

Dogs can enrich a relationship.

Even those who do not have their own dog, and only sometimes with a "borrowed" dog If you have ever taken your dog for a walk, you know the feeling that every dog owner you meet asks about your dog's owner. Mistress and whether everything is in order. The impression that all dog owners in the neighborhood know each other and often like each other is quite scientifically proven. Researchers at Purdue University in the U.S. have found that dog owners get to know new people more easily and quickly – even when they are not out and about with their dog. People who have a dog as a pet are usually also well-connected and socially bonded in their neighborhoods. Both when it comes to practical things, such as borrowing a drill, as well as emotional support in the face of problems and strokes of fate.

"Dogs are 'social catalysts'", explains the psychologist Dr. Silke Wechsung, who conducts research projects on the human-dog relationship at the University of Bonn. "People get to talk to other people through dogs, and dogs kept in a relationship have a bonding effect – they can enrich a relationship."

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