Dog cat horse burial of pets marktcheck swr fernsehen

Where to put the dead pet? Burial of petsMay I bury my pet in my own garden or in the forest? May the dead hamster in the household garbage? And what applies to joint burials of humans and animals?

May deceased pets be buried in the garden?

Generally, deceased animals are required to be disposed of at a rendering facility. However, there are exceptions for pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits or hamsters. They may be buried in their own garden, provided it is a private property. Tenants must ask their house or property owner for permission.

For backyard burial, the following requirements apply:

– The animal must not have any contagious diseases. – It must be buried under a layer of at least 50 cm of soil. Otherwise, other animals could dig it up again. – The property must not be located in a water protection area. – The grave must be a minimum distance of one to two meters from the nearest path or street.

For larger dogs it is recommended to ask again at the municipality, because there are regionally different regulations.

Horses may also be buried

Although horses do not legally belong to domestic animals but to farm animals, they may also be buried. However, the following applies:

– Horses may only be incinerated (cremated). – They must not have any notifiable diseases. – A permit from the veterinary office is required.

Where to put the animal if you don't have a garden?

Burying an animal in the forest or on public land is not allowed – fines of several thousand euros may be imposed. Small animals such as hamsters. Mice may be disposed of with the residual waste. This is not allowed for dogs and cats. They can be taken to an animal disposal facility, for example. The cost of this is about 20 euros.

Cremation in an animal crematorium

All pets can also be taken to a pet crematorium for cremation. The ashes then become the property of the owner again, who is then free to decide whether to take the ashes home, have them buried or, for example, scatter them at sea.

Who does not want to burn the corpse of his pet, has the option to have it buried in a pet cemetery. There you can usually choose between individual or collective graves. The costs for an animal burial amount to about 100 – 300 euros plus grave rent.

Pet owners can take the ashes of their animals home with them. Pets may in principle also together with their mistresses. master to be buried in a grave. However, only urn burial is available here. The transfer and cremation is still done separately for humans and animals in human or animal crematorium. If a joint burial is the wish, the pet owner must record this in writing during his lifetime in a burial order.

The animal dies at the veterinarian

If the animal dies at the vet, the vet can take care of the body, either by taking it to the rendering plant or, at the request of the owners, by contracting an animal crematorium. However, the owners also have the option of taking the deceased animal back home with them. You are then responsible for cremating or burying the animal in accordance with the law.

Dog cat horse burial of pets marktcheck swr fernsehen

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dog cat horse burial of pets marktcheck swr fernsehen

Animal burial Dead pets – dispose or bury?

When the beloved pet dies, owners must decide whether to bury the animal in their own garden, dispose of it through the vet, or have it cremated.


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