Dog disease from norway also affects dogs in germany

Dog disease from Norway: Dogs in Germany also affected?

For days, dog owners have been worried about their charges as a mysterious canine disease runs rampant in Norway. About 200 dogs there suffer from severe diarrhea and vomiting. Now the disease has possibly also reached Germany.

The Lubecker Nachrichten report that a dog in Bad Oldesloe, Schleswig-Holstein, has also been found to have the same pathogen as the animals tested in Norway, following the appearance of similar symptoms. However, the dog could also have died from intestinal torsion.

Bacteria cause bloody diarrhea in dogs

In the dog from Bad Oldesloe – as in several dogs from Norway – the bacterium Providencia alcalifaciens had been detected. A genus of bacteria that may have caused vomiting and bloody diarrhea in the dogs in Norway. There are currently about 200 dogs sick, more than 25 have already died.

According to the Lubecker Nachrichten, the Bad Oldeslo practice in question had treated several dogs with similar symptoms in recent days. However, only the dog that additionally suffered from intestinal torsion and died also carried the bacterium, he said.

Another veterinary practice from Bad Oldesloe denied in the meantime that the case had occurred with them – therefore many readers of the daily paper in social networks insinuate bad investigation. However, the practice cited was simply another veterinary practice in Bad Oldesloe, the newspaper said.

Cause of the dog disease remains a mystery

Meanwhile, there is still uncertainty about the cause of the disease. The Norwegian Veterinary Institute has sent questionnaires to veterinary clinics. Examines numerous samples of the diseased animals.

Two strains of bacteria have been detected so far: Providencia alcalifaciens and Clostridium perfringens. In some cases, however, the bacteria are also found in healthy dogs, according to the Veterinary Institute. So far it is only certain that the cause is not tick bites, algae poisoning, anthrax, salmonella or rat poison.

As long as the disease has not been identified, the Norwegian authority advises dog owners to keep their distance from other dogs that are obviously ill – for example, in the waiting room. Veterinarians should also wear gloves, a protective coat and overshoes when examining sick animals and change clothes before accepting other patients.

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Dog owners should be vigilant

The Norwegian veterinary office also recommends dog owners to limit the contact of their animals with other dogs and to walk the animals on a leash. Most of the dogs had fallen ill in Oslo, but there had also been cases in Møre and Romsdal, Vestfold, Buskerud and Nordland.

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