Dog health bible dog health basics

TipsLearn helpful tips on how to boost your dog's health.


You will receive valuable checklists that you can work through 1:1 for more safety. The most common health problems are shown. What you can do about it.

From the vet

This book was developed in collaboration with a veterinarian.


This book assists you with numerous graphics for better understanding and visuals.

These contents await you

1. Why we wrote this book

2. Dog health basics
2.1. How old do dogs get? 2.2. What are dogs allowed to eat? 2.3. Poisonous indoor and garden plants 2.4. What you should know about vaccinations 2.5. Offspring announced! 2.6. Neutering – reasons and risks 2.7. How to reduce bad breath 2.8. All about dental health 2.9. The 1×1 of worming 2.10. How to remove ticks properly 2.11. Trimming claws safely and effectively 2.12. When your dog needs a special diet

3. These tips will boost your dog's health
3.1. The most important vitamins 3.2. Effective oils for your dog 3.3. These supplements make sense

4. Checklist of your dog pharmacy

5. The most common health problems
5.1. Fever 5.2. Diarrhea 5.3. Flatulence 5.4. Vomiting 5.5. Heavy panting 5.6. Tremor 5.7. Hobble 5.8. Constant scratching 5.9. Flea infestation 5.10. Poisoning 5.11. Ear infection 5.12. Anal gland blockage 5.13. Gastric torsion

6. Closing
7. Subject index

The Dog Health Bible teaches you how to handle an expert's understanding of the key tenets of canine health.

It is a must for everyone who really wants to help his dog in difficult situations and to whom the health of his favorite is extremely important..

P.S. – To be truly prepared, you must act now. We have only a few of these bibles in stock and they are in great demand due to their high quality and enormous variety. So take the chance and get the dog health bible at a special price!

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