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Everything for a healthy and carefree dog lifeIf the health of your dog is especially important to you, you can take advantage of a wide variety of opportunities for consultation, therapy and further training in our hotel. As a contact person the certified animal healer and alternative practitioner i. A. Mrs. Schroder with all her knowledge. Can from the range of the naturopathy to the side. Mrs. Schroder with all her knowledge. ability from the range of the naturopathy to the side. In addition to various seminars on the subject of dog health (see seminars. The experienced therapist also offers soothing treatments for two-legged friends – e.g., for dogs. B. Hot stone massages, reiki treatments and relaxation hypnosis.

Mrs. Schroder is available as your contact person exclusively at the course dates. An individual consultation outside of these course dates is possible on request. During the time of Mrs. Schroder's stay, a consultation hour takes place in our treatment room by appointment.

As experience shows that the seminars offered are very well attended, we recommend that you make a reservation in good time.

Dog physiotherapy

Numerous negative influences affect your dog's musculoskeletal system and can cause serious problems. Like us humans, they suffer from muscle tension, lymphatic congestion, arthritis and other ailments.

Our dog physiotherapist Marion Moormann knows how to relieve your pet's pain and get rid of it. In October 2005 she successfully completed her training as an animal physiotherapist. Offers since this time many therapies as a supplement to traditional veterinary medicine.

Court valetudo (lat.) = health, health for animal and human means a holistic concept for them.

With the following treatments she is there for your dog:

Treatment Duration Price
Detailed anamnesis and diagnosis with preparation of a treatment plan ca. 1.5 hrs. 80,- € Medical massage 45 Min. 65,- € Wellness massage 45 Min. Magnetic field therapy. Massage 45 min. 60,- € current treatment 30 min. 40,- € Manual therapy 30 min. 40,- € Lymph drainage 30 Min. 40,- € Warm up – Cool down for sport dogs ca. 1 hour 50, – €

Further therapies (z. B. Leech treatments) are possible on request.

You want to do something good for your dog yourself? Visit our course "Introduction to dog massage". Course dates can be found under seminars.

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