Dog insurance surgery protection health or liability insurance

OP-protection, health or liability insurance for dogs: which insurances make sense?Dog insurance op protection health or liability insurance

A dog enriches your life immensely – but only if he is also sufficiently insured. Because as a dog owner you bear the full responsibility for your four-legged friend. This means that you have to answer for your four-legged darling in every case of illness and damage. A good dog insurance protects you from spontaneous and unpleasant costs. What kind of insurance for your dog is actually useful, we show you now.

The must-have among the insurances: the dog liability insurance

Admittedly: Having a dog is not cheap. Because besides food, toys and baskets, you have to pay dog taxes and veterinary visits. Accidents caused by your dog can also quickly become very expensive. A dog liability insurance should be mandatory for every dog owner, because it protects in case of damage. So if your dog causes an accident or damages property of others, the liability insurance takes over costs incurred. These can settle fast in the four-digit range. Depending on the determined amount of damage, you are already well covered with a low premium and can sleep peacefully at night.

Whether large, whether small – a dog liability insurance should take out every owner for his dog.

Dog insurance op protection health or liability insurance

Dog insurance op protection health or liability insurance

Dog insurance op schutz kranken oder haftpflichtversicherung

Dog insurance op protection health or liability insurance

All in one: OP protection in health insurance for dogs

Health insurance for dogs, on the other hand, covers a large part of the veterinary and medical costs incurred. In addition, they usually include an OP protection. This full insurance offers optimal protection, since your sick animal can be treated mostly without additional costs comprehensively. Depending on the insurance, there are also various rates and benefit limits here. In general, health insurance for dogs is a little more expensive, as a large part of veterinary services are covered.

A dog health insurance protects against high veterinary costs. The OP protection takes over a majority of resulting operation costs.

Important: As a dog owner, you should decide individually whether such insurance makes sense for you. For a dog that is almost never sick, the monthly premiums are probably not worth it. With susceptible, sensitive dogs you profit from a complete protection.

If you need to speak up for your dog: Dog legal expenses insurance

Although there are only a few insurance companies that offer dog legal protection insurance, this can be useful in the event of a dispute. The so-called dog owner legal protection insurance is z. B. recommended if your dog is to be muzzled, against which you want to defend yourself. In addition, this insurance is useful if you want to enforce claims against an animal injurer or veterinary malpractice in court.

Only for quarrelsome dogs? It depends!

In some private legal protection insurances a legal “animal” dispute is already included. Depending on whether you have such insurance, you can weigh up whether this type of legal protection insurance is suitable for you. Because also among dog owners it comes. Again to unsightly disputes. Whether your dog is your own or someone else's – if you're not afraid of legal action, this insurance may be worth your while. However, if there is only a small risk of a court battle or you resolve most of your discrepancies without going to court, you can do without this type of dog insurance.

The legal protection insurance is not useful for every dog owner.

Traveling with your dog: What travel insurance is available for dogs?

The dog is known to be man's best friend. If you don't travel without your four-legged friend, you can claim travel health insurance and travel cancellation insurance for your dog. A travel health insurance makes sense if you have not insured your dog otherwise and want to be prepared against unpleasantly high veterinary costs abroad. You usually take out travel cancellation insurance for your whole family and this often also applies to your dog. A rate comparison or insurance check will bring light into the darkness and show you your options.

Eyes on the insurance conditions! Insurances are only effective if their conditions are fulfilled. That's why you should definitely check the following conditions before you take out the policy:

Travel cancellation insurance takes effect for your dog in case of..

– … a vaccination intolerance – … an illness – … an accident

In many travel cancellation insurances the dog protection is already included. But it all depends on the conditions.

Cards on the table: What does dog insurance cost??

As with many offers on the free market, there is no upper limit for insurance: More expensive is always. But also who has only a small budget at the disposal, can protect his dog already well with it. A good OP protection insurance you can conclude for example already for under 10 euro monthly. A complete dog health insurance costs 20 to 25 euros per month. Almost every major insurance company in Germany offers dog liability insurance, so you can get it in some cases for 3 to 4 euros a month. These amounts depend on many factors such as z. B. Breed, age and health condition of the dog depend and fluctuate depending on the tariff and benefit limit.

Dog insurance op protection health or liability insurance

Conclusion: With liability and OP protection insurance you save cash in case of emergency

Every dog owner bears the full responsibility for his animal. Since a dog could cause an accident or damage at any time, it makes sense to take out a suitable dog liability insurance policy. This protects you from high costs. In addition, as an owner, you want to provide the best possible medical care for your dog without foregoing necessary treatments due to financial problems. Dog health insurance allows you to have a relaxed visit to the vet, knowing: Your four-legged friend can receive all-round care. Who such a health insurance is too expensive, however, should at least choose the comparatively inexpensive OP-protection insurance. This covers at least a large part of the operating costs incurred, so that necessary medical measures become affordable.


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