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The dog owner liability: What is the?

Your dog is well-behaved, leash-behaved and anything but vicious. And yet it can always happen that he suddenly steps out of line: Full of euphoria, he could run over the neighbor's child and injure it or break free from fright and cause a traffic accident. Depending on how severe the consequences of such accidents are, it can become expensive for you as a dog owner. In fact, you are personally liable with all your assets if your pet causes damage damage caused. But impending financial catastrophes can be averted with a special subtype of animal liability insurance: the dog liability. In addition, such a liability insurance for dogs is in most federal states obligatory to conclude.

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Compare dog liability: Best prices at Verivox

The independent consumer portal Finanztip has tested in February 2021, where it is the best offers for dog liability gives. The cheapest dog insurance delivered the Comparison from Verivox. Also with the offers for list dogs Verivox lay in front. With our price comparison, you can get an overview of different insurers and rates for your dog liability insurance in just 3 steps:

1. Select in the animal liability calculator that you have a dog or a dog owner. want to insure several dogs. 2. Enter further details relevant to premiums and benefits, for example the desired minimum sum insured. 3. Compare the rates found and conclude your new pet liability insurance for the dog conveniently online. You will receive a confirmation of the insurance conclusion afterwards via e-mail.

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What insures the dog liability insurance?

The dog liability insurance belongs to the group of liability insurances. These protect you whenever damage is caused to third parties or third party property. The best known form of liability insurance is the private liability. However, in the insurance coverage of a private liability insurance are Damages, the by dogs are caused, not included. The situation is different for damage caused by smaller pets, such as cats, birds and rodents. Without a corresponding dog insurance you are liable as the owner in the event of damage with your total assets. This applies in the event of the following types of damage:

– Personal injury – property damage – financial loss

A cheap dog insurance often costs you no more than 45 euros per year. In general, the insurance pays for damage that your dog causes to to third parties or their property anrichten. It not only reimburses the costs of repair or replacement of damaged items, but also takes over the medical treatment of injured persons. Claims for damages are also regulated by the dog owner liability insurance.

Passive legal protection by the dog owner liability

The dog liability insurance serves not only as a financial protection in case of Claims, but is also available to dog owners as passive legal protection in court in. This way, the dog liability insurance can cover unjustified claims rejected and the insurer is responsible for the court costs on.

Examples of damages in the dog liability insurance

The dog liability is profitable for all major damage caused by your dog. Among the most frequent cases of damage property damage and personal injury. If, for example, the four-legged friend breaks loose from the leash and runs onto the road, this can result in a car accident. As a pet owner you now have to pay for the property damage to the car as well as for possible personal injuries. If a person becomes permanently incapacitated or unable to work as a result of the accident, you must not only pay for the Hospitalization pay, but possibly a lifelong annuity payment afford. In the worst case, such claims can add up to several million euros.

In addition also lower damages insured. For example, when playing in someone else's home, your dog clears the expensive china off the table or scratches the new leather sofa. Even in such a case costs of thousands of euros arise quickly. The dog liability insurance covers these costs.

Special case: financial losses

Significantly less often and therefore not in every dog liability fully covered are property damages. This refers to financial losses incurred as a result of property damage or personal injury. In the above example of the car accident, the injured party could miss his flight and have it rebooked. The costs for the rebooking can be claimed from the dog owner.


With some insurance tariffs the Coverage for property damage limited. Therefore, you should carefully compare the contract conditions in the desired animal liability with other tariffs before taking out the policy.

Other benefits of dog liability

Since both the prices and the benefits of dog insurance differ, it is worthwhile to compare. Before taking out a dog liability insurance policy, it is important to weigh up which additional benefits should be included in the insurance. Not always insured are rental property damage caused by the dog. Partially, the amount of coverage is reduced here or a Deductible due. Insured persons should therefore carefully check the section on rental property damage in the contract.

Good dog liability insurance policies also cover damage to puppies in the first few months. Pay attention here to the clause "Puppy protection". If you travel frequently, you should also Foreign protection check.


A liability dog insurance comes not for surgery costs of your animal on. To cover this, you must have a special Dog health insurance conclude.

Important tariff features of your dog liability

Dog owners should use the the amount of coverage absolutely note. The amount of coverage can be chosen by yourself with some insurances. It should not be set too low, because especially in the case of personal injury very high costs can arise. You then save on premiums, but in the event of damage you are exposed to an enormous risk despite dog liability. We recommend a sum insured of at least 5 million euros.

Due to a Deductible the monthly installment can also be reduced, but here too you should be aware that you are expect higher costs in the event of a claim must. The Verivox calculator offers you the opportunity to compare only those dog liability insurances that ensure the desired insurance coverage.

Where is a dog liability insurance mandatory?

Dog liability insurance is currently Compulsory in only six federal states, while in others it applies only to certain dogs. Depending on the federal state, listed dogs, conspicuous animals or those of a certain size may be eligible for this cover.

Obligation: Berlin, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia Compulsory for certain dogs: Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Saxony No obligationMecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Dog owners should check the Regulations of the federal states check. If you go with the dog to the Vacation If you are driving, you should also consider the different regulations of the vacation countries.


Many dog liability providers exclude the Admission of "fighting dogs from. In these cases, the selection of providers of the appropriate dog liability insurance is comparatively small. Nevertheless, a price comparison of different tariffs is worthwhile also in this case.

Dog liability in comparison at Verivox

Use the advantages of Verivox now and secure yourself a suitable dog insurance up to 65% cheaper!

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Frequently asked questions

Dog ownership is a matter for the federal states. Therefore, the provisions differ depending on the federal state. There is currently a general insurance obligation in Berlin, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia. In Bavaria and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania it is not obligatory to take out a dog liability policy. However, the Bavarian authorities usually only allow the keeping of dogs that are considered dangerous if the owner can prove that he or she has insurance. In the other federal states it depends on the breed of dog whether you need to take out a policy for the animal. The insurance obligation concerns above all list dogs.

An unintentional mating is when an unneutered male dog mates with a female dog without her owner's permission. In this case the owner of the dog is liable. Usually the insurance cover also extends to the unintentional mating act. Consequently, dog liability insurances usually cover all consequential costs resulting from such an incident. The insurance does not bear only for the possible termination of the pregnancy. For veterinary treatments the costs. If applicable, it also covers the keeping or care costs for the puppies.

Whether the dog liability insurance covers damage if the owner has not kept the animal on a leash in contravention of applicable regulations differs from tariff to tariff. In most cases, the costs can be covered, but sometimes only on a pro rata basis. However, the insurance only covers personal injury, property damage and financial losses, but not fines. A special situation exists if the animal has behaved in a conspicuous or aggressive manner in the past and the dog owner knows about it. If a corresponding four-legged friend was not leashed, the insurance company refuses to cover the costs.

In Germany, the owner of the animal must pay for damage caused by the dog. This obligation arises from paragraph 833 of the Civil Code (BGB). So if the quadruped defends itself, there is an insured event. As a result, the insurance company will pay for all costs, such as veterinary expenses and claims for damages. If the policyholder is partly to blame, the insurance company will reduce the claims if necessary. If you walk your dog without a leash, you may not be covered by insurance with some providers.

Damage to rented property is damage caused by the policyholder's dog in rooms used privately by the policyholder. Usually the dog liability insurance covers corresponding claims. As a rule, insurance coverage extends to damage to the floor, doors, ceiling and walls. In the event of wear and tear and excessive use, no costs are covered. The same applies to glass damage and damage to heating systems and household and electrical appliances. If the dog damages furnishings in a hotel or a vacation home, it depends on the selected tariff.

In principle, the insurances only cover damages caused to third parties. If, on the other hand, the damage is self-inflicted, there is no claim for benefits. This exclusion applies not only to the policyholder, but also to all other persons living in the same household. If the damage is due to dangerous circumstances or even intent, the insurance does not pay either. The same applies to damage caused by wear and tear. Dog owners must also pay fines on their own initiative. In addition, the insurance company will refuse to cover the costs if the notification of the damage is made too late.

If you do not know the breed of your dog, you should consult a veterinarian. This can determine the breed usually – for example, on the basis of the fur or skeleton. Send the expert opinion or the veterinarian's statement to the insurance company. If it is a mongrel that cannot be clearly classified, the vet can refer you to an expert. In addition, it is possible to obtain information from the breeder. An alternative is to send a picture of the animal to the insurance company so that they can determine the breed on their own.

If your dog causes damage to a third person, you must first make sure that it is as minor as possible – for example, by helping the injured person or calling the emergency services. Still at the scene of the incident you should try to get the name and address of all parties involved and note down all data. Subsequently, it is necessary to inform the insurance company immediately – within one week – about the case of damage. Tell the insurance company truthfully and in detail how the incident occurred. In addition, you should principally refrain from acknowledging claims for damages or from settling them on your own initiative.

This question cannot be answered in a general way, because each federal state determines separately which breeds belong to the list dogs. Therefore, different provisions apply in different countries. Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia do not keep a so-called breed list. The federal states of Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia distinguish between two classes of listed dogs. You are only allowed to keep breeds of category I if there is a legitimate interest. For listed dogs of category II, only stricter conditions apply. The remaining federal states have dispensed with this distinction.

In some federal states – Berlin, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia – there is a statutory insurance obligation. There, every dog owner must take out an animal liability insurance as soon as the four-legged friend has reached an age of three to six months. In the other federal states – apart from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania – dog liability insurance is only required for listed dogs. In principle, however, a corresponding policy is recommended for every dog owner. Finally, even a well-behaved dog can cause damage, for which the owner must pay according to Section 833 of the Civil Code.

Policyholders must immediately (within one week) report any damage caused by the dog. This is usually possible by telephone as well as by e-mail and by post. Some insurance companies also provide their customers with an online form. In addition to a detailed description of the damage, the report should also include the names and addresses of the dog. Include addresses of the injured person(s). If possible, enclose photos and evidence of the damaged item and any existing correspondence with the letter.

Dog liability insurances also include foreign protection. How long the insurance is valid abroad depends on the country you are traveling to. If you are staying in a European state, there is in most cases an unlimited insurance cover. Outside of Europe, dog owners are usually covered for a maximum of twelve months at a time. However, there are also providers who dispense with this distinction and generally provide one year's insurance cover on trips abroad.

Where is dog liability mandatory?

The individual federal states have different regulations on dog liability insurance. Learn more here.

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