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Dog liability ratesYour dog is simply the best for you and there is no dearer, sweeter and prettier dog in the whole world. You love him, no matter if he sometimes has fluff in his head and makes one or the other mischief.

And you know what? That's the way it has to be, no matter what non pet owners say about it.

It usually becomes unpleasant when, during a visit to friends or acquaintances, the hostess's shoes are used as a chew toy or the host's sports bag is used as a toilet.

We can not prevent these unpleasant situations for you, but at least you do not have to worry about the financial damage.

You can enjoy being together and cuddling on the sofa in a relaxed way – because that is the most valuable thing you have. If your dog should ever cause damage, we are there for you. Our team of insurance and animal experts knows the rough edges of our faithful companions and will gladly help you in unpleasant situations.

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What does the dog liability insurance cover ?

The dog liability protects you as a dog owner against financial damage caused by your dog. You are liable as a dog owner for all damages caused by your dog with your entire private property.

No matter if your puppy mistakes the sofa of your friends for the toilet, or if your senior dog defecates on the expensive carpet of the acquaintance out of sheer excitement – these damage examples are so-called property damages. Damage to property is, as the name suggests, damage to the property or the. property of third parties. You can be held liable for these damages. Must then pay for repair of the property or. You can be made liable for these damages. Must then for repair of the things or. pay for the current value of the property. The costs of a carpet cleaning or a new sofa are perhaps still bearable, however more than annoying, if one did not lock the correct dog owner liability here.

Quite differently the situation looks with the personal injuries. Here every dog owner immediately thinks of the dog bite. Of course, it is a personal injury, if a person is bitten by your dog, but does not always have to precede such a terrible action of your dog. It is also a personal injury for which you can be held liable if you are walking your dog and a cyclist is frightened by your dog and falls down. The cyclist's fall was caused by the mere presence of your dog. Thus you are liable as a dog owner for it to make. If this cyclist has to undergo a complicated operation on his broken wrist, then you can quickly imagine the dimensions of the costs. It is all the more astonishing that there is still no nationwide compulsory insurance for dog liability. But regardless of the insurance obligation, it is for you as a dog owner the absolutely most important protection.

In connection with the dog owner liability one reads also always of property damage. These are included as standard in every dog liability policy. However, it often comes to irritations here. If one speaks in the area of the dog owner liability insurance of property damages, then the unreal property damages are often meant. A non-genuine financial loss is always preceded by personal injury or property damage. Your dog has bitten the vet in the hand. Due to the injury, he can not exercise his activity as a veterinarian for a certain time. The loss of earnings is now a pecuniary loss, but this pecuniary loss is preceded by a personal injury – namely the bite to the hand. A large topic is also always the alleged leash compulsion. No good dog liability insurance forces the dog owner to keep the dog on a leash. Of course there are areas where it is forbidden by the municipality to walk the dog without a leash – here the city can also impose fines if you do not comply with the leash requirement – however, in the dog liability insurance all damages of your dog are still covered even if you "walk" without a leash.

Brief overview of the scope of benefits of dog liability insurance: Sum insured between 5 Mio. Euro up to 50 Mio. Euro Worldwide insurance coverage Bad debt coverage if your dog is bitten by another dog Leashless walking covered

In some of our insurances the bad debt coverage has been extended, so that your veterinary costs are also insured, if your dog is bitten by a strange dog and you cannot find the dog owner. You can find this great benefit extension in our TipTopBasis, Komfort and Premium insurances.

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