Dog liability insurance comparison and guide

Dog liability insurance

The dog liability insurance – responsibility for your pet

Is the conclusion of a dog liability insurance sensible?

The law in Germany states that a dog owner is liable for all damages caused by his pet to other people, animals or objects. While a torn trouser leg is less of a concern, first injuries or even car accidents caused by the dog can quickly cause major financial damage. A dog owner liability insurance is therefore advisable. In some federal states now even mandatory.

In principle, the dog liability insurance covers personal injury, property damage and damage to property. The insurance number should generally be at least 3 million euros lump sum for personal injury and property damage. So-called "mating damage" should be included, as well as damage to rented property and damage that occurs during a stay in another EU country.

The most favorable tariffs lie with scarcely 60 euro per year. The premium is somewhat lower if a deductible of between 100 and 200 euros is paid in the event of damage. Basically, the amount of the premium depends not only on the benefits, but also on the breed of the insured dog. For some, as dangerously classified dog breeds a clearly higher contribution becomes capable.

Dog liability insurance protects you in the following cases, among others:

Physical damage

Dog liability insurance comparison and guide

Damage example:
You have invited friends to a barbecue in your garden. One of your friends, while carrying a tray, overlooks your sleeping dog, trips and sustains a compound fracture. The financial damage amounts to several thousand euros.

ca. 12.000€ The dog liability covers the health damages of your friend.

Free running dog

dog liability insurance comparison and guide

Damage example:
When you go for a walk, you let your dog run without a leash. When your dog runs in front of an oncoming bicycle, the cyclist can no longer brake and falls. He then takes you for loss of earnings, compensation for pain and suffering, treatment costs and repair of his bike in the liability.

ca. 3.500€ The dog liability takes care of all claims of the injured cyclist.

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Finanztest recommends

“If you already have a policy, check if it includes the benefits you want to have.”Financial test 01/2011

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“The dog owner always has to pay for the damage in full. It does not matter whether he has made a mistake or not: the so-called strict liability applies. Our experts have collected their knowledge for you. Summarized in a guidebook. Become an expert yourself.

47% of German dog owners have a dog liability insurance policy

Which insurance company should I choose?

Although the choice of a dog liability insurance does not offer as many stumbling blocks as some other insurance classes, there are still some important things to consider. The Coverage amount should not exceed the limit of 5 Mio.€, you should also think carefully about how much you want to pay Deductible you can actually afford in the event of a claim.

Also make sure that so-called Cover damage are also insured, because if your four-legged friend should impregnate a pedigree bitch unnoticed, the economic damage can amount to several thousand euros. Equally useful is the insurance of Rental property damage, which offers protection not only at home, but also on vacation in case of damage in the hotel or vacation apartment.

What if I am unsure?

If you would like more detailed information on dog liability insurance and have specific questions, please feel free to contact our team of experts. We will be happy to assist you free of charge at 089/45 206 79 20.


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