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Dog liability insurance – dog liabilityThe reason for taking out dog liability insurance for one's own dog is obvious. As soon as his dog harms a third party – regardless of whether he is at fault (§ 833 BGB) can be claimed for damages.

What is insured?

For the dogs designated in the insurance contract, there is insurance coverage for the legal liability as the owner of dogs for private purposes. What risks. Damages are insurable?Personal injury, property damage and financial losses of third parties caused by the insured animal and for which the animal owner is liable.

Which dangers and damages are not covered by dog liability insurance?

– Intentional damage – Nuclear energy, war, civil unrest, strike, lockout and orders of high authority – Commercial use of the dogs (no insurance cover via a private contract) – All financial losses that do not occur as a result of damage to property or personal injury. – Some insurers do not offer coverage for sog. Fighting dogs

Where does dog liability insurance apply?

Germany-wide and, if agreed, also for temporary stays abroad.

What payments are made in the event of damage?

The insurer examines the claims for damages, defends them at its own expense or, in the case of justified claims, pays the injured party within the scope of the insurance contract.

Our recommendation for the conclusion of an insurance.
1. Sufficiently high sum insured, our tip, at least 5 million. € for personal injury and property damage 2. Check which benefits you need, the following checklist offers a very good help here

The big dog liability insurance checklist

Is insurance cover provided for bad debts (default cover)?
It is paid for the damage caused by a third party. The policyholder is placed in the same position as if the third party had his own liability insurance (which unfortunately is still very often the case not is the case).

Insurance cover abroad:
How long is this granted. Insurers very often still differentiate between EU only and worldwide.

Death of the policyholder
Continued insurance coverage for the co-insured persons (spouse, partner, children…) after the death of the policyholder until the next main due date?

Damage to rented premises (real estate) = non-permanent property:
In this case, insurance coverage is usually provided, but sometimes insurers limit the coverage according to the amount of damage Example of damage: The dog damages an interior door of the rented apartment.

Damage to rented mobile furnishings
Not every insurer offers insurance coverage here. If it is offered, it is limited in amount. Example of damage: the dog damages the vase in the rented vacation apartment

Co-insurance of corridor damages Damage to gardens, pastures etc.

Races, tournaments, events
Is there insurance coverage for participation in (sled) dog races, dog shows or tournaments?

Is the use of dog sleds, dog carriages and similar vehicles also insured?

How long are puppies insured after birth
Good offers usually provide co-insurance for the first 12 months.

Dog on a leash/muzzle
Is insurance cover provided if the dog is not on a leash and/or wears a muzzle??

Co-insurance for cover damage
Here it is to be checked whether insurance protection exists both with the intended and unintended covering act.

Insurance coverage for the non-commercial animal guardian
The legal liability of the policyholder as the owner of the dog specified in the insurance contract is insured in the animal owner's liability insurance. In addition, insurance cover should also be provided if the dog is handed over to a third party (not acting commercially) for a short period of time for care or custody.

Update function
Insurers very often improve their products. It is advantageous if existing contracts also benefit automatically from improvements without the policyholder having to take any action

Deviation from the GDV (German Insurance Association) standard
If the provider guarantees that the conditions underlying the contract deviate from the conditions recommended by the GDV only to the benefit of the policyholder.

Environmental damage
Is insurance cover provided for environmental damage, z.B. Water damage required?

– Environmental liability insurance – environmental damage insurance (according to the Environmental Damage Act)

Mutual claims
Are the following claims insured without limitation to recourse claims of certain bodies (employer, social security, etc.)?.)

– Claims from co-insured relatives – Claims from co-insured life partners

Which insurers, products are suitable in our experience. Basically, the individual case must always be considered and checked who offers what scope of insurance at what premium and also offers a good service.

Positive we evaluate z.Zt. the Haftpflichtkasse Darmstadt with its tariff THV Komfort Plus, the Interrisk with the tariff XXL as well as the AIG with a special concept.

We offer a mediation and care of a dog liability for economic reasons z.Zt. only existing customers to. Therefore, please consider our checklist simply as a tool that we provide free of charge. You can also use the checklist offered for download, you can also use it free of charge for private purposes.

Download, click on the link:

Us for you

In addition to advice and support, we offer insurance concepts tailored to your needs in combination with an individual and personal service.

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