Dog liability insurance with from expert and dog owner

You forgive your dog every mistake because he is your best friend. And you want to enjoy and protect this happiness carefree. Even your dog can make a mistake. Make a claim. It happened so quickly that there is an accident or a bitten sofa.

– First-class benefits at reasonable premiums – No leash or muzzle requirements – Detailed comparisons of standard and top rates – For all breeds – Advice and support from dog owner and expert

With me you can inform yourself about the dog liability insurance and insure your dog and yourself online – and that without additional costs for the consultation and the support. You have questions or are unsure which tariff is the right one for you? I will be happy to advise you personally, by chat or by phone. 0931 – 45 46 10 18

Initial information: Christine Schramm is an insurance broker with permission according to §34d Abs.1 No. 2 trade regulations. The dog liability insurance offers comprehensive benefits for your dog. Protects you from bad surprises. If your dog injures someone or damages something, then you have to take responsibility for it.

In addition, dog liability also helps you to,
to reject unjustified claims. You can apply for choose one of my 3 recommended tariffs or compare yourself.

Your dog and you in the best hands

dog liability insurance with from expert and dog owner

Christine Schramm
Expert for dog liability

I am Christine and your personal contact person when it comes to your insurances. My horses Doni and Schnucki and my dog Chico belong to me. As a dog owner I understand only too well that you would like to protect your darling in the best possible way. I am an insurance broker, specialized in the protection of dogs and their owners and I am looking forward to helping you too. For a consultation you can simply send me a Message or call me at 0931 – 45 46 10 18 .

I look forward to your message, Christine Schramm

Comparison dog liability

Most of my customers choose one of these tariffs. Gladly I advise you also by chat or by telephone.

In the following comparison I compare 3 tariffs. I have also chosen a tariff for this, the so-called "list dogs" insured. I recommend a sum insured of at least 10 million € and no deductible.

No liability for completeness and accuracy of the information – the benefits of the current conditions apply. NV Versicherung HundePremium 3.0, PremiumPlus 3.0; Haftpflichtkasse Darmstadt AHB 1/2022

These are annual premiums including insurance tax. With some companies it is also possible to be debited monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. I recommend a term of 1 year. The contracts are automatically renewed.

The sum insured is the maximum amount that the dog liability insurance will reimburse. It applies across the board for bodily injury, property damage and financial loss. By law, the dog owner is liable in unlimited amount.

In case you are the injured party and other pet owners cannot pay the damage, there is the bad debt coverage. An enforceable title is necessary for this.

Future performance improvements are automatically covered.

If you want to change with your current contract, then you can usually not immediately terminate, but have a notice period. Until the start of the new insurance, the insurer already covers the risks you are currently not insured for.

Your dog is also insured during temporary stays abroad. Insured are intentional. Unwanted mating.

The puppies are insured free of charge, as long as the policyholder is also the owner. If the puppies are given away, then the non-contributory co-insurance via the mother is cancelled.

Insurance coverage also exists when leading without a leash or muzzle up to the agreed amount of coverage. If your dog has an official requirement, then you must comply with it. Insurance coverage exists for example at doors. the floor of privately rented apartments or houses.

We distinguish several definitions of rental property damage. In many tariffs, movable objects, such as a sofa or a table, are not insured in hotels or vacation homes.

You often borrow or rent a car? Then this inclusion is especially important for you.

This would be for example a borrowed camera or a dog box.

Third-party pet guardians are only insured if they are not commercially active. Commercial guardians, for example a boarding kennel, must insure themselves for this risk.

Injured person claims for training mock crimes are also included.

Damage to fields are damages to fields or meadows. Animal excrement is explicitly included in the insurance cover.

If your dog has to be rescued by the fire department, for example, then it only causes costs and no property damage. Therefore this is not automatically insured.

If you use your dog commercially, this is excluded in most tariffs. This must be explicitly included in the insurance. It can often make sense to take out a commercial insurance policy.

The dog liability usually replaces the current value. This is very annoying in many cases. Some tariffs therefore have a new value indemnity. This is often limited to a certain age of the objects. Electronic items are often excluded.

Insured is the participation in dog races, sled races, agility tournaments, breeding shows u.s.w.

Insured is the private therapeutic use of the dog.

Unfortunately, not all tariffs insure so-called listed or fighting dogs

Not insured are

American Staffordshire Terrier American Bulldog Bandog Great Dane Bull Terrier Bullmastiff Dogo Argentino Fila Brasileiro Kangal Caucasian Ovcharka Mastino Espanol Mastiff Mastino Napoletano Pitbull Terrier / American Pitbull Terrier Rottweiler Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tosa Inu

Also all crossbreeds and hybrids of these breeds with each other and with other breeds are considered fighting dogs.

Further benefits that the tariffs offer you.

– Damage to rented carriages, transport trailers and sledges up to 10.000 € – legal protection for pet owners: legal protection for damages, legal protection in contract and property law, tax, administrative, criminal, misdemeanor – legal protection

– If you wish, no crediting of a joint liability for damages up to 250 € – damages to rented carts up to 10.000 € – costs for an emergency killing after an insured loss up to 500 € – costs for a burial after an insured loss up to 500 €

– If you wish, no crediting of joint liability for damages up to 500 € – Damages to rented carriages up to 50.000 € – Waiver of premium in case of unemployment – No limitation of benefits in case of accidental breach of obligations – If the policyholder cannot take care of the insured pet as a result of an inpatient stay in a hospital or rehabilitation facility, the costs of boarding the pet in a boarding kennel will be covered up to a maximum of 500 € – Costs of emergency killing after an insured injury up to 1.000 € – costs for a burial after an insured damage up to 1.000 €

With the conclusion over my side you have me automatically as a personal contact person.

from 47,24 €
10 million €, 125 € SB per damage

from 44,51 €
5 million €, 150 € SB per damage

from 58,67 €
5 million €, 150 € SB per damage

Dog liability insurance from expert

Discover the advantages of a dog liability

Free of charge and personal advice& Care by pet owner and Expert

Extensive, detailed and neutral comparisons to the recommended Top rates

Convenient and fast online applications. You can get your desired protection in 2 minutes apply

What pays the dog liability insurance?

The dog liability insurance is the most important protection for you, as a proud dog owner. You have to pay for all the damages caused by your pet. This includes, for example, an accident to a cyclist or car driver. In this case, you can face recourse claims from the health insurance, compensation for pain and suffering and possibly lifelong pension payments. So that such accidents do not bring you in financial difficulties, a dog owner liability insurance is so useful.

Is a dog liability mandatory?

In some communities and federal states the dog owner liability insurance is a mandatory insurance and must be presented. And even if the dog liability insurance is not mandatory for you, it is an important insurance for you as a dog owner.

Let's take a look at law, it says: "If a human being is killed, the body or health of a human being is injured or an object is damaged by an animal, the person who keeps the animal is obliged to compensate the injured person for the resulting damage." – Excerpt § 833 BGB liability of the animal owner.

obligation: Berlin, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia
Compulsory for certain dogs: Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Saxony
No regulations: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

A dog liability insurance does not cover surgery or veterinary costs of your dog. To cover this, I recommend a dog surgery insurance or dog health insurance.

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