Dog liability yes or no

Dog liability – yes or no?Dog liability yes or no

For many dog owners the possession of a dog is not only one of the largest childhood dreams at all, but with security also one of the most beautiful, own hobbies. With hardly an occupation one can switch off after a stressful working day namely better than with the own dog in the free one.

However – and this is fact – the dog attitude is not even with security the most favorable hobby, which one can have. Besides grain-free dog food, dog toys, vaccination, health insurance and Co. then also costs occur, with which one does not necessarily count as a dog owner.

Therefore, especially from this point of view, many dog owners ask themselves the question:
Dog liability – yes or no?!

While on the one hand it sounds quite sensible to take out a dog liability policy and to protect oneself or the cyclist, on the other hand, from the consequences of the accident. to protect its purse in case of emergency with it, the dog liability seems to one, beside the other costs for the dog, as almost already wasteful investment.

In this contribution we would like to deal therefore more exactly with this question and give an insight over it, which one does not have to fear as a dog owner with a dog liability insurance any longer – and which one without insurance in the worst case blossoms!

Do I really need dog liability insurance??

When it comes to the subject of insurance, we humans are by nature a little cautious. On the one hand, we often think that we are already well covered and on the other hand, we don't want to spend money on something that turns out to be a completely unnecessary investment in the end.

Most dog owners have the same or at least a similar approach to dog liability as well. Especially long-time dog owners who have never or only rarely had negative incidents with their four-legged friends do not see the relevance of such an insurance from the first moment on.

Because: similar to the private liability for us humans, the dog liability only effectively brings us something when all ropes break.

And especially in connection with their own dog, dog owners often believe that the "worst case" can always be avoided. There are some situations in the everyday life of a dog owner, which can always occur and which one should have heard at least once – and in which a liability can be quite helpful.

Circumstances of the everyday life, which each dog owner knows!

A scene, which provides above all with children again and again for tearful laughter, is that, if a dog jumps for joy by the area and thereby – completely by mistake – the "cock turns on" and before joy, completely uncontrollably "around itself pees". Too bad if the "dog pee" ends up on the carpet of the best friend or even the mother-in-law. If this carpet must then also be cleaned, we as dog owners, without dog liability, of course bear the full cost of cleaning.

But even in everyday life there are unpredictable, obvious and less obvious dangers lurking.

The prime example is certainly "the one" dog that our darling simply can not smell. An inattentive moment when one's own dog turns the corner in front of us and meets his arch-enemy and it is usually done – the two quarrelsomes bite!

This not only sounds unpleasant, but in reality it is usually also unpleasant to look at. Not rarely it comes here to bite wounds at dog and humans. The end of the song? Expensive medical bills that can be paid out of pocket by dog owners without appropriate dog liability insurance.

And even in the case that the own dog and totally peaceful and the own walking route is free of other dogs, dangers lurk, namely in the form of people.

And this does not necessarily have to be the vicious neighbor! After all, dogs react irrationally to familiar faces and even children from time to time. Often our quadrupeds are in these cases simply frightened or briefly irritated by a too fast movement of the actually friendly counterpart. As an intuitive reaction, unfortunately, it often comes in these cases to – even if only weakened – bites, which can cause injuries to the other person.

Our conclusion

Of course: in the first moment the costs for the dog liability seem to be unnecessary additional costs. Nevertheless, there are many practical examples from life, which not only have the potential to occur on paper, but can also occur daily in real life.

Before one decides as a dog owner against an appropriate insurance, one should weigh the dangers at least once realistically and its cost calculation if necessary. think again.

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