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– 1 Normal dog (no fighting dog) – coverage amount 5 Mio. Personal injury, property damage and financial loss – Worldwide coverage – Temporary stay abroad: worldwide 1 year – Third-party breeding: co-insured (not commercial) – Puppies co-insured (up to 6 months of age) – Bad debt coverage from 1.500 EUR – No compulsory leash

Excess 150 EUR, premium including insurance tax:

41,65 EUR/ year

The dog liability insurance is indispensable for dog and master and therefore already in many federal states also a compulsory insurance. It protects your assets as a dog owner in the event of a claim, because you as the owner have unlimited liability for the damage caused by your dog, even if no intentional or negligent act is involved. This liability results from the civil code. It states:

If a human being is killed or the body or health of a human being is injured or an object is damaged by an animal, the person who keeps the animal is obligated to compensate the injured person for the resulting damages.

The dog liability insurance distinguishes between so-called "fighting dogs" and other breeds. As a rule, higher premiums are charged for fighting dogs. Often also a co-payment (deductible) in the event of damage required. Mixed breeds, in which corresponding breeds are included, are also classified as fighting dogs.

Many dog owners underestimate the liability risk and think that a well-behaved dog does not cause any damage. But also in the game or in a fright reaction it comes to big accidents (z.B. If your dog runs into the street or bites in fright).

Not every dog liability offer includes damage to rented property. But in this area there are often cases of damage, caused for example by scratch marks on the front door or in the floor covering. Therefore, pay attention to the insured inclusions of the respective tariffs when taking out the policy.

The following benefits are also important in a dog liability insurance policy:

– High coverage (we offer at least. 5 Mio. and a maximum of 50 Mio. Euro) – Leading without a leash – Damage to rented property (if the dog does something wrong in the rented apartment/holiday home) – Loss of receivables (if you yourself are damaged and the other dog owner cannot pay)

If you need more information about the correct classification of your dog or about exclusions and inclusions, or if you are unsure about your needs, we will be happy to advise you beyond an interactive online consultation.

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