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My dog is extremely hairy: Which food is right now??

Is the hair on my dog normal or already extreme??

The dog hairs lie on the sofa, they stick on your sweater, they hang in the carpet and are somehow everywhere – even on your sandwich? If your dog is extremely hairy, this is extremely unpleasant for everyone. The skin of your dog is, as with humans also, the largest organ. It will quickly show you if your dog is healthy or sick, or if you have made mistakes when feeding it. If the coat is dull and lackluster or if your dog is shedding extremely, besides the regular coat change in spring and autumn, this is a sure sign that something is wrong. Extreme hairiness is often accompanied by symptoms like itching, reddening of the skin, dandruff and frequent licking. If the hair loss is due to disease, come "nibble at the fur" and "bite add. If you notice these symptoms or if your dog also sheds outside the shedding period, this is definitely not normal and a sign to be more vigilant than usual and to visit a veterinarian to be on the safe side. Because if your dog nibbles too much and hard, it can lead to secondary infections.

Possible reasons why your dog is shedding

But what else could be the reason for the extreme hair of your four-legged friend, if it is not the coat change?

Possible reasons for your dog's hair besides the change of coat:

– Food allergy – Diseases – Severe lack of water, which leads to dry skin – Fleas, mites or other parasites – Stress – Hormone-related hair loss (castration, flea phase, in heat) – Skin fungus with circular hair loss – Nutrient deficiencies

A visit to the vet usually brings you clarity. Especially if there is a disease, allergy, skin fungus or parasites, your dog needs medical help.

On the picture you can see my Holly in the trunk of my car. As you can see there very well, she belongs to the dogs that tend to hair more than other breeds. Holly is a little living flokatite carpet ;) If I would not do anything about it, she would shed continuously. For some time now she has been getting Biotin Aktiv and LupoDerm in her food. This will alleviate the hair loss in any case. Additionally she is brushed 2 – 3 times a week and bathed every 2 weeks. If this sounds familiar, you should definitely read on.

What to do if your dog is shedding heavily?

In order to reduce the extreme hair loss of your furry nose, there are two possibilities. The first method is about the food, the other about a consistent fur care. A healthy diet with as few hard-to-digest fillers as possible, is the basis for a healthy coat. Easier digestible is dog food with a high meat content. Omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in fish or high-quality oils, are important for soothing the skin. Clean, fresh water must always be available for your dog, in order to provide for elastic healthy skin and to prevent dehydration. Also remember to comb your dog's coat regularly. The even brushing distributes the skin fat in the coat and makes it more resistant. Brushing at the same time provides a massage, which stimulates the metabolism and thus provides more well-being.

Which products can support my dog with the hair change? LUPO Omega 3-6-9 PREMIUM is a special mixture from hemp-. Sea fish oil with the plus of evening primrose oil. The mixture is characterized by its high content of essential fatty acids from. Just the Omega-3 fatty acids are contained here in a broad spectrum and are in optimal proportion to the Omega 6 fatty acids (1:3). The contained marine fish oil makes the mixture perfect, as this provides the important omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. The fatty acids contained in skin cells Gamma linolenic acid is very important for healthy skin, shiny coat and immune system.

LUPO AKTIV Biotin Complex provides your dog with a specially developed nutrient package for a beautiful coat and for healthy skin and claws. The combination of herbal substances with valuable Omega-3 fatty acids is usefully supplemented by Biotin and Zinc. Diatomaceous earth with the trace element Silicon completes this animal-free product. Herbs and microalgae ensure an intact metabolism and the formation of keratin. It also prevents the breakdown of fatty acids. Extreme hair loss in your dog can always be a sign of a biotin deficiency.

LUPOSAN LupoDerm is an oil for the nutritive support of the coat care, which is enriched with unsaturated fatty acids as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Lecithin, nutritionally already after 3-4 days of supplementary feeding can provide support for skin and hair. The shedding period is thus probably shortens, stubborn hair loss you step in such a way decidedly against. Even irritated and scaly skin needs good care and a optimal nutrient supply, to become healthy and elastic again.

You would like more information about cold-pressed dog food or about how you can support your four-legged friend – with the power of nature – and would like a sample? Then contact our customer service by e-mail "[email protected]" and give as subject "food sample at. We will contact you in a timely manner to clarify your questions.

Hi I am Alex! Since I can remember, there has always been a dog by my side. Life without it is simply unthinkable for me. Currently I am the proud owner of an Old-English Bulldog bitch named Holly. As "true Westerwalders" it is a matter of course for us to spend our free time as much as possible in the beautiful surrounding nature, in order to have a contrast program to the daily work routine. Holly is my right hand in the office of the feed store and her area of responsibility extends over many subranges (observing, examining, sniffing out, inspiring, cheering up, etc.). ). Their favorite occupation, however, is the permanent quality control of our products – through continuous tasting. Until now, fortunately, there have been no complaints ;)

The devotion and enthusiasm for our four-legged friends is a real passion for me and seems to be in my DNA. My grandfather Josef Olberts founded the Markus Mill in 1961 and then passed it on to my mother& transferred to my uncle, who will continue the company peaux a peaux with other innovative ideas for dog& Have cat evolved. The emergence of Luposan with its supplementary products followed in 1995. I appreciate this heritage and knowledge very much and try to carry it on with heart and soul.

All the articles in our blog are about dog and cat love, with everything that goes with it. You will learn what constitutes species-appropriate and natural nutrition, based on the example of nature and directly from the manufacturer, how this is created and always further developed. Everything you read here comes from the heart.

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