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Dog slips away, what to do?My dog (8 years) got up this morning, then we went out and suddenly he slips away with his hindquarters and partially drags the paws behind. As a result, we immediately went to the emergency service. X-rayed him and found that there were absolutely no abnormalities to be seen.

Neither athrosis, bone fractures, or HD.

only his prostate was dilated. We went to another vet today, he couldn't find anything either. he was palpated and did not cry, he is not in pain.

We have had him for a week, since he came from the shelter. Nothing was found there either. We are in contact with them.

but unfortunately we do not know any more

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It can also be neurological. Maybe you look for a veterinarian who is specialized in it. Google times, perhaps is in your area a clinic that covers this specialty with.

this can also be a slight stroke, you should visit the veterinary clinic, they have more possibilities and also more ideas for solutions !

do a genetic test for degenerative myelopathy. No matter if the doctor thinks it is necessary, insist on it.

Has spondylosis also been ruled out?

Yes, since they have seen nothing on the X-ray image

Was this a one time occurrence ? Or does he still move conspicuously ( does he drag
still paws after, even if only slightly ) ?

P.S. I don't want to scare you, but 35 years ago I had a dog with these symptoms (but we don't know what to do) longer lasting Conspicuousness, like that Dragging of the hind paws ).

But, if that happened only once Is not going to be what my dog had at the time. Bitch. My vet around the corner didn't pick up last night (I can't blame him). At the vet clinic I was referred to today/wait by the emergency service. My vet around the corner didn't pick up yesterday evening (I can't blame him). In the animal hospital I was referred by the emergency service on today/wait.

Back story: after the birth on Sunday we went in the evening to the emergency service in the clinic, because the bitch was panting heavily and I could still feel something in the abdomen. I was then palpated (the doctor also felt something), x-rayed (nothing visible), so finally an ultrasound: some structure in the uterus, what it is, she could not tell me – I should come back in a week, by then it must have gone back. A somewhat vague statement.

ProblemMy dog has diarrhea since the day before yesterday. This "structure", Which should have receded is still noticeable if not more noticeable (or stayed the same). So I called the emergency service yesterday evening (for the third time this week) and wanted to let them know that I was coming by. She told me to wait until today, give my bitch diet food (chicken/rice/potted mantle).

Question below as an answer, has become too long.

My dog is a little older gentleman (8 years old), but still stormy and likes to run. Actually he is used to the laminate. He slipped yesterday. Started limping then. We palpated him, there was nothing on the bone and that's why we put him to rest. This morning he was walking as usual until he slipped again. We will go to the vet today at noon, but what can we do to stop him slipping?? Laminate out is not possible, because of the landlord and carpet is unsuitable, because our cat always vomits on it.

Hello! The following: yesterday I was at the veterinary emergency service with my 15 year old German Shepherd-Labrador mix, due to strong restlessness (he was constantly running through the house, could not stay calm, has cleared out shelves in the living room, etc.).) vomiting and hysterical panting. There they have now found cancer on the right testicle. The problem is that due to the testicular cancer his prostate is 3 times the normal size. The vet confirmed to me that he would die from it, because the prostate meanwhile also pinched all the nerves (which is why his hind legs also tremble extremely). During the ultrasound other organs were examined, except for the testicles, but otherwise those that he could see were fine. He would have to be neutered. But this is not to be done until a blood work which he wants to take tomorrow is in order. D.h. If he does not have (suspected) pancreatitis. Of course the question now is: will he even make it through the surgery?? He will be 16 this December. The vet himself said that if he had not been told how old he is, he would never have thought it, because he is still very fit for his age. His general condition is good, the vet confirmed it to us. What would you do? I do not want him to suffer a painful death. So there is only the alternative surgery.

A friend has a small dog, ca. 1 year old. I noticed the other day that he slides everywhere in the apartment because it only has tile and hardwood floors. When he sits, his front paws slowly slide forward, when he runs after a thrown cuddly toy, he first slides 20-30 cm further than he wants to. Does this not bother him or is this bad for his body?

Hello dear members, I am new here and need to read up first. I hope you will excuse if there is already a similar topic/question.

I have a French Bulldog. Sam is 1 year as. Actually he is very healthy.

For 3 weeks now we observe the following senario:

Every morning, and by now every time we step out the front door for a walk, he is limping. He pulls the left back leg towards the belly. However, she continues to walk normally on 3 legs. This goes on for about half a minute or 50 meters then he uses the leg normally again. When he wakes up and walks around in the apartment he does not do it though. Only when we leave the house. I have already palpated the leg, no reaction at all.

Do you have any idea what it can be?

Hello to all. My dog has had complaints since Saturday night. He often sleeps sideways and when he wants to come up and lifts his head and neck he squeaks. Sometimes louder sometimes quieter. Since Saturday ca. 10-12 times. I have him after the 2. Squeaks completely palpated and kneaded through, legs stretched and bent in all directions, etc. and he did not react to anything. When it was still there on Sunday, I went with him to the vet. He could not find anything during a superficial examination. He suspects a strain, tension or a pinched nerve. I am supposed to observe my dog now. At the next squeak go directly there. Then he is x-rayed, blood taken and everything else that is necessary to find out what it is. About my dog: Labbi, 1.5 years old He runs completely normal, plays, eats, has no elevated temperature and also otherwise is externally NOTHING TO SEE / NOTICE Only now and then a quiet or sometimes louder squeak when coming up. Have any of you had to deal with similar symptoms before and may have some suitable advice? I am happy about all comments. Thanks!

Hello, my 8 year old Jack Russel has been limping in the front for months. It started suddenly and at first we tried a homeopathic veterinary practitioner who diagnosed a ligament strain and treated him with traumeel and more globules. When the symptoms also after a few weeks nickt significantly better, we went to vet number 2, who diagnosed a carpal tunnel inflammation and helped him with painkillers and anti-inflammatory at least better. But the symptoms always came back when our darling was running, especially over uneven fields. He also nibbles heavily on this lame paw. Vet number 3 could neither confirm nor deny the carpal tunnel inflammation and x-rayed him. The x-rays show no abnormalities. According to pictures he is a top fit dog with healthy joints. We are at a loss. What can he have? Surely a dog of his breed at that age should not be walked only on a leash :-( Thanks for any ideas!! Thomas

Hello, my mother has a French Bulldog, since a few weeks she eats nothing and the vet says her pancreas and kidneys are inflamed. At the moment she goes to the vet clinic during the week, also different food was already tried (if it should be an incompatibility) but unfortunately still without improvement. She breathes very heavily. Has already lost two kilos. It must be said that she was fed only with high quality barf food. Lives in a pack with 3 other bullies in a big house with a garden. What can it be. How to help her?

I am very grateful for any help. 🙏🙏

Hi, So my dog had now had a few times such panic attacks. The first time, a few months ago. He jumped up like crazy from the couch and trembled and didn't leave my side one step after that. Then there was nothing for a long time. Letze week then, I had him on the horse with it. He ran behind me normally and suddenly he cries out and runs next to me and looks at me. So I got off. I palpated him everywhere. Everything Ok. Then nothing for days. Sunday he behaved strangely. He usually lies with me, there he has crawled into the bathroom.. When he did not come over after 20 minutes I went over and then he wanted to go out. The whole thing has repeated 3 times. After the third time I was outside with him, he came running into the living room in full panic. He behaved the same as if he had run into a fence. He has trembled, was restless and in the eyes pure panic and he did not want to move an inch away from me.. the whole thing lasted about 20 min.. So I looked out the number of the emergency service and woke up my friend.. And suddenly he was back to normal. the rest of the day he was as usual. Yesterday morning I wanted to go out with him. Suddenly he flinches. Starts to tremble again… The rest of the day again everything as always. Today he was with my parents, in the morning he lay in the basket, suddenly he screams again, runs to my father and trembles.. When he calmed down, my father took him out. Everything is fine again. Today at noon he had another one of those seizures.. The dog is actually not fearful, I have him from puppy age, he is now 7. And I or we do not recognize him again. The whole thing comes seizure-like. He gets really panic… He is looking for protection at this time. Is since Sunday extremely affectionate… Of course I will go to the vet tomorrow.. but I would be interested if someone knows something like this.. Could it be some kind of epilepsy, or a nerve or vertebra that is pinched or crushed.

dog slides on the butt.anal glands were squeezed out by the vet

as everyone knows, frenchies are a ticking time bomb.

So does mine. Allergic down to the last hair root, only tolerates a handful of foods.

In addition, he gets every morning a tablet (Apoquel) against his itching attacks. Which really made it much better for a while.

But since 3-4 weeks it has become worse again.

Especially in the morning. I actually do not need an alarm clock anymore, because my dog then approx. 20-30 minutes gives everything he can. From ears/face itching, to licking paws. Who has heard this before, feels think with me. You could shoot your dog all the way to Nevada. Small joke on the sidelines. In any case, one is then wide awake. The first time on 180. :D

Over the day it is then actually relatively quiet.

Now and then, with me in the office, or in the evening when one comes again to the rest, he has partly again short misfires.

He is fed. In the morning a ration, in the evening also again one.

Kangaroo meat, carrot flakes, additional powder, which is also for extreme allergy sufferers, where all the ingredients are in it, which the dog needs.

At the vet we are, how else to expect, regulars.

Only unfortunately without apparent success.

All blood counts have been done, swabs of the ears/paws, mite tests, the full program.

If anyone here has good advice, or tips, please let me know.

The dog is very active, physically fit, a beautiful pronounced muzzle. Not too much, not too little muscle. From the outside the little one lacks nothing. Only the internal values remain there a little on the track.

Otherwise I am of course open for a factual exchange, if someone has questions, simply herbei with it.

Thanks in advance!

Hello, my Balu (5kg) is now 2.5 years old and only sleeping. In addition, he is always very meek what food is concerned. The food has always been a difficult matter. Believe simply, since he was earlier over the day with my parents, when I still worked too much spoiled and fed from the table is. But what worries me is that he sleeps all the time. I have already been to the vet and of course he examined him normally. sounded and palpated, but there were no abnormalities. We also do a lot with him and when it goes out, he is also fully with the thing and runs with pleasure (except if it rains). Or even when the weather is nice and we go to the forest with ball he is really happy and runs after the ball and examines every tree trunk, but as soon as we get back home, even if there are days when we do not run so much and long he just sleeps. Once a day he then starts to play at home. that lasts approx. 5 minutes and then that's it for the whole day and it's just sleeping..When we meet other dogs outside he is happy and sniffs them and is happy with some more and with some less. Mostly we meet once a day in the park with other dogs, but even there Balu sits around and watches the others.What do you think? Is my dog a little lazy bear ? :-) or should I be seriously worried and go to a vet clinic and have another blood work and ultrasound done. Balu is already my third dog, so I'm not a newbie. but when my other dogs were so young, they were more active than my little one! They tended to get quieter as you got older. Thanks for your tips ;-)

my Chi was vaccinated against TW 2 weeks ago (3 year old). The TA always injects near the hip. This morning I noticed a relatively large lump on the right costal arch. My Chi romps through the garden, so far everything i.O. Touching the knob is also ok but interpret it as slightly uncomfortable for the dog. She is my first dog so I have no experience.

My dog (male) rubs his bottom on the carpet every 2-3 days. What does it mean ? Is this normal ? And do you have to go to the vet about it ?

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