Dog trembles illness or harmless edogs magazine

dog trembles: illness or harmless?Dog trembles disease or harmless edogs magazine

The dog is shivering. However, this does not always mean that he is sick. Maybe he is just excited, or he finds the cold uncomfortable. In this article you will learn everything about possible reasons, causes of concern and a possible course of action when the dog is shivering.

Dog tremors: Normal tremors/unrelated reasons

A dog trembles in different situations. He hears a loud noise and is unsettled and fearful. After all, a danger could be imminent. Stress almost always triggers trembling, because the dog can relieve the tension by trembling. If the Vieberiner has exerted himself too much on the walk or during training, his muscles tremble. Tension and relaxation of the muscles alternate in a fast rhythm, because the dog cannot hold the muscle tension for a long time due to a lack of energy reserves. The dog shivers.

Dogs with short fur are hardly protected from the cold. Rain and snow soaking the skin. the dog trembles because it is cold. by shivering the muscles generate energy, which leads to a slight increase in body heat.

dog trembles disease or harmless edogs magazine

Small dogs with thin and short fur like Chihuahuas or the bigger Whippets tend to tremble.

The Dog trembles even when excited. He does not always have to be anxious. Joy at the return of the owner or excitement at a game can also trigger the normal trembling. Some dogs tremble in their sleep from joy or fear and move their paws.

Also Intentional trembling is possible. The dog has learned in previous situations that if they tremble, they will receive a treat to calm them down. Whenever the dog wants attention or a treat, it trembles.

If the dog trembles especially when inhaling, it is usually in Excitement behind it. The situation can be positive or negative. By trembling the dog tries to solve his inner restlessness and to relieve the stress.

What breeds of dogs tremble naturally?

Dogs that are stressed and always under high tension often tremble. These dogs include the Jack Russell terrier. Also small dogs with thin and short fur like Chihuahuas or the bigger Whippets tend to tremble.

Dog trembles: questionable reasons and diseases

A dog may also serious illnesses tremble.

Neurological infectious diseases

Canine distemper is a disease caused by a virus. The Morbilli virus not only damages the intestines, but also migrates Along the nerves to the brain. There it causes inflammation. If the dog survives the disease, it may be left with tics and other neurological symptoms such as tremors. Sometimes the trembling is so strong that the dog can't hold its head still and also can't eat.


In the case of epilepsy, there is a overshooting signal fire of the nerve cells. Some dogs shiver as a sign before the seizure starts. After the end of the seizure the dogs are weakened. They stand shakily on their feet and tremble.

dog trembles disease or harmless edogs magazine

Not always the trembling has to be related to a disease.


Dogs hides pain as long as possible, to hide an illness or weakness from the others. Weak animals easily become the prey of stronger hunters. Nevertheless, you can tell when a dog is in pain. The dog trembles and ames various protective postures. Also a gastric torsion causes strong pain and a circulatory shock.

Is trembling dangerous in dogs?

Trembling does not always have to be related to a disease. The dog also trembles when he dreams and is excited or anxious. Cold also causes shivering in dogs with short fur.

Dog trembles because of weakness

If a dog is weakened by an illness or poor food, muscles can also be affected by too little energy reserves available not react properly. The dog trembles.

trembling due to lack of energy occurs in very small dog breeds such as Teacup Chihuahuas or Teacup Yorkshires. The dogs weigh a maximum of two kilograms as adults. With such small dogs the metabolism runs very fast. Dogs can hardly get enough energy from food to maintain all functions.

Genetically caused trembling

Dogs suffering from White Dog Shaker Syndrome are born trembling constantly. The eyes are also affected by the trembling. They move their body rapidly from left to right. The dogs are barely able to perceive their surroundings and orient themselves. This genetic disease mainly affects dogs with a white coat.

What to do when the dog trembles?

If the trembling is harmless, behavioral therapy can help. So that the dog does not freeze in the cold season, there are functional dog coats, which keep the cold and wind away from the skin. If the dog is trembling due to a medical condition, a veterinarian should always be consulted.

Addison's disease

Addison's disease are affected hormonally induced disease. Because the adrenal glands are not functioning adequately, too little aldosterone and cortisol is produced. The dogs tremble. Suffering from abdominal pain. The trembling causes muscle weakness in the legs. The four-legged friend drinks a lot.


Some poisons also cause trembling of the muscles. However, the symptom of poisoning never occurs alone, but is always also associated with vomiting, fever and diarrhea.

Important: In any case, quickly consult a veterinarian if you suspect an illness as the cause of your dog's trembling.

dog trembles disease or harmless edogs magazine

If there is a pathological tremor, the quadruped must be examined by a veterinarian without fail.

How to distinguish tremors from an epileptic seizure?

If the dog is shaking, he is conscious. He is Responsive and can be distracted in frightening situations. Dogs that are shaking because of pain also respond to the owner's voice. In case of an epileptic seizure the quadruped is unresponsive. He is lying on his side. Has lost consciousness. Frothy saliva can be seen in front of the mouth, as the chewing muscles are also affected by the convulsions. The legs of the dog are stretched. Due to the increased tone of the muscles stiff. During the seizure, the quadruped unconsciously loses urine and feces because control of the sphincter muscles is no longer present. After the seizure the dog has problems to orientate itself.

What triggers epileptic seizures in the dog?

An epileptic seizure in a dog can be triggered by various visual, acoustic or touch stimuli. In the case of congenital epilepsy or a tumor in the brain, the seizures occur even without external stimulus.

Dog trembles: Procedure in case of pathological trembling

If there is a pathological tremor, the dog must be examined clinically and neurologically must be examined by a veterinarian Will be seen to clarify the cause of the tremors. Beforehand, the dog owner should observe when the trembling occurs in particular. Are there perhaps certain signs, triggers or symptoms present? It is also important to know whether the dog is trembling all over its body, or whether only individual areas are affected by the tremor.

The veterinarian examines the dog clinically and neurologically. To clarify the proper functioning of organs and the adrenal gland, blood is drawn and sent to a laboratory. May still need an ultrasound, CT scan and MRI for an accurate diagnosis. Only when all the results are available, an individual treatment tailored to the basic disease of the dog can take place.

How do I know if my dog is in pain??

The dog trembles and tries to reduce the pain by gentle postures. He pulls up his back or relieves prere on an extremity.

What to do in case of non-pathological trembling?

If the dog trembles out of fear, a Behavioral therapist help. The dog is slowly accustomed to the triggering stimulus. After some time, associates the situation with positive things such as a treat. Stress no longer builds up.

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