Dog vomits and vomits food mucus foam and co

When is vomiting in the furry nose chronic and when acute? In case of regular spitting, which occurs for two weeks, we are talking about chronic vomiting. If the pet has been spitting for a few days, acute vomiting may be present. The reasons for this are varied and can range from an intolerance to an organic disease.

on the 04.01. Vomiting can be chronic or acute. Depends on the cause. – Vomiting in dogs occurs after eating, when fur noses gorge. – In case of spitting blood, immediately consult a veterinarian, because an organic cause is possible. – Vomiting may occur due to poisoning, intolerance or stressful situation.

Symptoms of vomiting: Fatigue, thirst, weight loss, loss of appetite and pain

Due to spitting, the companion may show various symptoms. Most often the family member loses weight. This is due to the fact that it comes to the loss of fluid and often to the excretion of food.

Due to pain or nausea, there may be a reluctance to eat. As soon as the condition of the faithful companion improves, this symptom disappears.

Often the diarrhea occurs with the vomiting. Then it is important to ensure a sufficient supply of fresh water. This will prevent dehydration of your pet.

Dog vomits food: Various causes

The causes of vomiting are many. Usually it is possible to narrow down the reasons for the spitting. To do this, take a closer look at the vomit and smell it. By identifying the smell, consistency and appearance of what is spit up, it is likely to find out the reason for what is happening.

Note: Strong smelling vomit can be an indication of poisoning.

Dog vomits yellow mucus: gastric fluid and bile

Vomiting in dogs can be manifested by yellow sputum. If this is the case, it is a mixture of bile and gastric fluid. One reason for this is, for example, feeding the four-legged friend too late. Late giving of food leads to hyperacidity. In this case the stomach overacidifies. Thus damages the mucous membrane. That is why the furry nose vomits. A dog vomits bile most often in the morning.

Tip: It is best to give the companion a treat, shortly after getting up. If the pet vomits at night, it is useful to give a snack before going to bed.

Vomiting in dogs white foam: the stomach lining is irritated

Irritation of the gastric mucosa can have a variety of causes. Most often, an animal vomits mucus, stomach acid and water because it has swallowed a foreign body. Also the eating of spoiled food leads to an expectoration in white color.

If the white foam contains food residues, this may be an indication of gorging. When gulping, the companion eats the food too quickly. Tip: An anti-gulping bowl prevents the four-legged friend from eating the food too quickly and thus prevents vomiting.

Sometimes the acidity of the stomach is manifested by the spitting of white foam. Stress can also be responsible for your pet spitting up fluid.

Dog vomits brown: A disease is probable

A dog usually vomits several times in a row brownish colored, if there is an organic cause. As a rule, the brown mucus or foam is sputum with blood. This blood looks brown, red or black. While fresh blood is red in color, dried and therefore older blood is black in color.

A bloody sputum can be an indication of:

– tumors – stomach ulcers – infections – kidney diseases – inflammations

and organic malfunctions can be.

Tip: If there is blood in the vomit, an immediate visit to a veterinarian is advised. It is important to take the sputum with you. Store body fluids safely in a plastic bag or can.

Treat vomiting in dogs: Giving food, food abstinence and charcoal tablets

Vomiting in dogs, what helps at all? There is no general answer to this question. This is due to the fact that there are several reasons for the expectoration of liquids. Depending on the reason, a different reaction is required. Vomiting in dogs can be treated with home remedies. Homeopathy to mitigate. Known and popular home remedies are carrots, chicken meat and rice. Likewise, chamomile tea helps to reduce the nausea. The application of healing clay. Schuessler Salzen shows effect with some animals. Each dog reacts differently, which is why it is necessary to test what helps best.

Vomiting in dogs, what to feed them?

What food is best suited for the companion depends on the cause of vomiting. If there is an overacidification, the administration of the normal food is useful. If the four-legged friend has an inflammation of the gastric mucosa, it is advisable to give him a light diet, such as carrot soup or rice with chicken meat. Apples and fresh cheese offer another variety in the diet.

Vomiting in dogs when to go to the vet?

Basically, if there is blood in the vomit, a visit to the veterinarian is advisable. Even if the symptoms are pronounced, a visit to the vet is recommended. This also applies if it is noticed that the family member is particularly exhausted and does not drink any water.

If you suspect that your darling has ingested poison, a veterinary assessment must be made. Inducing additional vomiting in the dog is not a good idea in this case. If the furry nose has ingested poison, this can cauterize the esophagus. Spitting out the substance can severely damage mucous membrane. Only in case of substances that are not irritating, spitting is useful.

Our recommendation: this is how to behave correctly in case of vomiting in a dog

Vomiting in dogs has different causes. For this reason it is important to react correctly.

Stress and excitement Are to be avoided, so that the animal can recover. – The regular feeding is important when vomiting bile. – In case of incompatibilities a slow change of food is recommended. – Frequent vomiting is a case for the vet to rule out serious illnesses. – If the pelt-nose is active and behaves as always, the administration of Gentle diet. – If the animal has an infection, keep it away from other furry noses to avoid infection.

Dog vomits and throws up food mucus foam and co

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