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Puppy Tina, female

Mixed breed puppy Tina The puppy Tina is a sweet mixed breed bitch, she is only 3.5 months old. The little one will probably grow up to 55 cm in .

D – 93077 Bad Abbach Dantschermuhle

Chihuahua puppies for sale

Chihuahua puppy For sale are from ca. 14. May two beautiful purebred Chihuahua males without papers. The small ones are naturally .

D – 92249 Vilseck

Beautiful Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu young Beautiful, intelligent and Dear Shiba Inu from good home only to be given away to good hands for a small nominal fee. More .

D – 47798 Krefeld Baakeshof

Davo is looking for a family

Mixed breed adult Davo is a neutered mixed breed male dog. He is 65 cm tall (shoulder height) and weighs ca. 50 kg. He was born on 10.03.2020. .

D – 21073 Hamburg Eibendorf

French – Bulldogs

French Bulldog puppy Please only phone inquiries our puppies born.22.01.22 are free breathing and come from a top mating. The .

D – 02997 Wittichenau

Dear Djandra is urgently looking for a home

mixed breed adult DJANDRA female neutered geb. 14.02.2018 approx. 60 cm whereabouts: Oltenita, Romania probably guard dog share .

D – 30175 Hannover center

French Bulldog

French Bulldog adult We unfortunately have to part with our bitch for family reasons!We wish the right home .

D – 06844 Dessau center

Puppy Markus, male

Mixed breed puppy Markus Markus is a beautiful mixed breed male. He was born in November 2021. At the moment he is 42 cm tall in shoulder height, .

D – 44803 Bochum Altenbochum

Stella, where are her people?

adult STELLA lt. Pass a Pointer bitch Age: 10/2016 Size: ca. 60cm Location: Oltenita Romania Stella , a very adorable .

Djandra, soul dog is urgently looking for a home

Mixed breed adult DJANDRA female neutered born. 14.02.2018 ca. 60cm Whereabouts: Oltenita, Romania probably herding dog share .

D – 20095 Hamburg Hamb.-Old town

Skari noted

Mixed breed puppy Name: Skari Gender: female Age: February 2022 Size: full grown ca. 50 cm weight: full grown ca.20 .

Great bitch is urgently looking for a home

mixed breed adult DJANDRA female neutered born. 14.02.2018 ca. 60 cm Whereabouts: Oltenita, Romania probably herd protection dog Share .

D – 04103 Leipzig center-east

Djandra urgently needs a home

mixed breed adult DJANDRA female neutered born. 14.02.2018 ca. 60 cm Whereabouts: Oltenita, Romania probably herding dog share .

D – 60308 Frankfurt Westend-South

Viorel, small dog looking for big heart

mixed breed adult VIOREL Gender: male , neutered Age: ca 3/2015 ca. 25-30cm Whereabouts: Oltenita, Romania Viorel came with 2 .

DSH male 6 months looking for.

German shepherd young . Home. He has red SV papers. Is on 01.10.born 2021. He has red SV papers. Is on 01.10.born 2021.10.2021 born. For further .

D – 34295 Edermunde Grifte


Mixed breed puppy Name: Bina Gender: female Age: February 2022 Size: full grown ca. 50 cm weight: full grown ca.20 .

Igor is looking for a new home with competent dog people

Mixed breed young IGOR Gender: Male/ neutered Size: Ca 50cm Age: 15.09.20 born. Weight: ca 18kg On foster home in 33154 Salzkotten .

Stevie is looking for his dream home

Mixed breed young STEVIE male born. 10.10.2021 ca. medium size growing (mom has ca. 45 cm) The start in life was everything for little Stevie .

Porta is looking for a home

Mongrel young PORTA female born. 10.10.2021 ca. medium size growing (mom has ca. 45 cm) The start in life was for the little Porta all .

Mixed breed senior name: Jack gender: male age: January 2019 Size: ca. 35 cm Weight: approx. 10 kg breed: mixed breed .

D – 44653 Herne Our Fritz

Swipp is looking for a quiet home

Mixed breed adult SWIPP Location: Oltenita, Romania Male, neutered Age: geb. 2019 Size: ca 35cm Looking for foster or final home .

Sunrise is looking for a home for life

mixed breed young Sunrise born.: 29.09.2021 Size: probably growing up Whereabouts: Oltenita, Romania Born on the street, in the shelter .

Great dog is looking for a great home for life

Mixed breed adult SPARKY sex: male age:ca. 5 years Size: ca. 45cm Whereabouts: Oltenita, Romania Sparky is an .

D – 33178 Borchen

Chihuahua puppy

Old German Shepherd Puppy Hello, I am offering my puppies, all of which are in great shape because they are well cared for. There are both .

D – 96142 Hollfeld

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier puppy There are two girls and a boy they are at 27.03.2022 born and from the 12.Week they may move out to their new .

D – 25920 Risum-Lindholm

Not for nothing is the dog considered the best friend of man – once you have found your four-legged friend for life, he will not leave your side. He will become a real member of the family. Absolute partner for life. And that's not all, once he is integrated into your family as a full member, he will also become a playmate for your children. Are you also looking for a four-legged partner? Then you are at the classified ads for dogs in the pet market just right!

How to find your new dog?

Before you look for a new companion, you should first think about whether you want to buy a puppy or rather an adult dog. In our classifieds you will find dogs of all ages, but not every type of dog will be suitable for you. You should answer these questions in advance:

– How much time you can spend on your new friend? This is very important especially if you want to buy a puppy. Puppies need a lot of love and affection and you should plan a lot of time for the education of your four-legged friend. – Do you already have dog experience? If yes, then it is no problem to get a puppy. – Do you live with a family or do you have other pets?? In the QUOKA classifieds for dogs you can sort all ads with our practical filter categories. How to find the right family dog or a dog from the shelter.

In our classifieds on the subject of dogs you will find purebred furry noses such as Labrador puppies or pugs as well as mixed breed dogs with different parents to buy – so the right playmate for every dog lover is quickly found.

What you should pay attention to before and when buying your dog puppy in our classifieds?

QUOKA offers you a large selection of offers for dogs of all kinds and ages in your region. If you are interested in getting a puppy, there are a few things you should consider. Look for a suitable dog or puppy school even before buying your pet. With some dog types, for example herding dogs, a good education is particularly important. Otherwise your four-legged friend will grow over your head. Dances on your nose. You should also buy the right equipment before your dog moves in with you. Young dogs are very playful. Need employment. In our section accessories for pets you will find everything your puppy needs.

When you have found the right ad, you can contact the seller directly via QUOKA. Then all you have to do is wait for an answer and you can soon take delivery of your new darling. We are very anxious not to allow any unserious puppy offers on our platform. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you always pick up the dog you bought in one of our classifieds directly from the breeder or seller. Also have the previous one at home. If necessary show the parents. A comprehensive health check at the vet will give you confirmation you bought a four-legged dog from a reputable breed.

Dogs for sale in the pet market classifieds on QUOKA

– In the case of pedigree dogs: Pedigree of the animal – dog breed or crossbreed – temperament and characteristics such as compatibility with other animals

These aspects are especially important for our filter categories. If you create a classified ad for dogs, then you should also pay attention to high quality photos. After all, these are the figurehead of your furry noses for potential buyers!

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