Dread disease serious illness insurance

The Dread disease insurance is still a relatively new product on the German insurance market.

As long as you are well, you may not think about the serious illnesses that may one day strike you. Some think to attract so even misfortune and may not even put themselves in situations in which such an insurance could prove to be a good decision. The eventuality of becoming seriously ill is considered a kind of taboo. It is not spoken about and only in sleepless nights, when one worries, one thinks about this possibility of a stroke of fate.

Serious illness precaution

However, there is no better moment than when you are in perfect health to deal with the eventuality of an illness serious disease to deal with the risks and to take precautions accordingly. Exactly here it is right to be aware of the Dread disease insurance and to inform the offers available for it. Not only to be already armed at the moment of need, but also not to ruin one's life in today with cloudy thoughts and worries about the possibility of a sudden case of illness. Dread disease insurance will be life-changing if needed, while providing a rearing cushion of security in the here and now. One less thing to worry about in order to be able to live carefree into the day.

The dread disease insurance differs from other insurances by the one-time payment in case of illness. The insurance is a good solution for all those who can not or do not want to take out disability insurance and still want to provide for the case of emergency. Which diseases are insured is defined precisely in the contract. Normally, cancer, stroke, heart attack and multiple sclerosis are always included in the insurance coverage.

What is dread disease insurance??

Dread disease insurance is paid out in a one-time solution upon the occurrence of one of the insured diseases. Approved in Germany only since 1993, it is a fairly new product on the insurance market.

The contractually agreed sum is paid out immediately after diagnosis, regardless of whether the insured is still capable of working or not. Pension payments or capital accumulation are not included. The insurance only pays in the event of the occurrence of an illness that is contractually insured. For tax purposes, dread disease insurance is classified as life insurance. 50% of the resulting income must be taxed.

Which diseases does a dread disease insurance cover?

These diseases are always covered by Dread disease insurance included:

Frequently also included:

– Heart disease – Chronic kidney failure – HIV – Parkinson's disease – Coma

Depending on the insurer can Up to 50 different diseases can be included in the insurance cover.

Who can benefit from dread disease coverage?

Dread disease insurance is a good alternative to occupational disability insurance. The latter is actually still the best way to insure against incapacity for work. However, the conclusion of the occupational disability insurance is not possible for everyone. Strict health questions and exclusions, especially for pre-existing conditions or special risk groups, often make dread disease insurance the only accessible alternative. The individual situation plays a major role here.

By the way, dread disease insurance can be useful not only as an alternative to occupational disability insurance, but also as a supplement to basic insurance as an add-on. Thus, the payout of the dread disease insurance is faster and less complicated and can already be very helpful before an occupational disability even occurs, for example, to enable costly treatments or alternative therapies.

Who knows incidents of certain diseases in the family and therefore suspects a high inherited risk for these, is also well advised to take out a dread disease insurance policy.

The same applies to self-employed persons who can by no means afford a loss of working hours.

What benefits does a dread disease insurance offer?

One-time payout upon diagnosis

Payment is usually quick and uncomplicated with dread disease insurance, as the parameters are precisely defined in the contract.

Basic or comfort protection can be selected

While the basic cover includes the four diseases of the basic insurance (cancer, stroke, heart attack and multiple sclerosis), up to 50 diseases can be included in the comfort cover. Accordingly, the insurance premium is of course higher or lower.

Additional death cover possible

If this is selected, the surviving dependents receive the agreed insurance amount, as with term life insurance.

Dread disease insurance pays out regardless of the outcome of the illness, even if the insured person recovers and can start work again.

payment, even if there is no incapacity to work

The agreed amount is paid out upon diagnosis of one of the insured illnesses, regardless of whether or not occupational disability occurs.

Children can be insured as well

With many providers, children up to the age of 18. The insurance must be taken out before the insured person reaches the age of 65. Enjoy the same insurance coverage of the main insured person.

Many insurance companies offer combinations of dread disease insurance with other benefits, such as death insurance or occupational disability insurance. You can put together a personalized package for your own needs.

What does a dread disease insurance cost?

As with other insurance policies related to health, insurance will be cheaper at a young age. Those who do not have any pre-existing conditions and can answer "no" to all the health questions will be able to expect lower premium payments. However, even if you are over 40 and have pre-existing conditions, you should not shy away from dread disease insurance.

The health checks are less strict compared to other products and, depending on the insurer, it is not said that the premium has to be immeasurably expensive if you are not already insured at 20. Whether smokers or non-smokers are included in the calculation for this insurance, as with other health-oriented products.

The variables that make up the amount of the premium are as follows:

– Age at conclusion of the contract – pre-existing conditions – contract term – sum ins.

It should be kept in mind which interesting additional services and packages the insurance companies offer at approximately the same premium payment.

What should be considered when concluding a contract for dread disease prevention?? The small print should be read with every contract. In particular, always read insurance contracts very carefully. In particular, the following points should be given special attention in dread disease insurance:

The health check

All insurance policies that revolve around health provide for a health check, and dread disease provision is no exception here. The questions to be answered here are often less detailed and do not go as far back into the past as with occupational disability insurance or similar other products. However, here too, care must be taken to answer all questions truthfully at all times, otherwise insurance coverage will be forfeited in the event of payment.

The waiting period

Waiting period is the period that elapses between the conclusion of the insurance and the entry into force of the insurance coverage. For some insurers, this can be as long as six months. One more reason to take out dread disease insurance early enough.

The waiting period

The waiting period is the time that elapses between the diagnosis of the illness and the payment by the insurance company. Normally this is two weeks, but the period can vary depending on the provider. Especially in the case of serious illnesses, the rapid payment of the insurance can be extremely important, so this point should be considered when taking out the insurance policy.

The diseases

The illnesses included in the insurance cover are particularly important. Here, the list of insured diseases should be checked carefully for restrictions and exclusion criteria. For example, in the case of cancer: the disease is only insured at an advanced stage? In case of doubt, it is important not to leave any questions unanswered and to clarify exactly with the insurer and in the contract when the insurance company will provide the benefit.

Which insurance companies offer the best dread disease coverage??

As a fledgling product, not many insurance companies yet offer dread disease insurance as a completely stand-alone policy.

The German Financial Service Institute GmbH. (DFSI) launched a test on this in 2018 and selected the following insurance providers as winners:

Company Tariff DFSI points DFSI grade
Prisma Life Prisma Moments 81.60 Outstanding Canada Life Serious illness provision 76.10 Outstanding Nurnberger ErnstfallSchutz Premium 75.75 Outstanding Zurich Life Eagle Star Erweiterter Krankheits-Schutzbrief 70.37 Very good Bayerische Premium Protect 56.57 Good

Performance features and premium amount were included in the test result.


Statistically, Germans consider their cell phone more important than their health. The number of cell phone insurance policies in 2018 is estimated to be around 2.5 to 3 million across Germany. The dread disease policies, on the other hand, are in the same time only about 20.000.

This may certainly also be due to the fact that the Severe Illness Prevention is still quite an unknown product, because it is relatively new.

As with all insurance policies that revolve around the topic of health, the insurance contract should be taken out at a young age if possible. This way you can secure favorable premiums, and as long as there are no pre-existing conditions, no disease categories will be excluded from the insurance coverage.

In the case of dread disease insurance, special attention should be paid to the personal needs and also read the fine print of the contract carefully. It is important to note that diseases for which an increased risk is suspected, for example due to heredity, are fully included in the insurance coverage. Also free additional services like the Co-insurance of children can be an interesting bonus that convinces to choose a certain insurance provider.

The Serious Illness Provision also enables those who are excluded from the possibility of an occupational disability insurance to provide for serious strokes of fate. The insurance is also interesting in a package with other offers, since it is usually paid out quickly and without complications when the insurance benefit is claimed.

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