Drinking tap water is that healthy chip

Drinking tap water – is that healthy?Drinking tap water is healthy chip

If you want to drink still water, you always have a choice between tap water from the tap or mineral water from the supermarket. We reveal to you which water is healthier.

Tap water: How healthy is it really??

Tap water is probably the best-tested and best-monitored foodstuff in Germany. The health department carries out regular tests. The waterworks also test the quality on an ongoing basis.

– In contrast to bottled water, controls are sometimes even carried out daily, explains the Federal Environment Agency. However, mineral water is also not purified elaborately. Comes without any treatment directly from the source into the bottle. Therefore controls take place there also more rarely. The mineral content of tap water varies. Mineral water only in a few regions. There are no major differences here, as tap water also naturally contains minerals. – Note that all previous information refers only to Germany. Other countries have different standards. – If you have doubts about the quality of tap water, there are also products that you can use to purify your water.

Tap water or mineral water – which is better?

For some years now, the question of whether tap water is healthy has been raised less and less frequently, as doubts about mineral water have been growing instead. Although many consumers perceive it to be purer, sometimes the opposite is true.

– In some cases, strikingly high concentrations of uranium, arsenic and germs were measured in mineral water (oko-Test 2017). These are extremely alarming for infants, but do not noticeably harm adults. – However, small residues of drugs are sometimes found in drinking water: the residues of drugs are difficult and impossible to filter out completely from our drinking water. – They enter the groundwater in low concentrations. According to Stiftung Warentest, however, this is not a health risk.

Drinking tap water: where better not?

In German private households, drinking tap water is always safe. Health-damaging contamination of the pipes usually only occurs in very old houses and extremely rarely.

– Germs can only lurk in public facilities such as train stations, sports halls or city halls. The problem here, however, is not the water, but the large number of people who touch the tap. – If the water is in the tap for a few hours, the germ load rises sharply. If the pipes, the house particle filter and the aerators are in poor condition, the contamination rises much faster. – You should only have real concerns if the water in the tap has already been there for a few days. For example, if you return from vacation, you should let the tap run for a few seconds before taking drinking water. – But there are no really big dangers lurking here either. Even exceeding the limits is not yet considered a threat to your health. Within Germany, therefore, you do not have to worry too much about the water coming out of the tap.

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