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How much water your body needs? The truth about the 3-liter ruleWithout water we die of thirst. With too much, however, we can even poison ourselves. Plus: What is true about the 3-liter rule? -. How to even eat water.

The most important facts about drinking water

You feel listless or have a headache? This can be due to the fact that you drink too little. Because water is essential for survival and keeps us fit.

But how much water we really need? Some swear by one liter, others talk about the magic 3. One thing is clear: The optimal amount depends on many factors.

By the way, we don't only take in water through drinking, but also through food. A Cucumber For example, is almost 100 percent water.

How much water do you drink a day?

3 myths – 3 answers

💧 Is it true that you should drink 3 liters a day?

❌ No! The German Society for Nutrition recommends half, so 1.5 liters per day. And less than a liter should not be.

💧 Can one also drink too much?

✔ Yes! Drinking a lot within a short period of time can lead to Water intoxication lead. The salt balance in the body gets out of balance. A sodium deficiency (hyponatremia) develops, which can be life-threatening. Experts recommend no more than 3 liters under normal circumstances. During sports and high heat, the fluid intake can be increased.

💧 Is it unhealthy to drink water with food?

❌ No! It is often said that this dilutes the stomach acid and digestion no longer works so well. But the opposite is true: water actually supports them, Dampens the feeling of hunger and thus helps to eat less.

How you can tell that you are not drinking enough

Normally the urine has a light color. The darker it is, the more liquid you need. At Diarrhea, fever, sports, heat or alcohol consumption the body needs more water.

Who drinks too little, often has with Headache to fight. In addition, the skin becomes drier and taut.

If there is a lack of fluids the kidney suffers. It can then no longer remove the waste products so well. In addition, the blood becomes thicker. Digestion sluggish.

Man comes only 2 to 4 days without fluid from. For comparison: Without food you could survive up to 3 weeks.

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When, what and how much? 5 drinking tips

To the Thirst feeling eighth. It tells you naturally when the body needs fluids.

Always one Drink within reach have, so we do not forget it so quickly. Always good: water, pure or as a juice spritzer, unsweetened teas.

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