Dual study health management your bachelor at iu 1

Training state-certified business economist management healthcareThe healthcare sector is booming. To ensure that everything runs smoothly in the industry, health care managers ensure the perfect workflow.

Dual Bachelor Health Management

In the dual study program Health Management we teach you well-founded
Business administration know-how and important Knowledge of health care management – from medical, sociological, psychological and sociopolitical points of view.

With this knowledge, you will be able to take on administrative and advisory tasks – for example, in hospitals, health authorities or spa and fitness businesses. You will ensure, for example, that clinical-therapeutic departments and administrative departments work together smoothly.

What you can also expect? You actively participate. Ask questions at any time.

You apply what you learn directly: in practical projects, Excursions and work at your practice partner.

Your personal study guide Supports you throughout your studies.

What you should bring with you?

Your personal contact

– 0800 600 1616 7Available Monday – Friday 8am – 7pm – Write us on whatsapp – Email us – Chat with us

Dual Study Health Care Management | Your Bachelor at IU

– Study locations

Augsburg, Berlin, Bielefeld, Braunschweig, Bremen, Dortmund, Dresden, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Erfurt, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Leipzig, Mainz, Mannheim, Munich, Munster, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Ulm, Virtual Campus

Start of studies also possible in April Virtual Campus

1. April | Application deadline: 28./29. February (not at all study locations) 1. October | Application deadline: 31. August
Duration: 7 semesters

– Practice management – Health economics – Nursing management – Hospital management

– Bachelor of Arts – System Accredited. The IU is recognized by the state. System accredited by FIBAA. All study programs are individually accredited. carry the seal of the accreditation council. You will learn the basics of economics. Know the political and legal framework of the healthcare sector. – You deal with topics such as quality management and personnel and organization. You learn digital business models. Knowing billing systems.

Fundamentals of Business Administration

Health Care Management I

Accounting and annual financial statements

Basics of economics

Health Care Management II

Medicine for non-medical professionals I

Medicine for non-physicians II

Investment and financing

Health and prevention

Law in the healthcare sector

Advanced course in Hospital Management: Hospital Management I

Nursing Management specialization: Nursing Management I

Health economics specialization: Health economics I

Advanced practice management: Practice management I

Healthcare in transition


ECTS points per semester

Specialization in Hospital Management: Hospital Management II

Specialization in Nursing Management: Nursing Management II

Specialization in Health Economics: Health Economics II

Specialization Practice Management: Practice Management II

Personnel and organization

Your specialization – your thing

Hospital management, nursing management, health economics or practice management: In the 6. In the second semester, you choose one of four specialization options – and can thus prepare yourself even more specifically for your dream job.

In this specialization, you will learn to classify practice management from the perspective of marketing and quality management in the overall context of the health care market.

In addition, you will get an overview of the different quality management and marketing instruments and methods of practice management.

After completing your studies, you will have examined, designed and optimized the structures and processes in a healthcare company from an organizational and economic point of view, and you will know what challenges and trends practices are facing.

The specialization in health economics deals with customers, providers and lobbyists in the health care industry.

Which interests, which constraints guide these groups of people?? What influences your guiding principles? How can motives and actions be economically evaluated and controlled??

What are the resulting tasks for planners, coordinators and consultants?? In addition to these questions, you will also deal with the so-called "second health care market. This includes all privately financed products. Services related to health.

In the nursing management specialization, you will learn about various outpatient and inpatient nursing scenarios and discuss current social and economic challenges in the sector. You will deal with strategies and example projects from the various functional areas and disciplines of clinical medicine and inpatient care. In addition, you will deepen your knowledge of the outpatient care sector, for example in nursing and care for the elderly.

In this specialization, you will learn about the characteristics and peculiarities of the German hospital market and compare this with international conditions.

You deal with the different types of hospitals and discuss current social and economic challenges. At the end of the specialization, you will be able to understand and shape financial decisions, strategies and processes in hospitals.

tuition fees? You can save yourself!

Your practice partner pays your tuition fees. Depending on the company, you will even receive additional remuneration.

Private, state-recognized university

Highest quality in teaching

Admission requirements at the IU

You can be admitted to the dual degree program at IU if you have an IU advising interview with your academic advisor and meet one of the following requirements:

With a high school diploma

As an applicant:in with a general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or a subject-related higher education entrance qualification (Fachgebundenes Abitur), you are directly for the dual bachelor program at IU accredited become. There is no numerus clausus for any of our courses of study. Instead, you will have an IU counseling interview with your academic advisor, which will focus on your strengths and interests.

Graduates of Waldorf schools and the Berufskolleg Baden-Wurttemberg may have to have their certificate recognized by their school and prove additional achievements in order to be able to study in another federal state. For recognition please contact your school.

A specialized baccalaureate (Fachhochschulreife) as well entitled to start your studies.

Without high school diploma

With a completed course of education as a state-certified:n Techniker:in or state-certified:n Betriebswirt:in, the Start of studies possible.

If you have successfully completed a master:inside examination, can You into the dual start studies.

You first start a "trial study" at the IU. This means that you start your studies normally and have to complete at least 15 ECTS in the first two semesters. Once you have successfully completed the ECTS, you will continue your studies in the third semester.

*You must have full-time work experience. Full-time is defined as working more than 32 hours per week. If you work part-time, you will be charged on a pro-rata basis according to the amount of work you do. Please note: Your professional qualifications must be related to your intended course of study.

Next step: Your application, very simple in 4 steps

Apply online

Apply via our form in just a few steps: Simply fill out the form and send it to us study program and personal data specify.

Optionally you can already apply here Documents like uploading your resume or your last report card. After your application you will receive by mail the access data to our application portal.

We get to know each other

At application portal you will go through all further steps to your dual study program, like the IU counseling interview. Optionally, you can inform yourself at the IU information event on topics such as our university, study programs, admission requirements, time models, financing options or the search for practice partners. Which practice partners are there?. How do I find the right company for me??

We will not leave you alone with your search for a position, but will support you in your application to one of our partners Practice partner from our network or at the company of your choice. You will regularly exchange information with your colleagues Study counseling from.

Start your studies

As soon as the contracts are signed and we have all the documents for your enrollment, your future at our university begins: profit from learning in small groups, Lecturers from the Practice, of a high Quality the apprenticeship – and start with us your personal success story!

Start your studies at the IU

Dual study program in health management: Your career prospects

In the healthcare industry, employees with an academic degree who can keep an eye on both the quality and the profitability of facilities are in high demand. The dual study program qualifies you, among other things, for specialist and management positions in hospitals, nursing homes, health authorities, spa and fitness facilities, and health insurance companies.

Possible positions are for example.

quality representatives in hospitals and homes

As a quality representative, you will ensure that legally prescribed quality standards are adhered to in social institutions. You will ensure that all verification and documentation requirements are met and that the professional care of residents or patients is guaranteed. In cooperation with the controlling department, you will also keep an eye on the economic situation of the facility.

Speaker:in at associations, authorities or insurances

As a health management officer, you are primarily responsible for occupational health management. You will help companies to implement preventive measures, but also to reintegrate employees who have fallen ill. You assess the risk, develop prevention concepts, give workshops, organize relaxation or sports courses and give internal lectures. You advise the management. Work together with HR.

Management tasks in the fitness and spa sector

With your specialist knowledge, management tasks in a fitness center, a spa or health facility or a wellness hotel are also conceivable. You will be responsible for administrative tasks, the organization of marketing campaigns and the management of employees. You keep an eye on the latest developments in healthcare, optimize processes and develop new concepts for health promotion.

A selection of our practice partners

Study dual – it's worth it!

In our video you will learn how the dual study at the IU works and why it gives you a clear advantage. Because at the IU you have:

Small learning groups& individual support

Modern degree programs with great career opportunities

Varied teaching formats with a lot of practical relevance

A personal atmosphere at all study locations

Lecturers who come directly from practice

And at the end of your studies, you will have a state-recognized bachelor's degree and plenty of work experience.

Frequently asked questions about the Bachelor of Health Management

We have compiled the most important questions and answers for you here. If you still have questions, our student advisory service will be happy to help you.

Your dual study program in health management qualifies you for a wide variety of jobs, and of course your future salary will depend to a large extent on the position and industry in which you later work. According to StudyCheck, the starting salary is around. 28.800 Euro gross per year. According to the StepStone job portal, however, as a consultant in health management you can also choose between 43 and 61 positions.000 and 61.000 euros gross per year.

Potential practice partners for your dual studies are not only hospitals, other medical care centers and rehabilitation clinics, but also pharmaceutical companies, medical and specialist practices, physiotherapy practices or tour operators for health tourism.

The dual study program in health care management is primarily a business study program. Nevertheless, you also have modules such as "Medicine for non-medical", "Quality management in health care", "Health and prevention and you also learn legal basics and marketing. You can find a detailed overview of the contents under Contents.

Since you may later need. If you are taking up a consulting position or working directly with patients, it is of course helpful if you can approach people openly and are not afraid to speak in front of a group. Assertiveness is also an advantage, for example when you have to defend health measures in front of the management or when you check other departments in quality management. A strategic way of thinking and a good understanding of mathematics round off the overall package. Internships or training in the health sector are in any case a very good prerequisite for the studies.

Attendance is compulsory for lectures and seminars. This is recorded via appropriate attendance lists.

As a student at the IU Duales Studium in Germany, you are generally entitled to BAfoG support. You can find out whether you meet the relevant requirements on the official BAfoG website.

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