Dvd as far as i can ig care

Another film that aims to help family caregivers feel like a politically relevant group and receive the appreciation they deserve for the care they provide. Order now!

Dvd as far as I can ig care

The DVD can be ordered now!

DVD "As far as I can" a 12 Euro plus. Shipping costs

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Please sign and return the completed order form to the office of the Interessengemeinschaft pflegender Angehoriger:

Interest group of caring relatives p.A. Austrian Red Cross Wiedner Hauptstrabe 32 1040 Vienna or order simply by mail or fax to: [email protected] FAX: 01 58 900 129

The DVD also includes a deaf version!

The trailer of the film

To the film

"Demanding the impossible so that something becomes possible," says one of the interviewees in Herbert Link's new film "As far as I can – caring relatives and their journey". In this film, the filmmaker accompanies those affected on their further journey, the trail of which he has already made visible in the previous film "More than I can – a film about everyday caregiving in secret. The similarity of the titles of the two films points to the continuation of the topic: The interviewees convey further-reaching insights that they have gained from everyday care and open a larger window of vision by also talking about the aftermath. The inner chaos caused by illness, care and ultimately the loss of a close person can lead to new insights" (Barbel Danneberg).

Another film that wants to make public the care problems and the associated borderline experiences such as helplessness, grief and anger, but also the cross-generational redefinition of human values.

Another film, which should contribute to the fact that care-giving relatives feel as a politically relevant group and experience the deserved appreciation for their care performance.

A film by Herbert Link. With the collaboration of Barbel Danneberg, Manfred Dvorak, Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel and Monika Wild. In cooperation with the interest group of caring relatives. With the support of oKSA , BMBF and BMASK.


The film "SO FAR I CAN. Pflegende relatives and their way" understands itself as a continuation of the documentary film "MORE THAN I CAN". A film about everyday care in secret" from 2011. In this first film, caring relatives talk about the many challenges of caring. They talk about the difficulties of dealing with this new situation and name the limits of what is personally bearable.

In the follow-up project "SO FAR I CAN". Caregiving relatives and their way" the filmmaker Herbert Link focuses on the positive aspects of caregiving. The film focuses on the experiences of caregiving relatives, who themselves have their say through interviews. For most of the interviewees – some of whom also had their say in the first film – everyday nursing care is now a thing of the past; their relatives have passed away. In interviews, they provide insights into the tasks of nursing and how they have mastered them. Looking back, they talk about the time they spent in everyday care and describe who and what helped them during this time and what insights they gained during their time in care.

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