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The Federal Ministry of Health has, however, cancelled the start date planned for January 2022 at short notice. A new date has not yet been set. One thing is certain, however: in the future, e-prescriptions will allow doctors' orders to be transmitted at the touch of a button in compliance with data protection regulations. From doctor to patient. From there, use your smartphone to get to the pharmacy. This means that even with e-prescription, no one will have to do without the advisory skills of their local Guten Tag pharmacy in the future. But those who want to can still get their prescription on paper.

Digital is normal

Some people may be unfamiliar with the digital option. But hand on heart: most people have to ponder for a long time when they last made a money transfer by hand using a transfer slip. According to a representative survey commissioned by the Association of German Banks, more than half of Germans carry out their banking transactions online. And eight out of ten patients surveyed also see a need to catch up when it comes to digitalization in the healthcare system – the electronic prescription, or e-prescription for short, is an important step in the right direction in this sense.

What is the e-prescription?

With the introduction of the e-prescription, doctors' prescriptions are transmitted electronically instead of on paper. Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland, for example, already have relevant experience with this. The e-prescription has been the standard in 17 European countries. With the planned introduction, it will also be possible in this country to fill prescriptions for medicines digitally.

Since 1. A test phase is already running in the Berlin-Brandenburg region from July 2021. In the meantime, the trial has started nationwide and has been extended. All stakeholders are called upon to participate intensively. Practices, pharmacies, health insurers and software providers still need to gain more experience with e-prescription in order to be able to change over the system reliably. Another problem is that not all players have the necessary technology at their disposal. Many patients also lack, for example, a usable smartphone or the latest generation of health card. A new date for the rollout has not yet been set.


What are the advantages of the e-prescription??

From a purely technical point of view, electronic transmission should prevent errors in the future: Because in practice, overlaps between printing, presentation, stamp and signature have so far led to problems. Sometimes the print quality is not optimal or the handwriting is illegible. Patients benefit from increased safety because, for example, drug interactions can be noticed and corrected more quickly. Because the communication between pharmacists. Physician simplified by digital prescriptions. For example, the video consultation can be used to avoid having to go to the doctor's office for (follow-up) prescriptions.

Why is your local pharmacy the right partner for e-prescribing??

On site at the pharmacy of trust, consultation takes place vis-à-vis from person to person: Because the team of health experts ensures advice at an excellent professional level. Patients benefit not only from the competence of the local pharmacy, but also from the high availability of the preparations: a modern inventory management system enables appropriate stockpiling, so that medicines can often be taken away directly. And even if a currently needed preparation should not be available, the pharmacy team on site can procure them quickly and, if necessary, also deliver them to the customer's home.

Regional expertise, personal, comprehensive advice and sustainability thanks to short distances – this is also the big plus of local pharmacies when it comes to e-prescriptions. Even if you need pharmaceutical help late at night, you can always find a local and competent contact person on site: seven days a week, local pharmacists take turns at the emergency services to ensure good care at all times.

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Are you well? For all health questions concerning your personal well-being, you will find competent contact persons at your Guten Tag pharmacy – they also know exactly about the different prescription validities and will be happy to advise you. If necessary, the pharmacy finder will guide you to the right address in your vicinity.

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