Ear diseases causes symptoms diagnosis therapy

Ear diseases are all diseases that affect one of the most important human sensory organs, the ear. This consists of the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear.

Ear diseases can affect either one or both ears. Depending on the causes also vary the symptoms as well as the possible treatment. What types of ear diseases are there. What are the causes?

Most diseases of the Ear are caused by inflammations, but also accidents can affect the ears.

Some symptoms, however, are also age-related and can be explained by natural wear and tear.This includes, for example, hearing loss, which affects significantly more older people. This can eventually lead to complete deafness.

Also a widespread disease is the Tinnitus – the earlier it is detected, the better the chances of cure. Middle ear infection is a disease caused by bacteria or viruses.

What many people don't know: diseases of the jaw or teeth can also cause ear pain. Even canker sores or shingles can lead to earaches.

symptoms& Signs

ear diseases causes symptoms diagnosis therapy

What are the symptoms of ear diseases?

Many ear diseases are accompanied by severe ear pain. In the case of otitis media, for example, which mainly affects small children, fever and reduced hearing are often also present.

Hearing loss is a very sudden disease – it is manifested by the fact that the affected patient can no longer hear in one or both ears. Ear noises like tinnitus are also not uncommon with a hearing loss.

In about half of the patients, however, hearing returns on its own within 24 hours. The trigger is usually a circulatory disorder in the inner ear.

Diagnosis& Recognition

How to diagnose ear diseases?

In the case of a change in hearing behavior, but also in the case of pain in the ear, an ENT physician should be consulted. As a rule, the doctor will first carry out a hearing test. If hearing loss is detected, in most cases a hearing aid is prescribed, which is specially tailored to the patient and enables him to participate in his environment again.

ear diseases causes symptoms diagnosis therapy

In many cases, the treating physician will also perform an otoscopy, in which the ear canal and eardrum are examined with a special device called an otoscope.

Treatment& Therapy

How is ear disease treated?

Antibiotics help with many diseases of the ears. If the pathogen is then killed, the pain also subsides. Antibiotic ear drops or antibiotics in tablet form can only be prescribed by a doctor.

In addition, there are also some home remedies, homeopathic remedies and over-the-counter remedies that can provide relief from a variety of ear problems. For example, pain can be relieved by heat z.B. with a red light lamp, can be alleviated. "Otovowen", a homeopathic medicine, helps very well with mild middle ear infections.

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