Earache causes diseases in the nasal cavity and larynx apotheken umschau

Diseases in the throat that lead to ear pain


Responsible for an acute inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa (pharyngitis) are often flu viruses and parainfluenza viruses, which can cause respiratory infections such as pseudocroup, especially in children. Infections with bacteria, especially streptococcus, can be added to the mix.

Symptoms: sudden fever, scratching and pain in the throat, earache and headache, cold, possibly cough, swollen jaw lymph nodes.

Diagnosis and therapy: Clear indications are given by the mirror examination of the mouth and pharynx. The mucous membrane is reddened. Often covered with coatings. The doctor may also take a swab for a rapid streptococcus test.

Pain-relieving measures with medications, cold throat compresses and warm herbal teas for gargling or drinking, for example with chamomile and sage, are the main focus of treatment. If streptococci have been detected, the physician will decide whether antibiotics are indicated.

Tonsillitis (pharyngitis, also angina retronasalis, palatine tonsillitis, technical term angina tonsillaris)

Bacteria, especially from the group of streptococci, are the classic pathogens of acute inflammation of the palatine tonsils. However, treatment with antibiotics is now only recommended under certain conditions, such as when the above-mentioned or other, less frequently responsible bacteria are detected against a background of corresponding findings and signs of illness. The goal is always, and here especially, to contain the disease as quickly as possible and to prevent it from spreading further in the mouth and throat and leading to rare later complications. Often, however, viral infections are present, for which antibiotics are not indicated.

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