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Earl Grey and its effect – more than just an aromatic tea!

Hardly any tea lover can resist the fragrant noble tea called Earl Grey tea! It is not only extraordinarily aromatic, but also has a promising health effect. The noble Earl Grey tea comes from the English noble house. Finds great approval among tea fans all over the world. In this article, we'll take a closer look at this popular tea: Where does Earl Grey tea get its start, what are the tea varieties, is Earl Grey tea healthy and what makes it so special? Last but not least, we will tell you about the Earl Grey effect, how to buy the tea and how to prepare it.

The legend of Earl Grey tea

According to a legend, the delicious Earl Grey was discovered in 1830 during a storm at sea. However, it is unclear whether the current prime minister and politician Charles Grey was on the ship at the time or not. The storm that was raging at the time caused the merchant ship that was bringing the Chinese tea to Great Britain to sway mightily. In the process, some boxes came into contact with others, so that black tea accidentally mixed with bergamot oil.

This initially caused a moment of shock. But this did not deter Earl Grey from trying the once unusual mixture – tea leaves soaked in bergamot oil. To his own astonishment and that of his family, the combination tasted amazingly good, so that it was eventually introduced to the tea market. Nowadays, Earl Grey is an indispensable tea for the English people. However, it is unclear whether the story actually happened this way. But still a nice story, or? 😉

A more realistic possibility would be that bergamot oil was intentionally added to Chinese black tea to keep it from tar, fish and mold during the long sea voyage.

Small tea 1 x 1 – which tea type helps against which ailment?

There are endless varieties of tea! It's easy to lose track of which tea is actually good for what. In this. Green tea is touted by researchers as the health tea par excellence. In fact, a number of reasons speak for this.

Earl Grey tea – What are the varieties??

The basis of Earl Grey tea is usually black tea from Darjeeling, Ceylon or China. The base can also be rooibos tea, white tea or green tea. Depending on which taste you prefer, you can find Earl Grey tea in many different variations today. But what distinguishes the English noble tea from other teas? The unique aroma of bergamot oil! This particular oil transforms tea into a fruity, fresh and citrusy taste sensation.

Do you already know the healthy coffee alternative green tea Sencha? Here you can learn everything about the Sencha green tea effect.

Earl Grey without bergamot oil? Unimaginable today!

Earl Grey and bergamot have always been a real dream team. Probably the citrus fruit is a cross between lemon and bitter orange. It is quite possible that Christopher Columbus himself was the one who brought the fruit to the West. In modern times, bergamot is most at home in Sicily and Calabria. In the south of Italy we find the highest quality. So that even the most expensive bergamots.

However, it is not recommended to consume the citrus fruit raw. Better: enhance other ingredients with the bergamot. Because of its extraordinary fragrance. Thanks to its aromatic flavor, the fruit can be used in many ways. Earl Grey is not only used in teas, jams, candies and jams, but also in schnapps, liqueurs and juices. Bergamot is also very popular in perfumes and as oil.

Unsurpassed: Earl Grey tea effect

Earl Grey – pick-me-up for body and mind! Whether you enjoy it as a black or green tea, the stimulating effect of Earl Grey tea is impressive. The caffeine it contains stimulates not only the circulation and metabolism, but also the head and heart. The effect of the caffeine in the tea only sets in after an hour and lasts up to four hours before it is metabolized by the body. As far as the caffeine content is concerned, differences can be found depending on the tea plant and the processing method.

But the delicious Earl Grey is not only popular because of its invigorating effect, but also because of its mood-lifting effect. It provides the extra portion of good mood and supplies you with a lot of minerals, flavonoids, polyphenols and vitamins. So Earl Grey tea is always healthy.

What you should consider when buying

Before you reach for an Earl Grey, you should convince yourself of the quality of the tea. Unfortunately, teas labeled "Earl Grey" are often laced with artificial flavors that can't begin to match the subtle aroma of bergamot. Whether the tea has been enriched with additional aromatic substances can be recognized by an intense, almost penetrating lemon taste.

You can recognize a really good Earl Grey by its characteristic scent and fine taste, which is especially appreciated by organic green teas. These come from certified cultivation regions and are therefore free of genetic engineering, pesticides and herbicides. In addition, a high quality Earl Grey is neither too sour nor too bitter.

How to prepare Earl Grey?

1. Use one lightly heaped teaspoon per cup. 2. Now put the tea leaves into a paper tea filter. Alternatively you can use a stainless steel sieve. 3. In the next step, pour boiling hot water over the tea. For green and white Earl Grey tea you should let the water cool down for about 3-4 minutes. 4. Let the tea brew for 2-3 minutes.

For the perfect tea moment, there are some tips that we would like to recommend to you:

– Drink the tea pure to enjoy the typical Earl Grey taste. – If you still want to blend it, use the ingredients sparingly so that the unique bergamot flavor is not adulterated. Here are suitable, for example, a slice of lemon or a little sweetness by agave syrup or maple syrup. – British people like to drink the tea with milk, because it binds the bitter substances in the tea. However, we would advise you against this, because the taste of the bergamot would not come out as well. – Real Earl Grey fans therefore completely renounce milk, lemon and sugar. 😉

Conclusion: Earl Grey effect – more than just an aromatic tea!

The most sold tea in Europe is clearly Earl Grey! The noble tea with its aromatic bergamot note invites you to a cozy tea time. But it convinces not only by its fine taste. The Earl Grey effect also speaks in favor of the noble tea: Especially its invigorating. Vitalizing properties are appreciated by tea drinkers. Thus, Earl Grey tea contains, among other things, valuable minerals, flavonoids, polyphenols and vitamins.

You want to buy Earl Grey tea? Then you have the agony of choice between white, or green Earl Grey or classic Earl Grey black tea. Even rooibos tea can be the base of an Earl Grey tea. To get the full enjoyment of tea, you should always buy Earl Grey in organic quality. Also, pay close attention to the ingredient list and the taste. After all, artificial flavorings don't come close to an Earl Grey tea with real bergamot oil.

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