Easy language tips to protect yourself from flu and corona unfallkasse freie hansestadt bremen

Some diseases spread quickly to many countries. It's called: Pandemic. This includes flu and the new disease Corona.

Read tips here to help you avoid catching the disease at work.

Keep your distance.

It is best to stay one to 2 meters away from other people at all times. For example, in queues or on the bus. Avoid groups of people.

Do not shake hands.

Explain in a friendly way that you think this is safer. Do not hug people.

Wash your hands often.

Always wash your hands when you come into a house from outside. Wash your hands before cooking or eating. Wash your hands when you have been to the toilet.

Do not touch your face

Do not scratch your nose.

Do not rub your eyes.

Do not touch your mouth.

Watch out for coughs and sneezes.

Stay away from people who cough or sneeze. Do not cough or sneeze into your hand. Cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm. Turn away from other people while doing so. Use a handkerchief. Throw it in the trash afterwards.

Ventilate work rooms well.

It is best to ventilate 4 times a day for 10 minutes each time.

Companies need a plan if there is flu or corona on site.

What happens in the company when a lot of employees are sick? Can employees work from home? Can you cancel meetings? Maybe you can make the meeting on the phone or with video. The company doctor can also always help with questions about health.

Call your doctor before a visit.

Have a fever, cold and cough? Call your family doctor. Don't just go to the doctor. Otherwise you can infect other people. For example, in the waiting room.

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