Eating and drinking healthily can be quite simple

Eating and drinking healthily can be quite simpleFast food and convenience foods are without question a very convenient way to eat – but unfortunately they are also often unhealthy. It is basically quite simple to eat healthily. How to avoid the worst dietary sins, we show you here.

Eating and drinking healthily can be quite simple

In our fast-paced times, there is far too often no time for good, healthy food. We reach for fast food, often not even taking the time to sit down and enjoy it. Eating must fit seamlessly into the daily routine. Many people skip the all-important breakfast in order to buy a sandwich or a piece of cake on their way to the office. If gobbled down hastily, it often only serves the purpose of filling you up quickly.

Later, the canteen monotony awaits us, bland or completely over-seasoned it does not really meet the individual taste of the individual. And in the evening, after a hard day at work, many of us no longer feel like preparing a balanced meal from fresh ingredients. Not to mention seasonal vegetables, regional grain products and meat from species-appropriate animal husbandry.

In principle, it is quite simple to eat healthily. If you follow a few simple rules and set yourself the goal of gradually integrating them into your daily routine, you have already done a great deal. A healthy diet is extremely beneficial to health, significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes mellitus, and makes a major contribution to staying fit and agile well into old age.

Often: less is more

This is especially true for fats in a healthy diet. Already with the purchase you pay attention to the fact that in the food of your choice unsaturated instead of saturated fatty acids are contained. Vegetable fats are preferable to animal fats.

Often, fats are not visible to the consumer at first, so it is always worth reading the product description. Hidden fats can be found, for example, in many convenience foods and sausages. Use linseed oil, rapeseed oil, walnut oil, olive oil or soybean oil for cooking, for example.

The situation is very similar with sugar. Everyone knows that it is present in sweets. But it can also be found in pastries, cakes and even in breakfast cereals. Again, look at the packaging and make sure you know how much "invisible" fat you are eating Eating sugar. Too much sugar promotes obesity. The associated secondary diseases and tooth decay. Of course, this also applies to sweet sodas, iced tea and other sugar-enriched drinks. Eat fruit instead. Bananas, for example, are sweet, satisfy the craving for sweets and have many valuable ingredients that are beneficial to health.

Anyone who often eats convenience foods or fast food is likely to consume significantly more salt than is good for the body. The recommended daily maximum of 6g is regularly exceeded in an unbalanced way of eating. The consequence of excessive salt consumption is, for example, high blood prere. A resulting damage to the kidneys. When you prepare your own food, you decide how much salt to put in it. Also pay attention to the salt content when buying mineral water, you can save a lot here.

5X daily fruit and vegetables

That is actually quite simple. Even in kindergarten and school, the youngest children learn that five small portions of fresh vegetables or tasty fruit cover the daily requirement of important vitamins and fiber. It can be colorful. Crunchy peppers, juicy tomatoes, snake cucumber, plus a sweet apple. It is advisable to use seasonal fruits and vegetables, because if a mango or an avocado has already traveled thousands of kilometers, neither the environmental nor the vitamin balance is too positive. Here applies: You may eat what you like best.

Dairy products – healthy not only for children

Milk and dairy products, in moderation, are also considered positive for us adults in terms of a healthy diet. In addition to readily available protein and vitamins A and D, yogurt and quark contain valuable calcium, which is essential for healthy bone formation and maintenance. Far too often we resort to bread. Buns from white flour back. No matter how richly you fill a breakfast sandwich like this, hunger quickly returns. Baked goods made from whole grains make you feel fuller longer because the body has to work harder to get all the healthy fiber, trace elements, and vitamins. On the one hand, we need less of it; on the other, the ingredients of whole grain products are many times healthier than those of white flour products. Slowed digestion also counteracts the rapid drop in our blood sugar levels, which effectively prevents cravings.

Fit and healthy through exercise

Those who eat a healthy and balanced diet are less likely to have weight problems. Sport in whatever form supports you in keeping your body healthy. A healthy diet often means feeling fit and able to cope with stress, so an exercise program is just what is needed. Let your family doctor or your alternative practitioner explain to you which type of sport will benefit you and start today! People who live healthy lives, get enough exercise and drink plenty of fluids live longer.

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