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You struggle with blemished skin, cellulite or digestive problems? Then it is called wait and drink tea! Because there is a herb for every problem. Natural, healthy teas are a true miracle weapon of nature and alleviate a wide variety of health complaints.

But which tea helps to lose weight? What tea for colds. Which tea to choose for nausea? Discover the different tea effects. Find the right health tea.

#1 Which tea helps to lose weight?

Green tea is a real metabolism booster! The fat-burning tea effect of Sencha& Co has already been proven in scientific studies. The special combination of caffeine and catechins is particularly effective and affects fat digestion and absorption in the stomach and intestines. At the same time, it has been repeatedly proven that these ingredients stimulate metabolism, increase basal metabolic rate resp. Increase energy metabolism. Inhibits certain enzymes. This led to weight loss. In addition, green tea reduces the appetite for sweet foods due to its high bitter substance content and contains valuable minerals (calcium, iron, fluorine, potassium, manganese and magnesium), vitamin C and secondary plant substances.

#2 Which tea helps with indigestion and flatulence?

If the digestion is weak, peppermint tea provides quick help. The essential oil contained in the leaves, which consists mainly of menthol, has a calming, antispasmodic and flatulence effect, which is why peppermint tea should be drunk especially for nervous complaints in the gastrointestinal tract. Fennel tea also has a deflating effect. Digestive.

#3 Which tea detoxifies?

Dandelion root has a blood and kidney cleansing effect on the body while improving liver and bile function. Due to the detoxifying and expelling tea effect, dandelion tea is particularly suitable for fasting cures. Drink one to two cups daily and you achieve activation of metabolism and the body's detoxification organs, which allows environmental toxins to be eliminated more quickly.

#4 What tea relieves water retention?

Nettle tea is an excellent health tea. If you are prone to edema or water retention in the face, abdomen, legs or feet, the nettle helps. The healthy tea has diuretic, draining and anti-inflammatory effects. The nettle is also very rich in iron. Provides up to four times as much iron as a beef steak.

#5 Which tea drink with sleep disturbances?

Chamomile tea and valerian have a calming effect and help with nervousness and insomnia. Essential oils of valerian help with inner restlessness, nervous palpitations, headaches, insomnia and all nervous tension states. Chamomile is also very calming and helps with anxiety, restlessness, problems falling asleep and nervousness. For the infusion of the health tea usually flowers, herb and seeds of chamomile are used.

#6 What tea helps with depression?

St. John's wort has a mood-lifting effect and is used as a preparation for depression and burnout. As a tea it provides relief from depressed mood, nervousness and insomnia. 7 What tea relieves PMS. Menstrual cramps?Women's mantle tea helps with abdominal pain, heavy periods and inflammation of the ovaries. It has hormone-regulating, antispasmodic and haemostatic properties, which can reduce cramps and increase energy levels. positively influence a too heavy menstruation.

#8 Which tea provides for pure skin& Anti-aging?

The cistus has not only antiviral, but also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant effects and has properties that strengthen the immune system. Its content of polyphenols surpasses even green tea. Thus, cistus tea is the absolute number one in the fight against pimples.

However, green tea is also still a great anti-aging aid, contains many antioxidants that help the body fight free radicals. Optimal to avoid pimples, acne or premature aging of the skin.

Nettle tea clears the skin, has a purifying effect and frees the body from harmful substances. If you drink it regularly, it can cause the increase of pimples in the beginning. This is a cleanser of the body that eliminates excess sebum and fat. In the course of use, the pimples quickly become less and the skin becomes much clearer.

#9 Which tea stops the ravenous appetite?

Cravings? Here helps chai or vanilla tea! The sweet scent has an appetite-suppressing effect that helps with weight loss. Chai tea usually contains cinnamon, which has a positive effect on cravings and stabilizes blood sugar levels – can also be refined with almond milk and stevia.

#10 Which tea liReduces heartburn? Chamomile tea soothes the stomach. Regulates the production of gastric acid. Chamomile has an antibacterial effect. Anti-inflammatory. Inflammations caused by stomach acid can heal more quickly.

In addition also mallow tea is often drunk because of the containing mucilages with heartburn and irritated oesophagus. In addition, the activity of the intestines can be stimulated. Soothe an irritated stomach lining. Calendula flower tea can also provide quick relief from heartburn due to its acid-inhibiting effect. Fennel tea has an additional antispasmodic effect and helps against flatulence.

#11 What tea helps against colds and infections?

Ginger is rich in essential oils and pungent compounds called gingerols and shogaols. Because of its ingredients, ginger is often used as a preventive measure. Used to treat colds and to boost the immune system. The pungent substances contained in ginger stimulate blood circulation. Heats up the body from the inside. Makes it harder for pathogens to take hold in the mucous membranes. In addition, when you have a cold, the body also benefits from the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of ginger.

You want to get fit all around? In addition to healthy teas, you can additionally strengthen your body with our delicious superfoods. They are full of valuable ingredients and provide you with an extra portion of minerals and vitamins.

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