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Cell phone neck – when the smartphone harms your health

Cell phone neck – when the smartphone harms health

In an increasingly fast-paced digital world, where cell phones have long been part of everyday life and people are always reachable, cell phone users are increasingly experiencing health problems. Daily several hours are spent in front of the display. Whether watching the latest videos or films on YouTube, sending messages or checking train connections – it has long been impossible to imagine our everyday lives without the smartphone. Even if this advanced life companion is extremely practical and helpful, too intensive and improper use can bring some accompanying symptoms. Above all, the unnatural and sometimes cramped head position when talking on the phone or reading the news is responsible for the fact that after some time it comes to muscular tension and the neck hurts.

If the cell phone neck leads to said pain caused by incorrect posture while surfing, chatting or playing games, it is called cell phone neck. The head of an adult human weighs ca. four to six kilograms and so an upright neck can carry the load mostly without problems. If, on the other hand, the head is tilted too far forward or to the side over a long period of time, the strain on the back muscles and spine increases. The consequence: Pain as described above occurs. The muscles harden noticeably.

The functions of the cervical spine

Thanks to the cervical spine it is possible to turn the head in about 90 degrees both to the right and to the left. Thus, the neck including the head acquires a wide range of motion. This is made possible by small joints on the vertebrae. The end of movement is controlled by the joint capsules. Secured to the ligaments located between the cervical vertebrae.

In an awkward handyposition with lowered or tilted head, the small joints between the vertebrae are in a final position. This in turn means that the joint capsules, muscles and ligaments are tense. The forces that are exerted on the neck at this moment are enormous. Typically, in a normally erect posture, these are approx. five kilograms. If the head is in a tilted position, up to 27 kilograms can act on the cervical spine. Inadequately developed cervical spine muscles can mean that the load cannot be withstood for long and the muscles fatigue and cramp up.

Symptoms and progression of muscle tension in a cell phone neck

If the neck is permanently overstretched and the bad posture remains constant, this can also lead to further complications. The position of the body does not matter and therefore it does not matter if you are sitting, standing or lying down. Furthermore, there is a permanent stretching of the ligaments, whereby the musculature is permanently strained. Once the stiff neck is there, it can also lead to pain in the shoulders, which radiates toward the arms and upper back. Not infrequently, the complaints are also accompanied by headaches. The contracted muscle fibers cause localized knot-like hardening to form . Further movements sometimes cause continuous pulling and stabbing pains.

Long-term consequences are also possible if there is a permanent incorrect strain due to an unfavorable hand position. If there is no constant stretching and relief of the neck, this could have a negative effect on the cervical spine and cause it lasting damage. The same applies to the extremely sensitive intervertebral discs, which can be affected by the bent posture.

Therapy options& Tips for cell phone neck

The best way to protect yourself from neck and back pain caused by improper positioning of the cell phone is not to adopt the wrong posture in the first place. Regular breaks from the smartphone are generally recommended in this case. If the neck pain does not disappear, a chiropractor should first be consulted. This has expertises which are necessary for a sustainable treatment. If the treatment was successful, some preventive measures can be taken to protect yourself from further troublesome neck problems:

prevention through sport and a healthy diet: An athletic and healthy body is more robust and resilient than an untrained one. Sufficient exercise and healthy food keeps you fit and your muscles on their toes. If the musculature is sufficiently developed, the shoulder-neck area can better cope with such force effects. Sports such as swimming, running or yoga are predestined to strengthen the whole body and build up muscles. Targeted gymnastic exercises for neck. Backs also alleviate the cell phone neck symptoms.
Lowering the eyes instead of the head: Instead of lowering the head towards the screen, it is advisable to place the display at eye level
eye level to hold. Although the neck and back are relieved, the shoulder and arm muscles are affected in the long run. During the so-called Compression posture the eyes are lowered without tilting the head too much. The smartphone is held a little higher. In addition, stretching the neck serves for relaxation. The bad posture can be counteracted. During the exercise, the head is first tilted backwards, the chin is moved upwards and the back of the head is carefully stretched as far as possible towards the neck. The position should be held for a few seconds. Massage with a fascia roller: Fascia rollers are considered to be a practical and effective measure, To relieve any tension independently. The so-called fasciae are fine and tough connective tie skins that surround the muscles. During the execution the head is bent forward. The fascia roll slowly pulled with gentle prere from the cranial bone at the back of the head towards the neck.

Get advice

Arrange directly online your first spinal scan. Please note that this is only possible for new patients, as all further treatments are carried out without a fixed appointment.

Treat cell phone neck with American chiropractic care

Once the cell phone neck is there, it can sometimes take some time to get rid of the annoying pulling and stinging again. However, if cell phone use behaviors do not change and the tilted head continues to linger in this harmful position, it could cause long-term problems in the long run. As a holistic therapy for the treatment of a cell phone neck, American chiropractic serves as a reliable and proven form of treatment. Without the use of any medication, the cause of the tension is first determined. Based on the diagnosis, an appropriate form of therapy is chosen. Here, the professionally trained chiropractor aims for long-term strengthening and toning of the body as a holistic solution. Even if the acute symptoms are combated, a long-term correction of misalignments or one-sided stresses is no less important and thus part of the treatment. Only in this way can you strengthen the basic stability of the body in the long term and counteract the cell phone neck.

Prevent cell phone neck

The pulling and stabbing pain in the neck area, which is partly caused by the incorrect use of cell phones, can become a real ordeal for the affected person. Especially if nothing is changed in the incorrectly amed position, complications can sometimes be protracted. However, if the neck muscles are strong enough and sufficiently trained, any strains are more tolerable.

In order for your neck to have these strengths, preventive measures are needed that aim at a general strengthening of the back, neck and shoulder muscles. This is the only way to counteract the annoying neck pain in the long run after a successful chiropractic treatment. Move a lot and keep your musculoskeletal system sufficiently active. Pay attention to a back and neck friendly posture when using your cell phone!

In addition, there are numerous small exercises against cell phone neck for everyday life , which are summarized again on our website. With the help of these exercises, you train the areas that are often neglected and correspondingly weakened. Our collection of exercises designed to specifically strengthen the muscles will help you achieve better basic stability . In addition, exercises are listed which can be wonderfully integrated into everyday life as relaxation exercises. You will learn, for example, how quickly and easily you can train or stretch your trapezius muscle, which is located in the neck area and often becomes painful due to incorrect posture.

Do you suffer from a stiffened and painful neck that gives you no peace and rest and restricts you in your daily life?? With our American chiropractic approach, not only do we help you get the pain back under control. In addition, a holistic concept is developed with you, which aims at a long-term stabilization of the entire musculoskeletal system.

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