Em in unserem pferdestall erfahrungsbericht em chiemgau

There are 28 horses on my sister's farm – from foals to seniors, from ponies to cold-blooded horses, Tinkers and Paint horses. The Quater Horse gelding Milan. The Tinker Splash belong to me. My sister and I inherited our enthusiasm for horses from our mother, who also grew up with horses. So we can draw on more than forty years of experience. Here I tell a little bit how we use EM in our horse stable.

How did you come to EM? Out of curiosity. My mom had heard something about microorganisms. Then discovered the company in Hogering while driving by. My mom had heard something about microorganisms. Then discovered the company in Hogering while driving by. She turned off at the last minute. Has been comprehensively advised. After trying it out we were immediately enthusiastic. In the meantime, I am employed since July 2018 at EM-Chiemgau in the shipping department.

And since when do you work with Effective Microorganisms??

I use EM in our horse stable since summer 2017. We had problems with a mare that had a skin inflammation at the fetlock (Mauke). With the Pegasus organic feed supplement. The RoPro horse ointment we got the inflammation but quickly back under control. The ointment was then applied externally for all kinds of problems.

The successes were so good that we decided to test Pegasus additions as a cure, with our own eleven horses. We mixed Pegasus with cobs (grass pellets with herbs) and in the first few days we noticed changes in the coat – it became shiny and silky!

Over the next few weeks the animals became calmer, calmer and their whole demeanor changed positively.

Otherwise we have started to spray the bedding of our horses daily with EM-aktiv. The boxes of horses that are not sprayed are much more populated by insects.

Have you already had experience in extreme situations?

Yes, unfortunately. My horse Milan is a real hero as far as that is concerned. He was treated for a long time for tapeworm infestation. Was only free of complaints after Pegasus administration.

Then tore his inner ligament. I treated the swelling with a paste of EM ceramic powder, green mineral soil and EM active, which quickly disappeared.

While playing with another horse, Milan hurt his forehead badly. A hole in the top of the skull had a bruise. water retention as a result. The accumulated liquid was drawn off, but only after applying my EM paste, which I also enriched with Karbofit (feed charcoal), the wound healing occurred. After about 14 days, the initially bald forehead looked completely normal again.

For acute treatment of mallenders, sweet itch, thrush, open wounds and hoof care

Em in our horse stable experience report em chiemgau Em in our horse stable erfahrungsbericht em chiemgau Em in our horse stable erfahrungsbericht em chiemgau

How else are Effective Microorganisms used in your barn??

Another horse got (after her horse mate moved away) 2 to 3 times a month stress related colic. Since we have been giving her Pegasus to calm her down, she has had peace and quiet from colic.

Unfortunately, grass mites are also an ie with us. However, they are much more harmless since we spray the grazers with EM-blond pure. This creates noticeable improvement.

Finally, our nine-year-old dog Rocky is now also benefiting from the EM treatment. He has always been fighting with ticks and fleas. In spring we gave him an EM ceramic collar. He had no more problems with the annoying parasites for the whole year!

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