Emitting microwave oven rays to the eaves.

Microwave health foodMicrowaves heat and cook quickly and are energy efficient at the same time. In many kitchens, therefore, they have been firmly established household appliances since the 1990s at the latest.

emit microwave radiation to the eaves

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It is fast, practical and corresponds to the spirit of the time – in the microwave oven a warm meal is ready within shortest time. Microwave ovens were already on the market in the 60s, since the 90s they have become popular and are now found in 70 out of 100 German kitchens.

Used sensibly, the microwave can save not only time but also energy compared to the hob and oven. Especially for singles or families in which not all members eat at the same time, the small devices are useful. They are also well suited for heating baby food.

Some consumers fear they will have to pay for the reduced workload with health losses. However, this concern is unfounded. The electromagnetic rays of the microwave merely vibrate the components of the food, generating heat. However, the composition of the food does not change. The waves are not strong enough for this. The food can also not absorb any radiation. Food from the microwave is just as harmless as dishes from the crock pot.

This is how a microwave oven works

In every microwave oven there is a transmitter: the magnetron (see drawing). It generates electromagnetic waves that are directed into the interior of the device. The microwaves are reflected by the walls of the cooking chamber. Distributed as evenly as possible. Depending on the manufacturer, this is supported by a rotating blade, a special reflector point and usually by a glass turntable on which the food is placed.

Tips for cooking with the microwave oven

1. Only place open containers in the microwave oven. In tightly closed vessels, excess prere could build up and cause them to burst! 2. To prevent food from drying out or splattering, cover it with a hood or plate. 3. When heating liquids, such as milk or water, always place a spoon in the container. Otherwise, liquids can suddenly explode or splash as soon as you take them out of the microwave oven. 4. Stir all food and beverages well during or after heating to compensate for temperature differences. 5. At the end of the cooking time, leave the food in the microwave for a few minutes to distribute the heat. 6. Also "hot spots can form. These are hot temperatures in the center of a vessel. They occur mainly in tall, narrow dishes – such as baby bottles or jars. To distribute the temperature evenly, shake or stir baby food well, then check the temperature carefully.

Do microwave ovens emit radiation to the outside?

Certified microwave ovens are safe

Microwave ovens that bear the VDE or GS mark are securely sealed. Metal housing and steel grille in the viewing window prevent electromagnetic waves from penetrating to the outside. If you have any doubts about the safety of your microwave oven, you can have it tested by customer service or a specialist dealer.

Microwave switches off automatically when opened

If you open the door while the microwave oven is running, the microwave oven will switch off immediately. If these safety devices were not in place, radiation could escape to the outside and hit the user. In the worst case, burns could occur. In medicine, microwaves are used specifically: for example, to heat muscle and connective tie diseases, but also for prostate problems or cardiac arrhythmias.

Safely dispose of a damaged microwave oven

If you put a damaged microwave in the bulky waste, you should cut off the cable – after pulling out the plug! This prevents others from continuing to use the device and endangering themselves. However, discarded microwaves are even better at recycling centers. other municipal collection points. Consumers can return them there free of charge, just like all other old electrical appliances.

More information about microwave ovens

How do microwaves heat food?

An electromagnetic alternating field is built up in the microwave device. This alternating field causes certain molecules of the food to vibrate. Primarily these are the water molecules. Due to their vibration and energy absorption, heat is generated in the food. About two to three centimeters below the surface, the food heats up the most. From there, the heat is gradually distributed by conduction to the interior and exterior of the appliance. The food should therefore be stirred in between cooking. After the end of the cooking time, a standing time of about 10 percent of the cooking time should be observed to compensate for temperature differences.

Which dishes are suitable for the microwave oven??

A special microwave utensils usually not necessary. Conventional dishes made of glass, ceramic, porcelain, earthenware or heat-resistant plastic serve their purpose just as well. Only metal vessels do not belong in a microwave oven, because metal reflects the microwaves, it can come to sparkovers and the microwaves do not reach the food so. Some ready meals should be heated in shallow aluminum trays to cook gently and slowly here. Aluminum foil or aluminum trays shield microwaves. It can be used selectively to protect parts of a food from overheating. Aluminum foil should never touch the inner walls of the microwave oven: Otherwise sparks will fly. Plastic that is not microwaveable can heat up and deform severely in the microwave oven. Some plastics are also not tasteless. Generally recommended are large, flat and preferably round vessels. Under no circumstances should you use dishes with gold or silver rims. This one could come loose.

Can a solo microwave oven replace the stove?

Solo microwave ovens are particularly suitable for defrosting, heating and cooking individual portions of up to about 500 grams. The biggest disadvantage of a solo microwave is that you can't fry or brown with it. Some appliances are therefore additionally equipped with grill or other baking functions. Larger quantities of meat or vegetables, sophisticated sauces and crispy brown cakes are generally not good to prepare in a solo microwave oven. Starchy foods such as rice, potatoes or pasta, which have a long cooking time, are also better cooked on the stove. The traditional stove with oven can not be completely replaced by the solo microwave oven.

Do microwaves kill harmful microorganisms sufficiently?

Generally, to kill harmful microorganisms in the core of the food, maintain 70 degrees Celsius for at least two minutes. It doesn't matter whether the food is microwaved or cooked in the conventional way (e.g., with a microwave oven).B. Electric hob, grill, etc.) is heated. It is important to follow the cooking times specified by the manufacturer. To keep to the necessary standing times. It also makes sense to use a food thermometer to check the core temperature in the food.

Saving microwave energy?

For small quantities of food – 500 grams is the rule of thumb here – the microwave oven is clearly more economical in terms of power consumption and time required. Otherwise, use these guidelines as a guide: double the amount takes double the time – half the amount takes half the time. Rice and pasta should always be cooked on the stove: They need a large amount of water and a certain amount of time to swell. If possible, food should be cooked in a shallow vessel and stirred in between so that the heat can distribute itself well. If possible, the food should be cut into evenly sized pieces so that it can cook evenly.

Status: 29.01.2020 / Author: Johanna Tuntsch, Cologne, Germany


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