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Employee account statement: Status of vacation entitlementsThe employee account statement provides information on the total vacation entitlements for the last two years. SOKA-BAU sends the account statement once a year to all blue-collar workers in the construction industry.

Employees who have been out of the construction industry for more than three months will receive a statement of account after leaving with the current data.

Employee Account Statement

What information does the employee account statement contain?

The employer submits a monthly report for each individual employee. The following information is included in this message:

– gross wages – days of employment – granted vacation days and vacation pay – hours worked (subject to wage payment) – if applicable. On this basis, SOKA-BAU calculates the employee's vacation entitlement each month. Book the calculated entitlement in the personal leave account.

The vacation account is then againrum the basis for the preparation of the employee account statement. So, the entitlements and details in the bank statement include the details and entitlements from the personal leave account.

What do I need to do after I receive the employee account statement?

Store carefully! The employee account statement serves as a proof of your employment. Please check the information. If you notice any discrepancies, please contact the respective employer immediately.

Who pays me the vacation allowance?

For the period of your vacation your employer pays the vacation allowance – correctly it is called the vacation allowance. Vacation pay is due with the next pay slip after the vacation has started. It is made up of the vacation pay. The additional vacation pay together.

I'm still entitled to compensation for vacation not taken in 2020 – when will I receive the money in my account?

Once you have filled out the application for compensation, SOKA-BAU will process it within six weeks in most cases and pay you the amount minus the tax portions.

My employee account statement shows a residual vacation entitlement from illness – can I also have this compensated by SOKA-BAU?

No, compensation is not possible. The entitlement from 2019 still existed until 31.03.2021 and expired thereafter.

The entitlement from 2020 is still valid until 31.03.2022.

My employee account statement shows a residual leave entitlement from seasonal short-time allowance (Saison-KUG) – can I have this compensated by SOKA-BAU?

Yes, until 31.12.2022 is possible. Fill out the application for compensation for this purpose. SOKA-BAU processes this within six weeks in most cases and pays the amount to you minus the tax portions.

I still have vacation entitlements from 2021 – can I have them paid out??

No, do not pay out, but in general you can accrue vacation entitlements from 2021 until 31.12.2022. Residual holiday entitlements from seasonal KUG can also be paid out until 31 December.12.Take 2022. If this is not possible, you can get them from the 01.01.2023 to 31.12.2023, i.e. have them paid out.

Residual leave entitlements from illness can still be compensated until 31.03.Take 2023 with your employer to start your leave. Compensation with SOKA-BAU is not possible here.

Correction claim

The employee account statement is based on the data that the employers have reported to SOKA-BAU. If there is something wrong with this data, please contact the employer who reported this data. Complain about incorrect data to the employer within two months of receiving the employee account statement.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us at the address given in the statement of account. Please note the deadlines for submitting the claim. The Industriegewerkschaft Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt is happy to provide advice (for members). Vacation entitlement from 2020. How many days of it were taken in 2021. In addition, here is any remaining leave entitlement from 2020. This claim is due on 31.12.2021 expire. Can be compensated in 2022.12.2021 lapses and can be compensated in 2022. We enclose an application for compensation in such cases immediately. – Vacation entitlement accrued in 2021.

Preliminary check by the employer

Before SOKA-BAU sends the statements of account to the employees, the employer receives a statement of account for the workers employed by it. The employer checks these account statements for completeness and accuracy. Necessary corrections are reported by the employer to SOKA-BAU. As soon as SOKA-BAU has received and processed all corrections, they will be sent to the employees.

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