Energy vampires how you recognize and expel them geo

in every relationship there are ups and downs. But some people, so-called energy vampires, do us no good in the long run, rob us of strength and can even make us mentally ill. How to recognize an energy vampire and successfully break away to stay healthy

If we enter into interpersonal relationships – be they professional, friendly or in love – we automatically hope for positive effects. Healthy relationships give emotional strength and security, provide new impulses and vital energy.

But not all contact is good for us; in fact, closeness to some people has just the opposite effect. This can be a good friend who demands our incessant attention or the narcissistic neighbor who constantly talks about his own successes but never asks about ours. It could be the father who constantly makes us feel like we don't meet his expectations with subliminal questions, or the colleague who is always complaining about work but not really interested in solutions.

Of course, everyone needs to express frustration and vent anger from time to time, and in good relationships there is room for this. Energy vampires, however, constantly pass on their frustrations, irritations, annoyances and bad feelings to their counterpart – To the chagrin of others.

Do we feel after joint meetings or long conversations with such people, they are always exhausted, irritated or depressed, then most likely an energy vampire is at work – someone who (usually even unintentionally) robs us of our strength.

Energy vampires lurk in the family, at work and among friends

Often we do not even notice immediately that a person is weakening us psychologically and emotionally more than strengthening us, i.e. that there is an energy vampire in our environment. Only with closer look and observation in the situation the realization sets in: This person is pulling my energy and not doing me any good.

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The focus does not have to be only on newer acquaintances. Sometimes someone we have had in our lives for a long time and who is very important to us suddenly turns into such an energy sucker. A Change in life situation, a new job or a new partner can be decisive factors for this. It becomes dangerous when these (sometimes even downright amiable) energy vampires are not even aware of their parasitic existence. Balance in the relationship between taking. Restore giving. Otherwise, you run the risk of distancing yourself from each other over time and that from the former joy you felt when reading a certain name on your ringing smartphone, only a sigh remains.

Empathic people are particularly at risk

"Not surprisingly, the people most often attacked by energy vampires are the sensitive, compassionate people who always see the good in people", Judith Orloff, a lecturer in psychiatry at UCLA University in Los Angeles and best-selling author, tells NBC News.

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Empathic people had a particularly strong tendency to empathize with others and to take on their worries and thoughts, but to neglect oneself in the process. Also at risk, he says, are people who are bad at setting boundaries for others and always want to please everyone. Such character traits bring with them a particular susceptibility to energy vampires and thus the danger of being thrown out of mental balance.

Setting limits and saying "No say

The first step in protecting yourself from an energy vampire is to recognize that you yourself are being targeted. Then you should do one thing above all else: Self-care Let it prevail. This is not selfish at all, but healthy. And that means maintain distanceat least emotionally.

Understanding, Attention and confirmation strengthen an energy vampire only in its behavior. If, on the other hand, you no longer provide the necessary breeding ground and also not the hoped-for interest, he will eventually withdraw bored.

If you cannot avoid an energy guzzler permanently, for example because it is a colleague or a family member Communicative strategies helping to escape energy-draining situations. The conscious Set limits and the polite – but certain – End a conversation must be practiced, but can be very helpful. For it is perfectly all right to also sometimes "No" to say – in a nice and respectful way that does not appear indifferent. This may seem unfamiliar at first, but is healthier for coexistence – for you and for the energy vampire.

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