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Espresso maker comparison 2022

The test and comparison portal of presents you the best espresso makers.

A tasty espresso invigorates the senses. So that you do not have to do without it also with an excursion, is worthwhile itself a portable espresso maker. The majority of devices do not require a mains connection. Rather, you can prepare your espresso on the gas stove.

Our espresso maker comparison recommends you a model with short preparation time. With high-quality espresso pots Enjoy your coffee after just seven minutes. Would you like to prepare fresh espresso, you should also attach importance to your own convenience. Espresso maker tests help you find the best type for you.

espresso maker recommendations

Rommelsbacher EKO 376/G

Groenenberg espresso maker

Buying advice for the espresso maker test or. -Comparison: Find your personal vacuum cleaner test winner with our help!

– Within a short time, a high-quality espresso pot prepares you an aromatic hot drink. At the same time, the handy models hardly take up any space. Even make a great travel espresso maker. – Espresso makers with ergonomic handle, which you can fully embrace, prove to be advantageous. This allows the pleasant pouring. – When it comes to espresso makers, choose between electric models, which promise fast preparation, and the stovetop pot. The latter scores with its practical, easy-to-clean shape.

A hot espresso is one of the favorite hot drinks of the Germans. According to a survey, 4.56 million people over the age of 14 enjoyed espresso in 2017. The intense taste of coffee every day for the first year of life. Mainly the invigorating effect of the strong bean coffee fascinates consumers. To enjoy a fresh espresso every morning, it's worth buying an espresso maker. You can recognize this one by its distinctive design. 1. How did Bialetti revolutionize the coffee market. Shaped the success story of espresso? How Bialetti revolutionized the coffee market. The espresso success story shaped? Italian Alfonso Bialetti returns to his hometown in 1918. Realizes his long-cherished lifelong dream. Because for a long time it has been his desire to make it possible to prepare espresso at home. To make it work, you need an espresso maker with the right design. Bialetti brings the corresponding prototype from an aluminum factory in France.

To turn his vision into reality, Bialetti spent countless hours and days planning. Finally, in 1933, the "Moka Express pot" was created. Its design is characterized by an octagonal shape. This makes it similar to the standard coffee machine in Italy. However, there is a serious difference: The mocha pot is 100 percent aluminum.

espresso maker test or comparison 2022 computer bild

Many connoisseurs refine the taste of an espresso with warm milk.

Meanwhile, you can buy countless espresso makers in stores. In addition to the still common Bialetti espresso maker, you will find models from different manufacturers.

Espresso maker tests recommend you to pay attention to a comfortable design of the products when buying them. Preferably, these should have a handy handle so that you can comfortably pour your espresso into the cups.

2. Does an espresso maker offer quick espresso preparation for a fresher taste in ten minutes?

Espresso pots prove to be practical and affordable kitchen appliances that accompany many people into the morning. Coffee connoisseurs prefer the espresso maker because of its flavorful result. After all, an espresso tastes more aromatic than regular filter coffee.

Although you can also prepare your morning caffeine boost with an automatic coffee maker, there is one drawback: a lot of waste. Mainly with capsule and pad machines, you have to reckon with two plastic packages per espresso cup. To avoid this, a genuine Italian espresso maker is a good choice.

Many espresso maker tests 2022 recommend the classic aluminum espresso maker. This resembles in shape. Design the original model from Bialetti.

espresso maker test or comparison 2022 computer bild

You can also use an espresso maker on a gas stove.

You can also find inexpensive alternatives made of stainless steel. With the pots – in Germany often in black or silver color – you also benefit from an intense taste. In addition, you can use the stainless steel espresso maker on an induction stove without any problems.

Like regular espresso machines, espresso pots work with water prere. However, this is usually only at 1.5 bar. If you want to enjoy a real Italian espresso, you should use a coffee maker with nine bar.

Perhaps one of the advantages of the home office during the Corona pandemic is that you can take a little more time for your morning coffee before rushing to the office. If you like to drink espresso, the best technology for it is clearly an espresso maker.

2.1. In espresso maker tests, the pots show up flexibly and in two models

With the common devices you prepare a weakened form of the "real espresso". The great advantage of the portable espresso pot is its flexibility of use. You can use them on the stove, gas stove or even a fireplace.

Its small size also makes it easy to stow in your luggage. By the way, when it comes to an espresso maker, you can choose between two models: the classic espresso maker and the electric mocha maker.

2.2. The advantages of the coffee maker outweigh the disadvantages

In a serious espresso maker comparison, you will see advantages and disadvantages that both variants offer. When it comes to the preparation time, espresso pot differ. Electric espresso maker hardly. Normally, you can enjoy your hot drink within seven to ten minutes. So there is the mocha in the express.

2.3. The classic espresso maker consists of three parts

If you are looking for a new espresso maker, you can choose between several types. The two common types include the classic model as well as the variant with electric support. Both categories conjure up your espresso within a few minutes.

espresso maker test or comparison 2022 computer bild

An espresso maker consists of several parts.

Nevertheless, serious differences exist. For example, only the most common espresso makers are easy to clean. Since electric stoves have a power connection and integrated technology, cleaning can come with a lot of effort. The two types do not differ in the actual espresso function.

Also applies to the assembly: All espresso kettles consist of three parts. This is the upper part of the pot with the pouring spout, the boiler as well as the funnel insert.

2.4. How an espresso maker works

To get your espresso maker working, check out good espresso pot reviews 2022 for tips on getting your machine up and running. The first thing to do is to fill water into the kettle. In the funnel insert you heap the ground coffee beans. How much powder you use depends on your individual taste. After the preparation, turn on the electric espresso maker. Choose the classic model, place it on the stove.

Not every type of espresso maker is suitable for every stove. If you want an espresso maker with induction, it should be a model made of ferromagnetic steel, for example, stainless steel. The classic aluminum pots do not work on the induction stove. However, you can easily get both categories to work on a gas stove.

When exposed to heat, the water heats up and begins to evaporate in the kettle. This will create excess prere. Through it, the liquid enters the funnel insert and penetrates the coffee powder.

There is a very fine strainer at the top of the pot on the underside. Once the water presses the powder against it, it filters the coffee from the grounds. Then the filtered espresso rises up through the riser tube. In this way it flows into the pot of your espresso maker.

2.5. The espresso maker instructions: fresh taste in a few steps

To brew your espresso, you only need to follow three simple steps:

1. Grind fresh beans 2. Preheat water 3. Pay attention to the temperature

In order for your espresso to taste intense, you should pay attention to the grind of the beans. The espresso grind is finer than for regular coffee. To achieve it, you can use an espresso grinder.

Furthermore, espresso maker tests recommend preheating the water before you pour it into the pot. This step prevents the metal from heating up too quickly, which would compromise the coffee aroma.

What Stiftung Warentest says about espresso makers?

Stiftung Warentest has not yet published a separate espresso maker test. However, you can find helpful tips online to prepare the perfect espresso. If you would like to find your individual espresso maker test winner, you can look for positive reviews on the Internet, for example.

After that, enter the Coffee powder into the funnel insert. You can easily press it on with your fingers. The two parts of the pot are then screwed together.

If you put the device on the stove, you should set it to medium heat. The target temperature of your coffee is between 85 and 95 degrees Celsius. 3. What plays in our buying guide besides size. Ergonomics otherwise still play a role? What matters in our buying guide besides size. Ergonomics otherwise still a role?If you want to buy an espresso maker, you can choose between numerous brands, models and manufacturers. First, you need to decide between a classic or electric espresso maker.

The best espresso maker meets your personal needs. Therefore, you should consider whether you value fast preparation, intense flavor or ease of use.

3.1. The cup quantity of an espresso pot

If you decide on a manual mocha pot, you can choose between several sizes. For example, there are in the trade:

– Espresso maker for 2 cups – Espresso maker for 4 cups – Espresso maker for 6 cups

Espresso maker comparisons show that you can adjust the size to your drinking habits as well as the social environment. For example, if you often expect guests, a large espresso pot may be worthwhile. If you decide to use an electric device, a Nespresso machine is in the foreground.

3.2. Pay attention to the handle of an espresso maker

With an espresso maker, you can prepare a delicious mocha within minutes.

In addition to size, you should pay attention to the convenient operation of your espresso maker. Preferably, espresso pots should have an ergonomic handle. This you include ideally with three to four fingers to hold the stove comfortably.

In addition, espresso maker tests recommend models with Heat-resistant handles, so that they can withstand the high temperatures on the stove. Furthermore, it is advisable to pay attention to the equipment of your espresso pot. The best espresso maker should provide you with uncomplicated preparation of the hot drink as well as ease of use.

3.3. Practical equipment elements

In the following table you can see which equipment elements are worthwhile:

Espresso maker with features Advantage Espresso pot with thumb lever convenient and uncomplicated opening Espresso maker with spring-loaded strainer insert easy cleaning, strainer insert easily removable Pot with water level indicator easier filling of the desired amount of water

If you want to prepare crema for the coffee in your espresso maker, many buying guides recommend an electric espresso maker with crema valve.

4. Can you choose from a wide variety of brands for the purchase of an espresso maker?

If you are looking for an espresso maker, there are numerous brands to choose from. Among them, you can search for your personal espresso maker test winner:

– Cloer espresso maker – Ikea espresso maker – Mocha maker Bialetti – Cilio espresso maker – WMF espresso maker

5. The most important questions and answers about the espresso maker comparison

5.1. Buy an espresso maker cheap – is that possible??

If you are looking for a cheap espresso maker, you can find great deals at many online retailers. Likewise, there is the possibility of buying used equipment. Here, however, you should pay attention to a good condition.

5.2. What coffee should you use for espresso maker?

Your choice of coffee depends on your taste. Espresso pot tests show: The grind of the coffee beans should be finer than for normal filter coffee. This allows you to benefit from the aromatic enjoyment.

5.3. How much powder belongs in the espresso maker?

You should put as much powder in the sieve insert until it is completely full. Only through this can the special functioning of the espresso maker work.

5.4. How much water to put in the espresso maker?

The amount of water that is filled in the espresso maker depends on the number of cups. One espresso or mocha cup holds about 60 ml. Since in the trade, however, different sizes are available, with which between 2 and 6 cups of espresso can be prepared, should also be considered when filling the limit. For a stronger espresso, the amount of water can also be reduced depending on your preference.

5.5. Can you make normal coffee in an espresso maker?

With an espresso maker you can also make normal coffee. Basically, any coffee bean blend is suitable for use in the espresso maker. This works best if you choose a coffee powder that is particularly finely ground.

5.6. Is espresso healthy?

Many frahling lovers drink espresso for its stimulating effect. But espresso is also recommended from a health point of view. Since the beans used for the preparation have less acidity due to the special roasting, an espresso is more tolerable than conventional filter coffee.

Which are the best espresso makers from our espresso maker test resp. Comparison 2022?

Choose your personal espresso maker test winner from the following list:

– 1st place – satisfactory (comparison winner): Cucina di Modena espresso maker for 6 cups – from 19.95 euros – 2nd place – satisfactory: GRaWE espresso maker stainless steel – from 27.90 euros – 3rd place – good: Bialetti 7254 New Venus – from 31.97 euros – 4th place – good: Kela espresso maker 10590 – from 13.73 euros – 5th place – good: Milu espresso maker – from 35.95 euros – 6th place – good: Cloer espresso maker 5928 – from 63.99 euros – 7th place – good: Bialetti Moka Express – from 19.99 euros – 8th place – good: bonVIVO Intenca espresso maker – from 49.99 euros – 9th place – good: Godmorn espresso maker – from 21.99 euros – 10th place – good: Groenenberg espresso maker – from 36.99 euros – 11th place – good: Rommelsbacher EKO 376/G – from 72.99 euros

Although the espresso maker comparison does not have an espresso maker with the grade "very good", it has a very good espresso maker contains, are the "good" Espresso maker nevertheless recommendable. Also the "good" Espresso makers produce a comparison winner , Cucina di Modena espresso maker for 6 cups , the "satisfactory" Espresso makers are also recommended.

2 of the 11 products in the espresso kettle comparison come from one manufacturer – Bialetti can thus claim to be the best due to the increased number of different "good" espresso kettles and "very good Espresso maker stand out from the competition.

How many manufacturers are compared with each other in the espresso maker comparison?

In the espresso maker comparison, the editors compare 10 different manufacturers for you to give you the best possible buying advice. More specifically, the experts have compared and evaluated models from Rommelsbacher , Groenenberg , Bialetti , BonVivo , Godmorn , Cloer , Kela , Milu , Grawe or Cucina di Modena. More information "

What is the price range of the models in the espresso maker comparison or test??

The most expensive espresso maker in our espresso maker comparison currently costs 72.99 euros, for the cheapest espresso maker you only have to factor in 13.73 euros. Further information under espresso cooker. More information "

Which espresso maker has the most customer reviews?

With 52664 reviews, the Bialetti Moka Express received the most customer reviews on Amazon. However, the Bialetti Moka Express received the best reviews on average .

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