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For our "Testimonials" section we have contacted numerous part-time students and graduates in order to gain as authentic an insight as possible into the life of the study program.

This field report is about the Bachelor Fitness& Health Management at IST University. Sonja, who studied industrial engineering and is also a department head in a sports club, shared her experiences with us. It sets the correspondence course in comparison with the previous dual study.

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Field report by Sonja

Why did you choose distance learning and not z.B. for an evening study?

It was important for me not to have to give up my permanent job.

In this case, I decided on distance learning because of the subject area. The study program "Fitness& Health Managment is still very young and is hardly offered. Here I was less interested in the study concept than in the learning content. However, it was important for me not to have to give up my permanent job, but to complete my studies in addition.

Was it possible to combine the studies well with my job?? How high was the stress level??

The first, dual study program was very stress-free to complete. You have to be aware that the study is very inflexible and you can't compare it with the classic "student life" can calculate. It is actually more like the school system. However, this also has the advantage that you usually complete your studies within the standard period of study and don't have the embarrassment of slacking off.

The distance learning program is somewhat different. Here a very high flexibility is possible, which is however also completely necessary if one, like me, works full time. The stress or. The load level is self-controllable, but for me (who likes to work through everything in the standard study time) it is very high. The full-time option of studying, alongside full-time employment, should therefore not be underestimated! (Well-meant advice)

Are you satisfied with your university? Or are there any points of criticism? The service is great. The staff is very friendly.

I am very satisfied with both my universities (THM during the dual study program and IST Hochschule Dusseldorf for the distance learning program). Both universities are in a strong growth, so that there may also be delays in terms of administration, but this is to be seen in my opinion completely relaxed. The service is great. The employees are very friendly.

Would you recommend your extra-occupational studies to others?? And if so, for whom is it particularly suitable??

I would recommend the part-time courses to others at any time and would do them again myself. The experience you gain during this time already holds the edge for me. Because let's be honest, we only apply a fraction of what we learned during our studies. What we learn in the company, however, is everyday business and the actual "work", that one does.

Recommended for those who like to get through their studies quickly and at the same time want to secure a place in the company (usually you have a foot in the door and a good chance of being taken on directly). I would advise against those who expect a classic student life and want maximum flexibility to.

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