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dpa/Ursula Duren (l.), dpa/Patrick Seeger Ottfried Fischer has suffered from Parkinson's disease for more than 15 years, presenter Frank Elstner made his illness public on Wednesday

Two celebrities, one fate: presenter legend Frank Elstner made public this week that he suffers from Parkinson's disease. Cult actor Ottfried Fischer ("Der Bulle von Tolz") got this diagnosis more than 15 years ago – that's why he now pledged his support to Elstner.

Fischer told the "RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland" (RND) about the beginnings of his illness: "I noticed it in the fact that I no longer hit the keyhole, and that I started to shake when I became nervous." He also tells how he is today: "I have lost a lot of muscle after my blood poisoning two years ago, which I am only slowly rebuilding with rehab measures. Every two days I have physiotherapy, sit a lot in a wheelchair. But with crutches I can also walk short distances. It could be worse."

Ottfried Fischer became a nursing case due to Parkinson's disease

Fischer says that his girlfriend Simone Brandlmeier is his great support: "I am a nursing case. I have care level four, my girlfriend cares for me at home."Despite everything, Fischer is positive and wants to encourage Frank Elstner: "I also want to tell Frank Elstner: Yes, it is incurable. But you should still never let it get you down. You can be seriously ill, but you can still be well. Frank can get back to me anytime."

Only sometimes, he says, is he angry at the disease: "When I have another 'freeze,' that is, a neurological blockage, then sometimes I do think to myself: "I think, 'Fuck this disease,'" he said in the interview. And further: "I have an agreement with the Parkinson's disease. I always say: 'He can stand next to me on stage, but he should shut up."Fischer worries about the future? "I am good at suppressing. I read only selectively. As little as possible about the course of the disease.

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