Halloween night causes police deployments

Halloween night causes police deployments

The police prasidium in wurzburg, however, reports plenty of work for all of lower franconia due to the use imported from the american area: of more than 300 operations to be handled, about 60 were directly related to halloween festivities, michael zimmer of the police press office reports. "However, this is considerably less than in the previous year, when the officers had to print out about 170 additional notifications."

What happened in the habberge district?

The trap in the district of habberge, first knetzgau: on the way home from work, on wednesday evening around 21.3 p.M., a man at the old town hall square noticed flames coming out of a used clothing container. The fire department was immediately alerted and had to break open the fire to fight it.

The container, which had been taken away for storage, was damaged to the tune of 500 euros. The suspicion is directed against some representatives of wandering – but otherwise in the majority of the county very peaceful and happy – halloween groups.

Hooked in the darkness and in the habfurt district of sylbach, a bub had thought up a halloween prank that he certainly didn't expect to turn into such a painful affair. Luckily nothing worse happened.

The ten-year-old had, as the police in habfurt reported, stretched a fishing line across his courtyard driveway, which he had rigged with several fish hooks. When darkness falls around 20.45 o'clock a group of girls wanted to enter the property to "subes or sures" a 14-year-old girl got caught on one of the drilling hooks and suffered a slight injury to her leg.

Finally, alcoholized children and teenagers were picked up in the community of sand shortly before midnight. Then patrolmen noticed three girls aged 13 to 14 years in the street of zeil. Obviously, the girls had been drinking too much alcohol.

When they saw the police car, they had – which made them all the more suspicious – tried to make a bottle they were carrying disappear in front of the eyes of the police. At the "sniff control it turned out that the orange juice was also mixed with schnapps.

According to the alcohol test, the alcohol level of the girls ranged between 0.4 and 0.64 per mille. The police officers established the personal details and handed over the girls to their legal guardians.

Look to lower franconia in general, the police prasidium in wurzburg reports for lower franconia that the main focus was on damage to property and disturbances of the peace. The excessive alcohol consumption, which was again observed throughout lower franconia, did its part. Only in the morning hours did the general festivities and halloweentreiben subside.

20 property damages had to be recorded by the officers in lower franconia, whereby in 15 cases with a direct reference to halloween, incorrigible people also used eggs and new year's eve firecrackers. According to press spokesman michael zimmer, the police were forced to pull out almost 20 times because young people were allegedly rioting. More than 30 disturbances required the intervention of patrols, but the majority of them were simply due to the fact that the following day off was used for celebrations of various occasions. Police officers also had to intervene on the occasion of bodily injuries, fights and helpless persons, in which alcohol often played a decisive role.

In the main-rhon area, not only did the incidents in the habberge district occur, but also in bad bruckenau an old clothes container caught fire after a ten-year-old threw a firework into it. The fire department extinguished, the damage amounts to 1000 euro.

Wurzburg was a party mile in mainfranken the wurzburg city center almost resembled a party mile. The police paid for tens of made-up and dressed-up halloween fans celebrating on the streets and in pubs. In many cases, excessive alcohol was the reason for the police being called out to deal with the situation. In the early evening, teenagers threw eggs against a house window in hartmannstrabe. Almost at the same time, a horde of 50 youths wanted to break up a party in the keesburgstrabe.

A garage in winterleitenweg was smeared with toothpaste and several cars in heuchelhof were smeared with ketchup.

In addition, several private parties caused excessive noise, and the police had to restore calm after massive complaints from neighbors. A 20-year-old female cyclist was pulled out of traffic shortly before midnight. She was conspicuous for unsafe driving on the race track. The alcohol test showed 2.54 per mille.

From the police's point of view, it was pleasing to note that the bars and discos largely complied with the rules on quiet days and turned down their music after midnight, the police also noted.

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