Hamster wheel models equipment all infos

hamsters have a great instinctive need to run and move around. In the wild they lay
distances of about 15 km back – in one night. Thereby they like to undertake short sprints. To meet these needs of the animal, a running wheel is ideal. Thus a running wheel belongs compellingly to the Basic equipment a species-appropriate enclosure for hamsters.

Attention: running wheels are important for the hamster. However, they replace no species-specific hamster enclosure! The enclosure of a hamster must be at least one square meter, so that the animal can move freely.

The following article provides information about the requirements for the wheel, the different types of wheels and disadvantages of them.

Requirements for the running wheel

For a species-appropriate and safe running wheel, this must be large enough and made of Wood, Plastic or Aluminum consist.

The suspension should be given by heavy standing legs. The tread of the impeller must be closed. have a structure made of a natural material (for example cork).

Keepers must be aware of this when buying a wheel for their hamster Respect requirements, because even in pet shops many wheels are not species-appropriate and/or too small.

the size

The impeller should have at least one diameter of 30 centimeters have. Hamsters are also happy about bigger wheels.

Wheels that are too small can cause herniated discs in hamsters, as the animals bend their spine in small wheels to be able to run. This causes pain. Is not appropriate for the species.

The material

The material of the wheel must be made of wood, shatterproof plastic or aluminum exist. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Attention: In no case should be used wheels made of metal (with struts, holes), because they do not have a closed running surface. This can result in severe leg injuries!

hamster wheel models equipment all info

– Wood, untreated – Especially smooth and. – Closed tread for.

Wood has the advantages that it
natural is and therefore fits well into natural enclosures. Hamsters cannot injure themselves on a wooden wheel, even if they gnaw on it. The material also has advantages for the holder: The wheel made of wood runs quietly and without side effects.

The disadvantage of wooden wheels is their lack of hygiene: Some hamsters urinate in their wheel, which makes it difficult to clean from it. As soon as the wheel begins to smell of urine, it must be replaced by a new one. Tip: To protect the tread at least a little from the urine, it can be painted with beeswax. This one is natural. Moisture absorbing.


hamster wheel models equipment all info

– ✅【LONG-LASTING. – ✅【LESS ABRASIVE AND. – ✅【Anti-slip design】Unse.

If the wheel is made of plastic, it must be absolutely splinter-proof be to protect the hamster from injury. Even if the rodent gnaws on the wheel, this must not splinter in any case. If this is given, a good workmanship and a longevity of the material are its advantages.

Other advantages of a plastic bike are Easy and hygienic cleaning of this, especially with "Laufradpinklern. Plastic impellers can be easily disassembled for cleaning.

Disadvantages are a risk of injury if the wheel is poorly made and a high noise level due to the plastic impeller, as they often squeak during use.


Agree on wheels made of aluminum all advantages of plastic and wooden wheels. This makes them hygienic, easy to clean, splinter-proof, noiseless and smooth-running. Aluminum wheels are particularly durable and indestructible.

A disadvantage is the high price when purchasing the wheels.

The fastening

To avoid the scissor effect (which means that the hamster is squeezed between the suspension and the struts), the wheel must always be attached to only one, namely the closed side. Suspension of the wheel on both sides is to be absolutely avoided!

Even better are Wheels with legs. Here, when buying, make sure that the wheel stands securely on the legs without wobbling or even being tipped over. Heavy wooden stand legs are best.

Some wheels can also be hung from the ceiling of an enclosure, but this is not recommended. This construction is often wobbly and noisy.

In order to avoid a loud noise for humans and animals, when buying the running wheel, a good ball bearing to watch out for. In this case, quality is preferable to a low price, in order to enjoy a quiet and easily common wheel for a long time.

The running surface

The running surface must be completely closed Be so that hamsters can't get their paws stuck.

Under no circumstances should you buy a wheel with bars as a running surface. These can cause serious injuries and fractures to hamsters if the animals get caught between the bars. The entire wheel must also be completely closed on one side to protect the hamster from injury.

The running surface must be natural structure for running have. Hamster on this quietly. Being able to walk evenly.

Many running wheels for hamsters, which are commercially available, have rungs glued on the running surface. These are not recommended because the hamster can stumble or fall due to the rungs and too large distances between them. Injuries or bloody paws are the result.

If there are rungs in the wheel, they must be no more than two millimeters high and the size of a paw. The distance between the paws may not exceed three millimeters. the rungs themselves should be slightly round filed. Holder removed. Being replaced by cork.

Different types of running

In the trade there are different types of running wheels of running wheels to buy. Recommended are Wooden wheels, cork wheels, plastic wheels and aluminum wheels, provided they meet all the prescribed requirements for a suitable wheel.

Metal impellers must not be used.

Wooden wheels

Wooden wheels are made of wood. They are equipped with a quality ball bearing quiet and smooth running in their use.

With wooden impellers is with the purchase on a Good quality to watch out for: Some impellers are made of sawdust or the like pressed together and can thus splinter. Softwood wheels can also splinter or leak resin, so their use is not recommended. Experts recommend wooden running wheels from the manufacturers Rodipet and Getzoo. A disadvantage of wooden wheels is that when hamsters urinate they need to be cleaned. In addition, the urine can cause dark edges in the impeller, even if it is cleaned regularly.

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