Health service management gsm gmbh partner of the company health insurance funds

PREVENTIONOur offers are based on the latest development standards in prevention. Depending on the measure, we offer qualified programs with health insurance subsidy for the following projects: The Active Week., Well-Active.

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The offers for mother/father& Child cures take into account maternal/father-specific concerns as well as child-friendly therapy concepts. We present the supply management Reha with selected contract clinics as practice-oriented solution.

Our offers are based on the latest development standards of prevention. Depending on the measure, we offer qualified programs with health insurance subsidy for the following projects: The Active Week., Well-Active.

Our outpatient preventive measures focus on coordinated therapies under specialist supervision. In selected rehabilitation clinics and spa hotels, we offer quality-tested measures as part of our Fit& Vital offers and active cures in Europe.



Since the company was founded in 1994, the health service has successfully offered more than 300 programs for prevention and rehabilitation at more than 200 locations. Our goal: The highest level of medical quality. Comprehensive patient satisfaction.

The active week. Catalog now online. Available from our partner insurance companies!


More quality of life almost for free – the 4 to 5-day compact program with health insurance subsidy offers prevention courses for your health. Gathering strength together for mother/father. Child – 25 selected clinics with 28 focal points on various topics.

Rehab& Preventive care

Supply management rehab – Selected contract clinics in the nationwide network.

Fit& Vital

Finally out! – Discovering more vitality outdoors. The 14-day Fit& Vital prevention offer for your health +++ Catalog 2022 now online and at the

Active cures in Europe

The 14- and 21-day cure offer is carried out in selected European health resorts.

Occupational Health

Healthy employees in healthy companies – We help you achieve this goal!

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As before, however, there are effects through Corona

The resumption of our prevention offers ACTIVE WEEK and WELL-AKTIV as well as the Fit& Vital preventive cures and from Active cures in Europe is now taking place in small steps and is still dependent on regional political decisions regarding travel restrictions within Germany and Europe.

We ask for your understanding that for this reason we are still unable to provide any information on the resumption of the programs by telephone and would like to refer you to the current media coverage. Please also use our Newsletter and our Facebook page. Here you will be informed immediately, as soon as a realization can be planned again. All participants will be informed by the respective accommodation facilities/organizers about measures that can now take place again or still have to be cancelled.

With regard to possible rebookings/replacements and, if applicable, refunds of deposits already made, information will be sent to all insured persons in the same way. Due to the current situation, there is a very high telephone volume, which we handle with the order of the pending appointments.

We ask for your understanding.

Your health service team

Gesundheitsservice management gsm gmbh partner of the company health insurance funds

Prevention is better than cure – mhplus Krankenkasse has been following this principle with its range of services for many years.

In addition to online offers, classic health courses and the health trips offered by GSM are also important for our insureds (BKK Aktivwoche, Well-Aktiv). We have been working successfully with GSM Gesundheitsservice for many years.

Congratulations on our 25th anniversary.

Winfried Baumgartner, Member of the Board of mhplus Krankenkasse

Gesundheitsservice Management GSM GmbH has been an indispensable partner for us for many years. Because we would like to support our insured persons in dealing responsibly with their own health. The active weeks support this goal, because with a week of active vacation it is possible to carry healthy impulses into everyday life.

For our policyholders, an Active Week brings exercise and fun on site and lots of ideas to take home for the time afterwards. The prevention courses at selected beautiful locations with modern, trendy sports courses make the offer very attractive: "Highest praise", "it was really fun" – confirmed by our insured in enthusiastic feedbacks.

"Together healthy and successful" under this motto of the GSM we are happy to offer our insured the attractive prevention programs of the Active Weeks. We wish the health service management GSM GmbH health service further much success.

Iris Schmalfub, Chairwoman of the Board of R+V BKK

health service management gsm gmbh partner of the company health insurance funds

We are pleased to congratulate our long-time partner Gesundheitsservice on its 25th anniversary. With the health service, we are united by the common goal of creating attractive and effective health offers for our insured, which they can only get in this quality and variety from us company health insurance funds. Whether active week, Well-Aktiv, mother/father-child cure or rehabilitation – we appreciate the high expertise, which is reflected in the variety and specialization of the offers. At the same time, we experience the health service as extremely customer-oriented in the organization of the offers and communication with our insured persons, and this is also reflected back to us by our participants. We wish the health service all the best for the future. Counting on many more years of strong partnership!

Thomas Johannwille, Member of the Board of Bertelsmann BKK

health service management gsm gmbh partner of the company health insurance funds

The health service offer is a real added value for our customers. Be it the active weeks, the full service for parent-child cures and, currently, a prevention program tailored to our needs. We would like to congratulate the health service on its 25th anniversary and thank them for their excellent, trusting and creative cooperation.

Thomas Loose, Services Department Manager Bertelsmann BKK

Tailor-made help

To find back to work, to be mobile again or to be able to live self-determined – after a stroke of fate everyone has different goals. To achieve this is the task of rehabilitation. As different as each of us is, the rehabilitation measures must also be as individual. That's why we need experts who are familiar with tailor-made offers. And we have found this with the health service. For years, we have been able to rely on competent contacts to find exactly the right medical spa clinic for our policyholders – nationwide and always at the highest level of quality. More than 25.000 of our policyholders have been helped in this way. And do you know how many complaints we have received over the years?? Not a single one. That really says it all, doesn't it??

Trust begins as an advance. But after 25 years, trust is the result of consistently positive experiences. We are therefore looking forward to at least 25 more years of pulling together with Gesundheitsservice Management GSM GmbH for the benefit of our policyholders.

Congratulations on your anniversary!

Kirsten Budde, Member of the Board of Novitas BKK

For years, the health service has been a reliable partner in providing high-quality, targeted care for our insureds. We recognize this in the success of treatment. Personal feedback from our insured.

Since the beginning of our cooperation, we appreciate the reliability of the health service when it comes to providing a service, because the service is not only required by us and our insured throughout the year. Our colleagues are also able to cope with peaks in demand at a consistently high level.

The health service with its services for our insured is our extended arm around the topic of rehab, inpatient or also outpatient (Fit and Vital). Our demanding clientele expects a special approach from their BKK. Our experience shows that the employees of the health service adjust to this, so that our insured do not feel any difference to their BKK. Caretakers need to have a sure instinct and a personal touch.

The health service has been successfully negotiating with clinics throughout Germany for a large number of company health insurance funds with different needs for 25 years now. We BKK's profit economically from the qualitatively good care at reasonable prices. For this I say THANK YOU!

We are looking forward to another 25 years of cooperation, in which you will continue to develop your services for us as in the past and remain a reliable partner for us

Jan Wriggers
Board of Management of Betriebskrankenkasse Deutsche Bank AG

On behalf of Audi BKK, I would like to congratulate you on your 25th anniversary!

I am pleased that the health service has been providing a very valuable service for Audi BKK for many years in the context of mother/father-child cures. Our policyholders are allowed to experience a very competent and reliable consulting service with regard to individual organization and spa planning and this in nationwide available spa facilities. My colleagues always appreciate the partnership and the comprehensive know-how of the employees from the health service to the individual facilities. The cooperation with the health service is a great benefit for all parties involved, which we are happy to continue successfully.

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