Health therapy center bad cannstatt

ZAR GTZ – Health& Therapy center Stuttgart-Bad CannstattWith our therapeutic knowledge, we want to provide individually for your health and personal well-being. This includes not only a carefully trained team, which regularly undergoes further training and always keeps an eye on the latest methods of treatment, but also the support of modern technology. Our profile is rounded off by our many years of experience. An ever-growing circle of satisfied people takes this into account.

Our health and therapy center in Bad Cannstatt offers professional therapeutic services in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and podiatry. We also offer home visits for our patients.

health therapy center bad cannstatt

Through the application of various active and passive forms of treatment, pain can be eliminated, and healthy movement patterns or even substitute functions can be restored.


health therapy center bad cannstatt

One of the main goals of occupational therapy is to help you achieve the greatest possible independence and quality of life in your everyday life and at work.


Health therapy center bad cannstatt

In our practice for podology we carry out special treatments for diseased feet, such as nail correction braces, artificial nail replacement or treatment measures for skin changes.


In our practice for speech therapy we treat patients with speech, language or voice disorders as well as people with swallowing difficulties.

Speech therapy

Health therapy center bad cannstatt

Long COVID Therapy

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ZAR GTZ Bad Cannstatt

Opening hours

Mon – Thurs 07:00 – 20:00 hours

Fri 07:00 – 15:00

Fax: 0711 – 849 63 772

Information about our services

Information about the legal prescriptions for remedies

For patients with statutory health insurance, the duration of treatment depends on the doctor's prescription. Here are usually 15-20 minutes time for a unit such as z. B. Physiotherapy. Some prescriptions have add-ons, such as electrotherapy, sling table or fango. Here 15-20 minute sessions are also the rule.

Information on private prescriptions

For private patients, the units have a duration of 30 minutes, depending on the doctor's prescription; in the case of double units or multiple prescriptions, the duration is correspondingly longer.

The following applies to all prescriptions: The prescription must be filled no later than ten days after the date of ie, i.e. therapy must be started within this time period.

You are a self-payer?

All of the therapy services offered at our center are also available to self-pay patients.

What is needed for the therapy: Depending on the type of treatment, you should wear appropriate loose-fitting clothing or take a towel with you. You will receive more detailed information when you make your appointment.

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