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Health – this means above all physical and mental well-being. For many, there is hardly anything more important, but some also struggle with this ie with itself. How to lead a healthy life, what is actually healthy and how to stay that way? With our tips and tricks on the subject of health, you get the basic information along the way.

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The main thing healthy

"main thing healthy" – this is what matters in life. This saying is often cited when a small or big strokes of fate counter. This shows above all: Health is important for many, if not the most important at all. Disease prevention, health promotion and certain requirements (keyword: health certificate) are not for nothing core tasks of the Ministry of Health, health minister and health department.

But live healthy is not always easy. Too tempting them the Consumer goods from advertising, too present. Many of them are also very detrimental to health and far away from our well-intentioned guiding principle "Live Healthy". And a little Wellness instead of health app in hectic everyday life must be nevertheless in it! With our Tips and tricks we show you how you can Health management wisely and strategically.

Healthy nutrition as a basis

If you have healthy body want to have, start with your Nutrition to. If you only eat fast food or Ready meals gulp down, you certainly not only have a problem with your Ideal weight. Also smaller and larger Diseases become one unhealthy diet attributed. Therefore you should have a healthy diet integrate into your everyday life. Namely permanently. Because not only Prevention against diseases it is a good remedy. Also your personal well-being can thereby strongly to the Positive change.

Healthy food means that you have many valuable food, that contain good nutrients into your Meals involve. A good diet consequently contains much water, lots of fruit and vegetables, little sugar and meat. But do not worry. If you Basics for the preparation of healthy meals once know is healthy cooking not difficult. Here by the way also your health insurance like DAK Health or IKK Healthy Plus give advice, as well as the online portal "Center of Health" or a customized Nutritional advice.

A nutrition plan provides perspective

You want to keep your change your diet implement, but find it very difficult a healthy diet integrate into your everyday life? Then help you a diet plan continue! The advantage of a nutrition plan is that you can do this in advance healthy recipes have picked out and bought the ingredients for it. So you do not have to go to the Meals think about the dish and from unimaginativeness on Fast food fall back.

So look for healthy recipes out for lunch and dinner, put them in a Plan together and then buy. In your plan always include a healthy breakfast, so that you have strength for the day, as well as healthy snacks such as z. B. fruit for the small hunger in between. With a Nutritional advice a plan can be created for you directly. However, you should also remember Food supplements are no alternative for full meals. Alone with a short term lack dietary supplements can be used over a specific period be useful.

Healthy weight loss without dieting

More and more German – and especially more and more children – suffer from overweight. The desire to lose weight fast is omnipresent. But how can not only fast, but also healthy slimming? Healthy food is the best from the start Prevention against overweight and diseases. Whistle latest trends like food combining or Cabbage soup diet (especially since you will then definitely not be able to see cabbage soup). Set instead in the long term healthy dishes with few calories on your food or Diet plan and plan more often once Diet Recipes for a meal of the day.

When you healthy weight loss and want to keep your ideal weight afterwards also on a long-term basis, the fast slimming and an excessive diet plan is not right for you. Short term Diet put on and lose weight quickly can indeed Well-being increase in the short term, but in the long term counterproductive. If you are very lose weight fast and after the diet again dishes with many calories instead of choosing diet recipes, often turns out the Jojo effect a. In the process, you usually put on even more than you had before. General. Sport in particular. The Medicine already has the positive effects of exercise on your circulation and metabolism proven. With good fitness, your Immune System not only better, but above all protects your body from diseases.

exercise and Sport boost the metabolism and thus the Fat burning at. So you win twice: the Immune system will be strengthened and the fat burning will be advanced. A better Medicine against ailments and overweight there is hardly any. Your Health insurance will certainly support you. DAK Gesundheit, for example, will help you find the right sport. Online you can do this at the portal "Center of health" locate. If you are older, think about getting a diet plan beforehand Health Check at the doctor's office.

As you can see healthy living no impenetrable science. If you have a few of the Tips to our pages, you will achieve a good balance between Health and find wellness.

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