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A Healthcare Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a specific performance indicator used to monitor, analyze and optimize relevant healthcare processes. Z. B. such metrics are used in hospitals to improve patient satisfaction.

Here you can find an overview of the most important Healthcare KPIs, which are considered in this article:

healthcare healthcare hospital kpi key figures


The average length of stay of patients in your hospital is an important Healthcare KPI, which you should definitely monitor. This metric can vary greatly depending on the type of stay: complicated procedures such as a heart transplant will increase your average length of stay, while a wisdom tooth removal will decrease this metric. Therefore, it is interesting to break down this KPI into different categories of stays, diseases or surgeries. This allows you to subsequently take concrete measures to optimize the length of stay for specific procedures.

Define clear targets of average duration, according to your most common types of stay, and optimize this metric with concrete measures.

healthcare hospital kpi key figures


This is an elementary healthcare indicator in the healthcare industry, as it directly affects the financial situation as well as the turnover and profit of your company. You should avoid passing on the increasing cost prere in the healthcare industry only to your customers. In fact, it takes targeted measures to increase your profits without sacrificing the quality of the services you offer. To identify optimization potentials, it is recommended to categorize the treatment costs (as in our example according to different age groups). Since treatment costs are highest for 65-84 year olds, this should also be reflected in your budget planning for medical equipment and personnel for this age group.

Monitor and analyze your average cost of care for the categories that matter to you.

healthcare hospital kpi metrics


Readmission rate gives you information about the percentage of patients who need to be treated again within a short period of time after discharge from the hospital (usually 30 days). It is a very widely used healthcare metric as it is a good quality indicator of your healthcare services offered. High readmission rates indicate, for example, misdiagnoses, incorrect treatments or overworked medical staff. By identifying the causes and potential risk factors for repeat, timely hospitalizations, you can increase your service quality and patient satisfaction.

The lower your readmission rate, the better. Base your goal setting on benchmarks in the industry for specific treatments, or. Diseases.

healthcare healthcare hospital kpi key figures


Average wait time, a key healthcare KPI that directly impacts patient satisfaction, measures the time from when you arrive at the hospital until you are seen by a physician, or when you are seen by a doctor. get treatment. In the emergency department, this metric can be the difference between life and death. Outside of the emergency room, it has a great impact on patient satisfaction, as no one likes to wait hours in the hospital for treatment. You should analyze above-average waiting times in certain wards. Question the effectiveness of the processes involved.

The shorter the waiting times, the better. Monitor and analyze wait times for different units, days of the week, and times of day to identify trends as well as peak times and factor them into your plans.

healthcare hospital kpi key performance indicators


Patient satisfaction is another healthcare KPI example that should be a top priority for any healthcare organization. To identify concrete optimization measures, you should ask for detailed feedback on the different aspects of the services you offer. For a hospital, this would include waiting times, the care provided by doctors and medical staff, or the quality of catering. You can convey a convincing value proposition through, among other things, a serious appearance, professional communication, and references to company histories, references, or certificates, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Monitor and increase customer satisfaction for all relevant aspects of your healthcare services. Identify optimization potentials with the help of professional surveys.

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healthcare healthcare hospital kpi metrics


This Healthcare KPI measures a hospital's ability to deliver quality service to patients and safely protect them from new infections or complications after surgery. By far the most common pathogens in hospitals are bacteria, but infections can also be caused by viruses, parasites or fungi. Monitor the occurring new infections in your hospital in detail to identify the underlying causes and counteract them with targeted measures.

Performance indicators / recommended action

Patient safety should be a key concern of yours. It represents a good quality indicator of your offered health services. Is the basis for high patient satisfaction.

healthcare hospital kpi key figures


ER Wait Time measures the amount of time between a patient's arrival at the ER and the time they are seen by a physician. Our visual healthcare KPI example demonstrates how you can monitor this metric for different times of day to identify busy periods. Analyze your emergency room waiting times also for different days of the week or according to the type of diagnosis in order to be able to offer the best possible service quality at all times.

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