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Health is one of the megatrends of this century! New applications in which cards and RFID media play a role are also developing dynamically.

Card applications

– Identification of patients and therapists – Access and time recording for hospital staff – Patient data storage – Vending / machine operation – Payment for telephone systems and Internet use – Customer cards and vouchers

Card types

– Insurance cards, health cards resp. Health insurance cards – Patient cards and employee cards for clinics – Pharmacy loyalty cards and vouchers – Name badges – Access cards – Doctor's ID cards and nursing ID cards – Emergency passes and preventive care cards – Blood donor cards and organ donor cards – Eyeglass passes

Pharmacies loyalty cards& Vouchers

Customer cards for pharmacies are in the broadest sense a customer loyalty instrument. However, in conjunction with the pharmacy CRM solution, they offer added value, z.B. Through the automatic interaction test for all prescribed medications. Plasticard-ZFT offers pharmacy loyalty cards individually printed in runs of 100 pieces and more. With the required continuous barcode for all cash register systems commonly used in Germany.

Voucher cards are a classic in customer acquisition, attraction and rewards. They can also be equipped with barcode. Are optionally available with fixed credit or variable reloadable. With scratch field they are also suitable for online applications. Plasticard-ZFT supplies voucher cards with your choice of design for orders of 100 or more, including carriers and countertop displays. Alternatively, an environmentally friendly cardboard card

Cards and ID media in the hospital and care sector

Patient cards for the PBX, self-service machines, access Mainly contact chip cards for PBXs from Siemens, Avaya or Telba. Serves for activation. Billing of digital services such as telephone or TV. Can be combined with access rights and payment function at food and beverage vending machines. These cards have been produced by Plasticard-ZFT for over 20 years.

Employee Maps For medical facilities Typically a personalized multi-application badge with RFID chip for access, food service, cafeteria, and time and attendance. Also possible as signature card for highly secure data transmission, SingleSignOn, eTicket for public transport and PKI. Plasticard-ZFT produces in cooperation with system houses for physical. Logical access badges for clinics. One of the special features is the suitability for regular disinfection of these cards.

Name badges for medical staff In addition to the employee card, name badges for all employees can also be produced and managed. Modern card management systems control. Manage both employee cards and name badges. Plasticard-ZFT supplies card blanks or ready personalized cards as well as suitable accessories for attachment to clothing (clips, containers, magnetic holders)

Access cards for automatic door opening (hands-free) As a special case of the employee card, special cards or key fobs with a particularly high range are also available. In conjunction with suitable readers, these cards allow automatic recognition of authorized persons from distances of up to 8 meters. Combined with HF chip (z.B. MIFARE or LEGIC) and UHF chip for wide-range readers are also produced by Plasticard-ZFT. Caregivers may be inpatient. In outpatient care, chip cards reduce the administrative burden. Entering private rooms, providing proof of services can be simplified with the RFID nursing ID card. Plasticard-ZFT, with specialized systems houses, provides appropriate media for access to homes, automation of record keeping, and location of individuals in need of care.

Data storage cards for medical devices Dialysis, inhalation and other medical devices work with drugs of defined quality and dosage. For the individual adjustment of these parameters to the individual patient, chip cards are often used on which the prescribed values are stored. Plasticard-ZFT develops customized concepts for its customers with the appropriate chip and with customized form factor (z.B.

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