Healthy by the sea

Healthy by the seaSummer, sun, beach and sea?! The idea of a successful vacation. More than a quarter of all German citizens are on vacation at least once a year. The sea promises peace and relaxation and besides: the sea has a positive effect on health. Find out why the sea air is so good for you in the following article.

The sea air

Vacationing by the sea means exercising in the fresh air: cycling, walking, going to the beach or playing badminton in the water are activities that people like to do on vacation. The positive side effect is the special climate that prevails at the sea. Advantages for your health.

With a cure in the sea air, sick people can find relief or even cure for various ailments, such as asthma.

The unpleasant respiratory disease can develop in the course of life or be caused by colds carried over as well as allergies (house dust allergy, animal hair allergy, mold allergy). Living in a big city can also promote the development of asthma. The oxygen-rich and also pollen-poor sea air can alleviate asthma and the respiratory tracts can calm down. The sea air is full of iodine, magnesium, trace elements and high salt content, therefore it is very valuable for the human body: the substances cause that the immune reaction of the respiratory tract is stimulated – the asthma sufferer finds it easier to breathe.

The special climate, which leads to physical well-being, is called a stimulating climate by experts. It is a combination of sun, wind, salt water, temperature and humidity, which on the one hand irritates the human organism, but on the other hand also preserves it.

The effect of the stimulating climate on the body

Sun: Vitamin D is formed in the skin through exposure to the sun, and the immune system is strengthened. Sun exposure also promotes the production of the body's own cortisone, which is anti-inflammatory. In addition, the production of endorphins, also known as happiness hormones, is supported.

Wind/sea air: The sea air is rich in salt, iodine, magnesium and trace elements; their combination stimulates the immune response of both the respiratory tract and the skin. Also metabolism. The circulation is activated.

Aerosols: Tiny sea droplets that enter the air due to wave breaking are considered aerosols. These loosen the secretions in the mucous membranes. Favors the expectoration of congested bronchial tubes. Another positive effect: it has an antibacterial effect on the skin, which is why the skin feels softer and smoother after a vacation by the sea. Seawater is considered a miracle elixir with its high mineral content. Trace elements for the whole body. The iodine content also accelerates the healing of wounds. The contained potassium strengthen the defense forces of the skin.

However, not all seawater is the same, because the different seas have different salt contents: While the Dead Sea contains a salt content of 27 percent, the Mediterranean Sea has a total salt content of only about 4 percent. Asthmatics in particular can breathe again in a stimulating climate with a high salt content: the salt mixture as a stimulating factor causes the mucus in the airways to loosen and enables the asthmatic to breathe again more easily. In addition, the sea climate has a calming and strengthening effect on the bronchial tubes.

Other diseases that are alleviated by a stay at the sea

Air purity and increased total radiation are indicated for hay fever and allergy-based diseases, migraines, some heart diseases and chronic colds. The dust as well as pollen load of the air is particularly small at the sea, so that humans with allergies can experience here particularly relief. Skin diseases, such as acne, can be reduced by the stay at the sea – the sebum production is reduced, the skin can regenerate and recover. Neurodermatitis patients have found that the agonizing itching subsides, inflammations subside and there is a significant improvement in the skin's appearance. Also with rheumatism the sea water can have a soothing effect: A bath in the sea has a disinfecting effect and relieves the prere on the bones, which rheumatism patients find particularly beneficial. In addition, stress and sleep disorders can also come to an end by spending time by the sea: Recovery is promoted and the entire organism is strengthened, states of exhaustion and susceptibility to infections decrease.

What is thalassotherapy?

The so-called thalassotherapy – the term "thalasso" comes from the Greek "thalassa" and means sea – deals with the treatment of diseases with the help of cold or heated seawater (a real thalassotherapy must include fresh and untreated seawater), sea air, sun, seaweed, mudflats and algae. As early as 1750, the English physician Richard Russel came to the conclusion that seawater and sea air have therapeutic effects against infectious diseases. Today, thalassotherapy centers are widespread and dedicated to the treatment of respiratory diseases, rheumatism and chronic skin diseases. Vacationers are also entitled to health-. Wellness oriented offers available.

France is the largest provider of thalassotherapy treatments and facilities, followed by Tunisia. Since August 2005 is in Germany the Thalasso center on Norderney.

According to the "Verband deutscher Thalasso-Zentren" (Association of German Thalasso Centers), one can only speak of a genuine Thalasso therapy when

– the facility is located in close proximity to the sea – the seawater is fresh and untreated – there is at least one seawater pool – there are enough treatment cabins to provide each guest with three individual treatments per day – there is at least one spa doctor, masseurs, therapists and sports specialists working in the facility – there is a wide range of different and pleasant treatments to choose from (for example hydrotherapy, prerized massages, packs with seaweed or special showers)

Thalassotherapy is literally healing treatment by the sea, increases the body's defenses and stimulates the metabolism. An effective thalassotherapy should usually be carried out for at least one week.

Conclusion: The vacation at the sea is a benefit

A vacation by the sea? Not only the soul, but also the body is strengthened, but in order to really benefit from the stimulating climate, it is recommended to spend three to four weeks at the seaside, because unfortunately, one day at the seaside is not enough.

A special benefit for body and soul is the special purity of the sea air and therefore it should be taken at least once a year by both sick and healthy people for prophylactic purposes.

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