Healthy sleep is important the little crown

Mothers all over the world will agree – especially as new parents, sleep is the highest good. While you thought it couldn't get any worse during pregnancy because of the growing belly and the active baby, the first nights with baby usually top these little afflictions by far.

Hardly any babies sleep consistently through the first few months. Often the little ones wake up, want to be breastfed or can't sleep for other reasons, which also means for the parents that the night turns into day. Although it is of course often hunger, a teething or tummy ache that keeps little ones awake, sleep comfort is also important even for the youngest children.

Soft or Hard

If you don't opt for the family bed, the baby needs its own bed and also its own mattress. Even if the little ones are very light, not every baby mattress is the same and therefore equally well suited for the child. Children need solid. At the same time elastic mattresses.

Healthy sleep is important the small crown

Especially used mattresses are often already laid out and therefore too soft, so that they do not do good to the back and spine of the child and in the long term can even promote postural deformities and back pain. From an orthopedist's point of view, soft mattresses are completely wrong for children, since they still have a relatively straight spine until around the age of eight. Also the head is always compared to the rest of the body still very large and almost as wide as the shoulders, so it is not important to sink into the mattress with the shoulders as in adults. By the way, I think of mattresses in the same way as shoes. Buy only new models of both. Also from the big one nothing is applied with such a thing! Otherwise, I like to rummage at flea markets or on the Internet for used goods, because with many washable toys and barely worn clothes you can make real bargains!

My choice

In search of a good baby mattress that can accompany my child in the first years, I looked at many models. In the end, I ended up with the following "eco" baby mattress. The mattress core is made of 50% coconut fiber as a special feature. Sounds strange at first, but they have the advantage that they are elastic but also firm at the same time and thus adapt perfectly. The topper of our mattress is made of 100% organic cotton. The mattress is therefore breathable, well air-conditioning and without pollutants, which was also an important health aspect for me.

My son and I are very happy with the selection. He now sleeps well through and seems to feel comfortable on his mattress and I also have a good feeling when I settle there. I have also already recommended my mattress to many expectant mothers in my circle of friends and acquaintances. In the meantime, I have also learned that there are sometimes even good baby mattresses to be had at discount stores, if you wait for the right bargain. Stiftung Warentest has also taken a close look at baby mattresses.

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