Healthy thanks to infrared cabin function and advantages of the cabin

When it gets colder outside, the number of visitors to public saunas increases enormously. And why? Because it's been proven that sweating in the sauna is healthy. The warmth has a beneficial effect on the body and mind, so we usually feel great after a visit to the sauna.

However, in addition to the normal visit to the sauna, the so-called infrared cabin is currently booming among wellness enthusiasts. What is special about this cabin, how it works and what advantages it offers, you will learn in this article.

Why sweating is healthy?

It is well known that sweating is healthy. And this in two ways. For one, visits to the woodshop can naturally boost your immune system. On the other hand, sauna visits can work wonders when you are ill. But why is that actually so?

This is due to the fact that the defense mechanisms of our body are changed by the regular sweating in the sauna. Sauna-goers build more and more killer cells over time due to the thermal stimuli, which are very important for the body's defense against infections (read more about this here).

But that's not all. Regular sauna also has a positive effect on blood prere, cardiovascular system, metabolism and muscles. By sweating the body but also purifies, because he excretes toxins with the sweat. However, all this only occurs if you regularly go to the sauna and also sauna properly (tips for sauna).

The situation is different when you need some time off. Finally, a sauna can provide physical and mental relaxation even with a single visit.

How an infrared cabin works

In addition to the normal sauna and steam bath, over time a visit to the infrared cabin has become a real trend. Even if the infrared cabin does not differ greatly in its mode of action from the normal sauna, there are, however, differences in the way it works.

" How a sauna works:

In the normal sauna the body is heated by the high cabin temperature, which is produced by the sauna heater. Here the temperatures can rise fast times up to 80 degrees Celsius.

"How an infrared cabin works:

In an infrared cabin it all works quite differently. Here, surface heating elements on the walls emit infrared rays, which only provide a comfortable warmth when they hit the skin. So the heat production takes place in the body. The cabin itself heats up to just under 60 degrees Celsius.

Many people always talk about an infrared sauna, but this is a misleading term. After all, this is not a sauna. The only point in which both systems are similar is that they are both sweat cabins.

Advantages of an infrared cabin

Just look at how the infrared cabin works and how it works, and you'll see that it has lots of benefits. The advantages are listed here once:

➤ Benefit no. 1:

The heat does not spread in the infrared cabin by heating the air, but it is formed when the infrared rays hit the skin. The advantage is that the heat penetrates deep into the body within a few seconds and can show its effect immediately. The deep heat immediately relieves tension and joint pain, for example.

➤ Advantage no. 2:

A further advantage is to be seen naturally in the sweating. As already described, the body excretes toxins, the metabolism is stimulated and the blood circulation is positively supported.

➤ Advantage no. 3:

Furthermore, the infrared radiation can achieve even more positive effects. When we are hit by the sun's rays, which also consist of infrared rays, so-called endorphins, i.e. happiness hormones, are released in our body (more details here). The same then applies to the infrared rays in the cabin.

➤ Advantage no. 4:

Compared to a conventional sauna the infrared cabin is also much more energy-saving. This is because it heats up in a very short time. In addition, the infrared cabin is usually also more space-saving.

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